Plane crashes and emergency-landings are without a doubt some people’s biggest fears. However, the remnants of these crashes can teach us about their complex history and provide invaluable insight. Let’s explore 15 plane crashes that you can go visit today.

Downed Boeing 737 – Bali, Indonesia

In the south of Bali, is a very intriguing tourist site that is definitely unique from the others around it. Sitting in the center of Pandawa Beach is a Boeing 373, it’s almost as if it’s always been there. The question is, why is the plane there? The reason? No one actually knows, it is a complete mystery.

Source: Wikimedia/Fae

Up until now, the most common theory is that the plane was purchased with the intent of using it as a restaurant to attract tourists to the area. But, the buyer ran out of money, leaving the plane to sit. At least one of those dreams came to fruition.

American Douglas Super DC-3 – Solheimasandur, Iceland

Iceland has historically been known for its uniquely beautiful landscape, with breathtaking glaciers and beautiful springs. But, those aren’t the only awe striking sights to be seen there.

Source: Southern Air

Tucked away on the black sands of the Island of Solheimasandur, sitting amongst the vast wilderness is a plane. This Douglas Super DC-3 was in flight until 1973 when it unfortunately crash-landed.Thankfully no lives were lost during this crash, but what may never be understood is why they just left it there to rot.

British Avro Shackleton – Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of Shakespere and something equally as unusual. This small English town will probably surprise you with all it’s little hidden gems.

Source: Instagram/patrick_mc_callion

Laying on the outskirts is a mysterious site that is called Marston Airfield, the airfield was used during World War II. Today it serves more as an airplane graveyard, with many weathered and worn planes succumbing slowly to the elements. The captivating photo above is of an Avro Shackleton which was built during the Cold War, they were used for surveillance missions.

Soviet MiG 29 – Moscow, Russia

Very few aircrafts are as recognizable as the Soviet MiG 29, but nothing compares to these war crafts. This one however has clearly seen better days, it’s clearly been out of commission for quite some time now. Instead of soaring the open skies, it has been left to deteriorate in the suburbs of Moscow.

Source: Instagram/planedailymag

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to visit as some of the others. This wreck sits on a satellite communications facility that is owned by the government, and to go explore without permission would be trespassing. As alluring as it is, this crash site will have to be admired from a distance to avoid a fine or worse.

Soviet Ilyushin IL 76 – Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Before the United Emirates was formed, Umm Al Quwain, was once a confederation. Now it is a city in the heart of the Persian gulf. According to historical records, Umm Al Quwain is an isolated area, due to the fact that it’s a very small population and because it has limited resources to oil and gas.

Source: Instagram/meghird

Resting alone in the vast sandy region of the Umm Al Quwain desert is the Ilyushin IL 76, a Soviet aircraft. The background as to why and how this aircraft ended up here is a mystery, it’s clear it wasn’t the result of a crash and it definitely wasn’t shot down. This may be one mystery that remains unsolved.

Airplane Grave – Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s rainforest has a haunting past, many don’t know that there are bodies buried beneath its floor. It isn’t all that shocking though if you consider the fact that the island was part of the Pacific that had continuous conflict throughout WWII.

Source: Reddit/BackroomJosh

What may come as a shock though is that human remains were not the only thing buried beneath the dense forest, many airplanes saw their demise during this time period as well. As the conflict carried on, many airplanes succumbed to the conflict and crash-landed on the island. They were typically left to disintegrate amongst the forest, the skeletal remains of these once glorious aircrafts.

Cessna 414 Crash – Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee

Blue Ridge Mountains is a vast and dynamic mountain range that reaches over much of the eastern United States. It is a very popular hiking spot amongst outdoor enthusiasts, but many are unaware of what awaits them should they reach Waterrock Knob Trail.

Source: Shutterstock/Craig Cooper

Tucked away further down the path is this Cessna 414, sadly this plane crashed during its travels over the mountain range in November 1984. Although tragic it has a certain pull to it, people oftentimes find themselves enamored by the sight of this timeless wreckage.

Percival Prince – Long Marston Airfield, England

This airfield was once home to the Royal Air Force during the 1940s and 50s. Long Marston Airfield located in Warwickshire, England has since been all but abandoned. Many aircraft found their final resting place at this now air graveyard.

