Many baby boomers still embrace the traditional ways of doing things, they see no need to adjust the habits that were ingrained in them when they were growing up. If you were to ask them they would probably tell you ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’ Let’s explore 20 things that boomers still do that many of us might find archaic.

Listening To Their Favorite Tunes

Many baby boomers love listening to their favorite tunes or talk shows the more traditional way, on the radio.

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While many younger generations tend to lean more towards streaming, there is something nostalgic about tuning into the radio and enjoying whatever may be playing at that moment.


It’s no secret that we live in a digital era, where you can access just about anything right from your phone or computer, including the news.

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However, despite the increase in the digital media baby boomers still really enjoy sitting down and reading the newspaper.

Traditional Address Books

Many these days may not even know what a rolodex is, but to a baby boomer it was the holy grail of address books.

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It may seem outdated in today’s day and age, especially because most of us just use our phones for such things, but to the older generations its still their standard for keeping track of their contacts.

Landline Phones

Believe it or not landlines used to be the only option as far as a telephone is concerned.

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Since the introduction of cellphones, landlines have slowly faded into the background for most of us. Not for baby boomers though, you are likely to still find one if you walk into one of their homes.

Physical Checks

Banking amongst many other things have gone digital. While most of us find this far more convenient than physically going to the bank, boomers do not share the same sentiment.

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Many of them still prefer the experience of in person banking and using physical checks.

Keeping Cash

Debit cards are definitely the trend nowadays, in fact you wont find many people who carry actual cash on their person.

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However, baby boomers are more likely to have hard cash in their pockets.

Physical Books Over Digital

While we have seen an uptick in the popularity of e-books over the past 10 or so years, baby boomers still thoroughly enjoy the experience of reading a physical book.

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Something about the look and feel of a hardcopy that makes the whole process of reading that much more enjoyable.

Using Fax Machines

E-mail is the way to go, in fact it seems to be the more popular choice in terms of communication, especially in the business world.

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Despite the rise of email popularity, many baby boomers would rather use a fax machine when handling important documents.


Since the dawn of computers, typewriters have become obsolete.

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Baby Boomers might disagree with you however, they have a certain fondness for typewriters, and will often use them when filling out forms or for personal writing.

Cable TV

I’m not sure many of us even realize that cable tv is still an option, but it definitely is and in some cases it’s preferred.

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As the younger generations lean more and more towards the many streaming options, baby boomers hold onto their traditional ways of cable tv watching.

Handwritten Letters

Email and texting have become commonplace when we are reaching out to friends and family, it’s the most convenient and efficient.

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Baby Boomers may strongly disagree with you though, noting that there is a certain sentiment that comes from handwritten letters that you simply cannot attain from writing via a device


Most of us simply rely on our phones to tell us the time, in fact I couldn’t even tell you the last time I owned a physical watch.

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Baby Boomers however still wear wristwatches as a fashion statement and for the obvious practical reasons.

Skip The Streaming

There are so many options for streaming music, it’s made all your favorite tunes easily accessible.

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Baby Boomers alike are clinging to their large CD collections, they still enjoy flipping through the pages of their CD cases and popping in their favorite album.

Paper Calendars

Much like watches, many of us just use our phones to access a calendar and keep track of important dates.

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However, baby boomers still prefer the physical calendar to keep track of their schedules.

Vinyl Is The Way To Go

While vinyl records have definitely become a trend in recent years, there was a time where they faded into the background.

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Baby Boomers will tell you that they never stopped using their record players, many of them still having their original vinyl record collections from when they were younger.

Traditional Board Games

Some of us might remember when family game nights were a popular Saturday night passtime, but as video games stepped into the spotlight the traditional board game fell to the wayside.

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Despite the rise in the digital options baby boomers still enjoy a good old fashioned game of Monopoly or Scrabble.

Going To The Post Office

Baby Boomers are far more likely to go to the post office to mail packages, regardless of the option to do many of these tasks online.

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Where most of us have succumbed to the digital age, baby boomers are still clinging to their age old traditions. .

Paper Maps

While GPS seems to be the most popular option amongst the masses these days.

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Many baby boomers still prefer to bust out the old school paper maps for navigation needs.

Hat Wearing

Wearing hats used to be a popular fashion accessory, but were mainly worn to protect you from the sun.

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As the years passed hats fell out of the trends for fashion, but baby boomers didn’t waiver, still relying on them for protection while out enjoying some rays.

The Nightly News

Social media gives us all the news we can digest right from our phones, and there is no shortage of avenues to access it digitally.

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Nevertheless baby boomers still prefer to sit down and watch the nightly news on their televisions.

Telephone Books

Online directories seemed to have put the telephone book in the desk drawer for good.

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Yet, baby boomers still use their telephone books to locate phone numbers and addresses.

Instore Shopping

Online shopping is extremely popular, and has only grown over the last few years.

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However, baby boomers are far more likely to head to their local department stores to acquire their clothing or household needs.

Classic Food Dishes

Vegetarianism and veganism have grown in popularity, with many documentaries and a plethora of literature to explore the many reasons as to why they think you shouldn’t consume animal products.

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Despite all of this baby boomers stand unphased, and still take great pleasure in eating a good ol classic dish like meatloaf.


Formal attire is a bit outdated according to the younger generations, they enjoy their options to self express via fashion.

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Baby Boomers however still prefer a pant and suit option for formal wear, sticking to the more traditional way of things.

Thrift Store Shopping

Having the newest and coolest item in fashion is definitely a younger generation mindset.

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Baby Boomers are perfectly happy going to their closest thrift store to peruse the aisles in search of the next special blouse or jacket.