As the dynamics of the job market and economy rapidly change, finding a job with a stable income becomes a goal. But which big bucks job can anyone with little to no experience take up? This article explores the top jobs that recent graduates or individuals can consider to have a sustainable income.

Freelance Content Writing

Freelance content writing is a flexible big-buck job that requires little to no experience. To be successful in this role, you will need to have a passion for writing or build a skill by taking a free or paid professional course. Freelance writers can earn as much as $25 to $35 per hour.

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Applying for a freelance writing role requires you to send your portfolio of written articles or blogs to the hiring manager for consideration. Your portfolio could be a Google Drive containing your articles or a dedicated website with your published works. Some notable sites to find freelance writing roles are Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn.

Survey Participant

Participating in surveys is an easy way to earn some money. What makes it interesting is that you do not need any substantial experience to take surveys. Many companies and individuals often source people to take paid surveys about certain topics and products that you may likely have an idea about.

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Survey jobs are rarely advertised. However, you can register with third-party platforms such as Survey Junkie or Swagbucks to participate and earn as much as $0.4 to $3 per survey. Taking more surveys allows you to earn substantial figures weekly or monthly.

Research Assistant

A research assistant is an entry-level staff, positioned to help a senior researcher. Part of the job description includes collecting data and other pieces of information, preparing and writing literature reviews, and statistically analyzing data. This role is suitable for graduates with little to no experience.

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Research assistant opportunities are often advertised, making it easier for you to apply. Part of the job requirements include having an idea of the research area and knowledge of experimental designs and statistical analysis. The average salary of a research assistant is about $46,713.

Barbering and Hairdressing

Barbering and hairdressing is one of the coolest big-buck jobs out there. This is because everyone loves to take care of their looks, especially their hair. This job requires a certain level of skill and you could spend 12 to 18 months learning about it.

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Depending on the kind of hairstyle and your level of expertise, you can make over $1,500 weekly. This is a great business idea if you want to become an entrepreneur. The initial capital may be bulky but it gets better with time.


A proofreader is someone who proofreads or reviews an article or document that has been written and edited to ensure it is free from grammatical errors and flows with the set tone. A proofreader can also fact-check and make final suggestions before such material moves to publication.

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Proofreaders earn an average salary of $58,715 per year. Getting a proofreading role involves making an application when the job is advertised and taking the test that follows. While you do not need vast experience to qualify for the opportunity, an understanding of English (or any other preferred language) and attention to detail is mandatory.

Entry-Level Website Developer

Recent computer science and software engineering graduates who haven’t gathered significant experience can kick-start their careers as junior website developers. This is an entry-level position where they get to work with senior developers to brainstorm, write codes, debug, troubleshoot, and test the codes.

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With their academic knowledge of writing codes and debugging them, Junior web developers are instrumental in building websites and mobile applications. Junior web developers earn an average annual salary of $68,125, making it one of the most lucrative graduate jobs.

Sales Executive

The role of a sales executive is persuasive enough to connect customers to a product or service and convert them to paying ones. They set up virtual or physical meetings with prospective clients on behalf of the government or businesses to close deals.

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Being a sales executive gives you the opportunity to earn a monthly salary as well as commissions on sales. The role does not require significant experience but you will be a good fit if you understand the product you are selling and have a persuasive attitude. Sales executives can make an average of $69,837 yearly.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is a decent role for people who have little to no experience. It involves offering support to an organization and employees by performing administrative tasks such as setting up meetings, preparing reports and documents, record keeping, and other front-office operations.

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Getting this role involves sending in your application to the hiring manager and getting interviewed to see if you qualify. As a representative of the company’s brand, you should communicate effectively, dress smart, and be good-looking to succeed in this role.


Recent finance and accounting graduates who aren’t yet certified can start a career as a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is one of the finance-related roles anyone can do with little to no experience and still earn substantial amounts of money.

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As a bookkeeper, you will report to the senior account manager and carry out assigned tasks. To succeed in this position, you must be financially literate, organized, and able to manage time effectively. As a bookkeeper, you can earn an average annual salary of $50,416.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the most exciting opportunities in today’s world. It is enhanced with the advent of artificial intelligence. You do not need a degree or significant experience to take on this position, however, you must have a passion for arts, be creative, and take paid or free professional courses.

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Many companies recruit graphic designers regularly and the recruitment process includes sending your portfolio and an application to the hiring manager. Should your creatives meet the company’s recruitment standards, you will be hired. The average annual salary of an entry-level graphic designer is pegged at $47,850, making it one of the big bucks jobs.