Source: Klavs Nielsen

One plane in particular seems to be the star of the show however, Percival Prince the enigmatic aircraft. Its intimidating appearance is undeniable, but this fierce looking machine definitely has a bigger bark than its bite. In its prime this craft was used to haul cargo during WWII. Now it sits and guards the entrance of the Airfield.

967 Hawker Siddeley – Belfast, Northern Ireland

By looking at this particular defunct plane one would think that it was left over at an abandoned airport, that’s what makes this one so unique. This 1967 Hawker Siddeley, although clearly out of use, still sits on the tarmac at the live and well Belfast International airport.

Source: Wikimedia/Alan Wilson

It is unclear as to why they left this Hawker Siddeley there to rust, but it is undoubtedly an amazing sight! This once bustling aircraft now sits, slowly becoming a part of the earth that surrounds it. A true relic.

Vought F4U Corsair – Oahu, Hawaii

If visiting this site is on your bucket list you will definitely need to plan ahead. Getting to this plane wreck is no easy task, as it sits at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Typically those who wish to explore the crash site need to do so by way of a scuba expedition.

Source: Flickr/Matt Kieffer

This Vought F4U Corsair has been resting its wings at the bottom of the sea since 1948. During one of its routine missions from Pearl Harbor the plane had a malfunction and crashed into the Ocean, sinking to its sandy bottom. By some miracle the pilot was able to free himself of the wreckage and narrowly escaped what could have also been his demise.

Hotel Costa Verde – Costa Rica

In true Costarican form they found a way to turn a basic aircraft into something spectacular, so if you have ever dreamt about sleeping comfortably amid an airplane smack dab in the middle of the jungle, well here is your opportunity!

Source: Hotel Costa Verde/Instagram

Opting for a more conventional approach than the Angel’s Ladies Brothel business model, this captivating Boeing 727 has been repurposed into the Hotel Costa Verde. Many people applaud the owners for their renovation efforts, as the hotel surprisingly exudes an unexpected level of sophistication. During its inflight prime it spent its days flying back and forth between South Africa and Europe, now it gets to rest its wings amongst the lush Costa Rican jungle. Not a bad gig if you ask me.

‘Miss Piggy’ – Manitoba, Canada

In Churchill, Manitoba, the need for fully functional aircrafts is undoubtedly crucial. Especially considering that this town is affectionately called the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Of Course they have a small airport for essential flights, I can’t imagine anyone hopping aboard this aircraft.

Source: Pinterest

This Curtiss C-46, known as “Miss Piggy,” met its final flight in 1979 after an unfortunate mechanical failure took place shortly after takeoff. This small aircraft crash-landed not far from the tarmac, and there it still sits today. Thankfully all three crew members aboard the flight were able to leave the crash relatively unscathed.

Downed Dornier 328 – Southern New Jersey

Many people visit this area of New Jersey because they are fascinated by the history of cryptids and the stories about the Jersey Devil.These days there is another draw to Pine Barrens,this run-down commuter plane sits on the floor of the forest. Drawing in folklore lovers and aircraft enthusiast alike.

Source: Instagram/bentley

Encountering this Dornier 328 wouldn’t be out of the norm in Europe, but in New Jersey, it is anything but common.There isn’t any tangible evidence as to why the aircraft found itself living amongst the trees, but some speculate that it could have been a prop for a paintball range that never came to be.

Trident Sun Jet – Nicosia Airport, Cyprus

Nicosia, is the capital of Cyprus which used to be the hub for all international flights during and before theTurkish-Greek conflict on Cyprus.

Source: Wikimedia/Dickelbers

After the conflict was over, administrative centers were rerouted to different locations, and shortly after Nicosia airport became a barren wasteland. Today it is stock full of aircrafts left behind to rust and rot away.

The Medellín Cartel’s Crash – Norman Cay in the Bahamas

Norman Cay is a small but highly sought after tourist destination in the Bahamas, mostly known for its mouthwatering cuisine and unparalleled waterfront views. Although this isn’t the only thing that puts this tiny town on the map. During the late 1970s and early 80s, it earned a reputation for drug smuggling.


Today, deep in its waters you can find what remains of that part of their history, the bones of the Curtiss C-46 Commando – A drug commuter that was running an operation for none other than Pablo Escobar himself. During this time period the cartel would use Norman Cay as a landing strip to import their substances to the United States and surrounding areas. Now this shell of an aircraft is all that’s left in this area of that once crazy time.