It’s not uncommon to become less tolerant as time passes and we age, even the enjoyment of everyday tasks can start to be more of an annoyance. A recent study online took a look at what becomes less enjoyable and more bothersome as we age. Let’s take a dive into 14 experiences that lose their luster as we get older.

Going On Dates

Getting gussied up to go meet your beau for dinner used to be a thrill, now it just feels like a daunting task that you don’t care to participate in.

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It feels like more of a job you don’t care to go to than it is a new and exciting adventure. Sad to say that dating really does become a thing of the past as we age (well for some anyways).

Being The Eldest Of The Group

It’s a definite shock to the system when you’re in a crowd and suddenly you become acutely aware that you’re the eldest in the group.

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Growing older is difficult for a lot of us, and after the giggling wears off from the in-office “old man” jokes, being the oldest in the room just becomes a constant reminder that your youth is a thing of the past.

No Motivation

As you age everyday tasks can be draining, finding the motivation to push through the exhaustion becomes more and more difficult.

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You can even start to feel like you’re constantly battling yourself to do even the simplest of tasks. This eternal battle just adds to the already compelling reasons not to do something, and some find themselves falling prey to this element of aging.

The Fear Of Parents Passing

As we grow older the reality that our parents will no longer be with us becomes more and more real. For some just the very thought of this can be debilitating.

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On the other hand it gives us an opportunity to truly cherish every moment we have left with them, and as haunting as it can be to think of our own parents passing, it also allows space for us to not take anything for granted.

Enough With The Drama

It may not take you till you age to figure this one out, but as we get older dealing with drama and negativity becomes less appealing. We are only given so many years on this planet, who wants to spend it wasting time on conflict?

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Sometimes it takes a life changing event to realize just how short this life can be. There are far more important things in life than dealing with drama.

Attending Concerts

Going to concerts is a welcomed pastime in one’s younger years, however as we age the appeal of bright lights, large crowds, and loud music tends to wear off.

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As the excitement of going to a concert wanes you might find yourself being drawn to the slower speed of say a podcast or audible book, a more relaxed feel is just what the doctor ordered as we age.

Ads, Ads, and More Ads

As we age ads can become increasingly more bothersome, borderline intolerable. With the constant reminder of one’s age, or that you should be doing this or that as you age. They’re fairly intrusive, and make it pretty difficult for people to avoid the obvious.

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It’s so relentless that many in their later years find themselves becoming nostalgic for times that were far more simplistic.

Drinking Alcohol

Let’s face it, as we get older we can’t tolerate the late night drinking sessions that we once could. Lethargy sets in, the atmosphere that drinking typically comes with loses its appeal, and we won’t even talk about the relentless hangover that follows.

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After you start to realize the effects that drinking has on your mental and physical state it makes it really easy to slowly step back or just quit cold turkey.

Heading Out Of The House

As we age, leaving the house becomes more of a chore than anything else. There’s a specific level of comfort that comes from being within our own four walls, and many don’t want to leave it.

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I mean let’s face it, the outside world can be a bit scary at any age, and even more so as we get older and lose more of our physical abilities.

Media For My Age Demographic

It has to feel really strange when the media that is geared towards your age group seems disingenuous and disconnected.

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You might notice a shift in the genres that you are drawn to, becoming more interested in things like adult novels perhaps, after all they at least provide more excitement then the content that is supposedly for your age group.


Being forced to go to socializing events like workplace get togethers, could start to feel far less enjoyable then they once did.

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Instead of providing an opportunity to connect with others, many say it feels more like an exhaustive task.

All The Clutter

Most of us enjoy a good spring cleaning, this becomes even more relevant as we get into our older years. The years of acquiring things can start to make your home feel extremely overwhelming, although some find it difficult to rid themselves of items that once had value to them.

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It can quickly turn into an internal battle of holding on to and letting go. Either way most say that as they go up in age they want less and less stuff in their environment.

The Fashion Available For Women

It’s no secret that the fashion for, especially women, has drastically changed over the last 50 to 60 years. Women find it increasingly more difficult to find clothing that provides functionality and comfort, this can be especially challenging for maturing women.

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The need for a pair of pants with a real set of pockets or practical clothing designs period intensifies, putting a huge spotlight on the need for a more broad variety of clothing options.

Everything Has A Subscription

Everything and I mean everything has a subscription, the days of owning something scot-free are long gone.

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Instead of having the satisfaction of owning something you paid for, you simply rent all your needs for an increasingly high rate. Many elders find themselves clinging to vinyl records and old dvd collections – artifacts from when one could actually own the media they paid for.