In a volatile political climate many of these topics often ignite intense debate, Republicans have made it very clear there are some specific items they would take immediate legislative action if given the chance. Policies that include everything from healthcare reform, education, gun rights, and immigration, the GOP believes their agenda addresses a range of topics that would ultimately make American values stronger. This article sheds light on 25 specific areas that Republicans would most likely push to completely ban or restrict.

Sanctuary Universities Federal Funding

Republicans argue that federal funding for universities should be stopped, they point out that these types of institutions could be seen as non-compliant with immigration laws.

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They have noted concerns in regards to using taxpayers money to aid entities that could be going against federal immigration enforcement.

Funding Federal Arts

Republicans have made arguments that suggest that federal arts funding should cease to exist, highlighting minimal government participation in promotion of artistic pursuits.

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Instead they advocate for the significance of private sector endeavors and philanthropy to sustain the arts.

Mandated Vaccinations By The Government

Some Republicans note the importance of freedom of choice and personal liberties, adding that government mandated vaccines clearly go against these things. They are against the idea of taking away society’s right to make personal health decisions.

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They underscore the preference for medical freedoms and voluntary vaccinations.

Sites For Safe Drug Use

Many Republicans share the same idea that harm reduction sites for drug users only enables the user and could potentially cause more harm than good.

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They suggest an approach or rehabilitation or even preventive measures. They aim to address the issue at its core.

Sanctuary Cities

This is another one of those issues that brings up potential for breach of immigration enforcements. Republicans will often oppose sanctuary cities for this specific reason.

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Their argument is that these cities could obstruct federal efforts to address the issue of illegal immigration, ultimately leading to a potential for public safety problems.

Gun Control Regulations Of Any Kind

Republicans strongly believe in upholding the Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens, they oppose gun control measures for this very reason.

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They highlight the invaluable measure of preserving an individual’s freedoms, while also bringing attention to public safety.

Offshore Drilling Ban

Republicans tend to lean more towards energy independence and creating economic growth.

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They believe that banning or restricting offshore drilling will greatly hinder exploration of domestic energy resources, and could potentially have grave impacts on the energy sector’s competitiveness.

Regulations For Climate Change

The opposition to the Green New Deal often comes from the Republicans belief that it could pose a risk to the economy.

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They state that harsh regulations could cause major job loss, they suggest reasonable alternatives for the industry before implementing regulations.

Bans On Plastic Bags

Republicans share great concern for anything that has the capability of having negative impacts on consumers and or businesses, this includes the ban on plastic bags.

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Republicans oppose this ban and make the argument that there may need to be alternative solutions such as more advanced recycling programs.

Federal Minimum Wage Increases

Republicans might oppose the increase of federal minimum wage, citing concern for negative impacts on small business job creation.

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They make the argument that a blanket approach may not be appropriate, and may not pay attention to the economic hardships between different regions.

Transgenderism In Athletic Settings

Republicans oppose transgender athletes in certain sports because it could create an imbalance in fair competition.

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They contend that the biological differences could provide certain advantages and have negative effects on the integrity of the competitors.

Sex Education

Some, not all, Republicans debate the importance of comprehensive sex education, they suggest emphasis on abstinence instead.

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They may argue that these programs and teachings go against the more traditional home values and disregard a parents right to educate their own children on these matters.

Mail-In Ballot

Republicans oppose the expansion of using mail-in voting options because in their opinion it could pose a security risk and ultimately affect the integrity of the electoral system.

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They could advocate for measures that create safeguards against fraud and create a better balance in accessibility to in-person voting.

Teaching Evolution and Climate Change

Some Republicans may oppose certain methods of teaching climate change and evolution, suggesting that there should be a more diverse range of perspectives in the teachings.

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They highlight the significance of having open discussions in the classroom and promoting critical thinking.


The opposition to the Affordable Care Act typically is because of concerns around government intervention in healthcare and the potential for public burdens with these programs.

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Republicans might support alternative strategies to address public health concerns.

Funding Public Television

Republicans may oppose public broadcasting funding with the argument that they could provide a more diverse outlook without the utilization of tax payers money.

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Republicans may suggest that they prefer a free-market approach as a solution for the media industry.

The Right To Vote

Republicans might approach certain voting rights expansions with caution, expressing concerns for vulnerabilities in the electoral process.

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They cite needing measures put into place that address the issues of accessibility and security.

Critical Race Theory

Republicans may oppose the integration of critical race theory in classrooms, citing concerns for ideological bias and polarizing narratives.

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They suggest a more balanced approach to education that emphasizes core American values and harmony among the masses.

Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico

Republicans go against the suggestion of granting DC and Puerto Rico statehood, expressing concerns for their political motivations.

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They cite that decisions concerning statehood should emphasize the representation and interest of existing states.

Regulations On Social Media

Republicans typically go against the suggestion of more strict regulations on social media platforms, citing that it goes against people’s right to free speech.

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They contend that more strict guidelines for social media platforms could suppress the voices of conservatives and violate an individual’s right to convey their diverse opinions on these platforms.

Laws For Net Neutrality

Republicans cite grave concern for the possible implementation of stricter laws for net neutrality, expressing that it has the potential to have severe impacts on internet service providers.

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They suggest an approach that is market-driven, providing a platform for a competitive and innovative digital landscape.

Banning Conversion Therapy

Republicans’ opposition to ban conversion therapy might come from considerations about the negative repercussions of limiting therapeutic options and violating personal beliefs.

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They could argue that there needs to be an approach that considers an individual’s anatomy and rights to choose.


Republicans express concern for expanding unions, citing the potential for negative impacts on business and personal workers rights to make decisions within the work space.

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They suggest a more pragmatic approach that creates a balance between labor rights and healthy business environments.

Affirmative Action Policies

Some Republicans might oppose specific affirmative action policies, noting merit-based approaches over considerations of race or gender.

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They push for more equal opportunities while staying away from policies that could suggest discrimination.


As we wrap up this examination of Republicans’ perspectives on different political subject matters, it is evident that their viewpoints are as complex as the issues they aim to tackle.

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From concerns about individual freedoms to economic considerations and a commitment to traditional values, Republicans navigate a complex web of policy decisions.The dynamism within the party reflects an ongoing dialogue on how best to shape a vision for the nation that aligns with their principles and resonates with a broad spectrum of Americans.