You’ve tightened up your purse string to pay off your credit card debt, and have been paying all your bills on time. Finally, you’ve passed the 800 credit score limit. Congratulations! Things are really starting to look up in your financial arena.

You may not know it yet, but joining the 800-plus club unlocks a number of perks beyond the triumph of financial achievement. Perks that give you access to better financial tools and more importantly, perks that save you money.

Here are 7 things your 800-plus credit score will get you:

Get Access To Higher Credit Limits

High credit scores are like special keys that give you access to bigger and better financial instruments. When banks and credit card companies see your 800-plus score, they tend to loosen up and are more willing to trust you with larger amounts of money.

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Now is a perfect time to give your credit card company a call and ask for a higher credit limit. This will afford you more financial flexibility and safety. Just remember, you should only use what you can pay back, and you should endeavor to maintain consistent payments to protect your coveted credit score.

Lower Interest Rates Are Finally Yours

If you’ve had a low credit score you know the struggles of getting a loan and the high-interest rates that come along with that. High-interest rates can make loans, like a mortgage, painfully expensive and at times completely unattainable. But if you have worked to lift your credit score above the 800-score mark, this may no longer be a problem.

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When you have a high credit score, lenders see you as low risk and are more willing to offer you a lower interest rate for your loan. If you already have a loan or an established credit card interest rate, get your lender or credit card issuer on the phone, let them know of the credit score change, and negotiate for a lowered interest rate.

It’s Never Been More Affordable To Rent A Home

A key part of the tenant screening process is a credit score check. Credit scores help landlords get a better picture of how financially reliable you are, and also indicate your financial ability to pay rent.

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A high credit score is every landlord’s dream so you should find renting a house to be a much more pleasant experience. And more than becoming the tenant any landlord would want, you are now able to negotiate for a smaller security deposit and, if you’re lucky, a lower rent amount.

Enjoy The Perks Of Premium Credit Cards

The 800 credit score club is an exclusive club. Now that you are a proud member, you should enjoy all the exclusive financial instruments that come with it. One of these instruments is premium credit cards. What makes them so special? Well apart from the fact that not everyone can get one, these premium credit cards come with a host of rewards and benefits.

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Your premium credit cards may offer you lounge access at airports, high cashback rates, and even concierge service, just to name a few. But before you sign up for your premium credit card, keep in mind that some cards may have high-interest rates and significant annual fees. So you should definitely read the small print before signing up for one.

Get Better Terms For Your Business Loan

Starting a business is always a risky venture and success is never guaranteed. It therefore makes sense that lenders would be especially cautious when approving business loan applications. And like with almost all loans, your credit score is a huge factor in that approval process.

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A high credit score tells lenders that you are responsible with your money, which makes them more confident that you will be responsible with theirs. An 800-plus credit score also makes it a lot easier to negotiate favorable terms and rates. With a high credit score, your business dreams are one step closer.

Making Insurance Premiums Work For You

Almost everyone has some kind of insurance. Whether it be auto insurance, homeowners insurance, or any other type, we all have at least one for which we are paying a premium. Now, it may not be immediately obvious how insurance premiums and credit scores are linked, but we are here to tell you, they definitely are.

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Credit scores are one of the factors insurance companies use when determining premiums. A higher credit score is likely to result in lower premiums. If you are already paying higher premiums on your insurance policy, call the insurance company up today, inform them of your credit score change, and renegotiate for a lower rate. In the long run, this might save you thousands of dollars.

Enjoy Financial Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Having a credit score above 800 really is a game changer. With it comes a sense of security and pride. It’s like having a financial safety net beneath you. And with that additional safety, you can now dream bigger and actualize your dreams.

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Whether you want to buy your dream house, go on that long-awaited family vacation to Bali, or are in need of emergency funds, a stellar credit score makes it all just a little bit easier. You are now more likely to get approved for a favorable loan, you have significantly more negotiating power, and a lot more perks to make use of.

Keep Track Of Your Credit Score

Now that you have a better idea of what your 800-plus credit score can get you, let’s talk about how to protect it. First and foremost, it’s important to constantly monitor your credit score. It’ll help you stay informed about where you stand and will indicate when you need to make an adjustment.

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In addition, regularly checking your credit score will also help you catch any errors or fraudulent activities early on. Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your finances!