The rising costs of living in the modern world have made it difficult for most people to buy things they once did. Some of the things we grew up thinking of as good deals are no longer that great. What are the things we buy now that are no longer worth it? In this article, we’ll look at some.

The Glory of Fast Food

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When fast food became a nationwide phenomenon, it was cheap, fast, and affordable. It was even a bit healthier than one would expect. However, getting something cheap, quick, and healthy is no longer an option in the modern world.

New minimum wage laws, a change in fast food preparation techniques, and massive competition from grocery stores have made fast food no longer as good a deal as it once was. With the rising costs of living, spending five minutes making your own sandwich usually works out a lot better.

Airbnb Once Dominated The Industry

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In the early 2010s, hotels were running rampant, and a disruptive new startup called Airbnb came onto the scene. It offered low rent rates, and you met some of the nicest people who would even help you discover the town they lived in.

Today, Airbnb is such a different place that early users would never recognize it. Now, in the realm of lazy property owners and dodgy accommodations, most people would much prefer to rent a hotel. At least they know what they’re getting there, more or less.

Streaming Services are No Longer A Great Idea

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Netflix came out in the early 00s as a video rental service but quickly switched to streaming, offering all the digital media anyone could want in one place. However, the company’s strength was also the cause of the downfall of streaming as a business.

Every other company decided it wanted a piece of the pie. Today, there are dozens of streaming sites, each with a subscription fee. It’s enough to make many internet denizens return to the wide-open seas of being a pirate for their favorite shows.

Concert Tickets Are No Longer Fun

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In the early 00s and 10s, we eagerly bought tickets for our favorite bands and performers. Some of our most incredible memories happened on concert grounds. Concert-going took off as something you could do, but now it’s just not worth the effort.

Ticketmaster prices are exorbitant and come with a ton of hidden fees. Performances are still epic, but the amount of traffic and interaction with people needed to go to a concert these days is way too draining for most people. It’s just not worth the effort when you could stream it at home instead.

Cheap Cuts of Meat are Now Expensive

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There were some enjoyable barbecue evenings where the scent of brisket filled the air. No one else wanted it because it was “waste” meat, but it still made for great barbecuing. It was perfect for a get-together until everyone else found out how good it was.

Today, commercial barbecue places and everyone else is buying brisket. What used to be a wasted cut of meat that could go for cheap is now so expensive that it’s not worth buying. It looks like it’s back to the cheap sausages for the next barbecue.

Repairing The Stuff You Use

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Some of us who are handy with tools used to get great joy out of fixing the stuff that broke in our households. It brought a sense of accomplishment to make something that was broken start working again. Things have changed over the last few years.

Many companies realized they could make more money by making things impossible to fix. Some companies, like Apple and Tesla, have made it illegal to fix your own stuff. Now, you have to buy a new one or risk getting fined for fixing your own stuff.

Cheap Produce at Farmers’ Markets

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Remember what we said earlier about cheap, healthy, and fast food? Back in the day, you could get all three at a farmers’ market. They were the modern alternative to fast food, and the prices were wonderfully affordable, making it viable for a family budget.

With the rise of healthy eating, the demand for farmers’ markets surged. The prices of food and produce at these markets skyrocketed, and now it’s impossible to afford even the most essential things without making it through the nose. Popularity sometimes leads to the worst outcomes.

Amazon Prime Isn’t Worth It Anymore

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Remember, there used to be a time when Prime was an affordable way to get two-day shipping with the guarantee that your package would be delivered safely. It was a wonder of logistics in the modern age and something most people didn’t mind paying for.

Today, Prime costs more, and Amazon’s customer service makes it a pain to discover why your package wasn’t dropped off. Add to that the sheer amount of add-on services you never use and now the introduction of ads to their streaming service, Prime isn’t the thing it used to be.

The Disney World Trip Is Overpriced and Underwhelming

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When we were kids, Walt Disney World was a magical kingdom, and the price of entry and rides was affordable to parents. Today, as parents, we don’t realize how cheap it used to be, but even middle-class families could have afforded a trip there a mere two decades ago.

Today, the entry price is exorbitant, and the attractions are mediocre, even though the waiting times are sometimes hours long. Combined with how Disney World treats its employees and the company’s disdain for its own customers, you have a recipe for an underwhelming and overpriced vacation.

Store-Brand Butter Is Now As Expensive As Brand Name Butter

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Store-brand butter can sometimes compete with brand-name butter, but the price has always been affordable. Even if the butter weren’t of the same quality as imported brands, it would still offer the same feeling, taste, and texture as brand-name butter and work in all recipes you need.

Like all goods and services, even store-brand butter has now become expensive. Your local store-brand, regionally sourced butter should be cheaper than the imported stuff, but because of rising production costs, it’s around the same price, making you wonder why you’re even buying it in the first place.

Car Maintenance and Leasing

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Cars are necessary for many people, and many of us depend on them to get to and from work or do our jobs. Less than five years ago, cars seemed to be getting more affordable, and suddenly, the price skyrocketed for buying, leasing, and maintaining cars.

Buying cars is as much as 10% more expensive than a decade ago. The price of car parts has also leaped as demand surges for specific models and brands. The cost of gas is the last nail in the coffin since it seems we even have to fill up our tanks so much faster now.

Cheap, Fast Coffee is Neither Cheap Nor Fast

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When you head to work in the morning, stop at your local Dunkin or Starbucks for a coffee; the prices are slightly higher than just a few years ago. The lines also go all the way out the doors now, and it takes you almost three times as long to get your caffeine fix.

When you look at the price of getting a coffee maker and spending five minutes in the morning to get a hot cup, it’s attractive. It will also save you money since your cup of coffee won’t cost you whatever exorbitant price the corporate chains are charging you.

Going Bar Hopping Is Way Too Expensive

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The price of alcohol has also seen a significant increase since we were young. Going bar hopping used to take a few bucks and some free time on a Friday. You managed to enjoy yourself and still had enough left over for the rest of the week.

These days, buying alcohol is way too expensive, and it seems like it doesn’t have the same punch. Bar-hopping has become complicated, and the cost of even getting home safely is also costly, with ride-sharing apps now costing more than cabs.

Going Out for a Nice Meal

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One of the classic date night ideas for a couple is going out for a nice meal at a fancy place. You’d both dress up and plan for a romantic evening together. There were enough fancy places with affordable menus that you could easily find a new one each month.

Unfortunately, since foodstuff prices have increased, restaurants pass on that increased cost to their patrons. The cost of going out, including transport and the added service charge on your meal, is not sustainable for most working people. It’s more romantic and cost-effective to plan a dinner at home.

Most Things We Used to Do Aren’t Worth It Anymore

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Most of the things we counted as good deals as little as five years ago are just too expensive, not fun enough, or a downright hassle to be worth it anymore. As the economy continues to buckle under the strain and society warps into something strange, we’ll see more of these things occur.

So what can we do about it? We should look for ways to save money and improve our lives. The time of relying on mass production to make our lives easier may be coming to an end. It’s time we learned to be more self-sufficient, so we don’t have to shell out for things that are not worth it.