Have you ever tried to hang something on the wall? A lot of people struggle to figure out how to hang a new piece of art on their wall without causing damage or even creating extra holes. For anyone who has attempted this task before, you know how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry, this article has a surprisingly simple solution for you! We’ll show you how to use a fork to hang your picture frame. It’s an easy way to save time, effort, holes, and money while still achieving a beautiful and secure wall display.

Materials to use

  • A fork
  • A nail is already in the wall
  • Artwork or photo frame

Steps to follow

You can set up your frame for hanging by affixing a length of durable thread or picture frame suspension wire to the rear of it. If your frame has an integrated hanging system, you can easily add two eyehooks to the back of it. Just make sure they are spaced correctly away from the top. After that, insert the wire or thread through the eyehooks and tighten firmly, ensuring to leave enough slack for your hanging.

Choose the wall on which you intend to hang the artwork or photo frame. On the selected wall, ensure there is an existing hook or nail that has the right height and placement for your frame attached to it. The nail and hook will serve as your anchor. 

Ensure the fork’s teeth are tightly stationed around the point of the nail or hook before inserting it. When balancing the fork, you might need to modify its angle. Your frame will hang from the fork’s handle.

You can then go ahead to hang your framed pieces of art. Carefully loop the fork’s handle with the wire or thread that is attached to the back of your frame. The fork provides support, and the weight of the frame will keep it in place. The frame should be positioned so that it is level and appealing.

Using this technique, you will not have to drill any new holes in your wall. This amazing home hack not only saves you a lot of labor but also gives your wall decor a special and sweet touch. 

Just ensure you select a suitable fork, confirm the strength of your current nail, and spend your time carefully positioning your artwork. With this, your walls can transform into a stylish and charming gallery.


No Extra Holes in the walls

This hack doesn’t involve drilling more holes in your wall. Making use of your existing nails helps to prevent the need for later mending and repainting of walls. 

Versatile Aesthetics:

You can choose to use a fork with a beautiful handle design that suits your home’s interior design, giving your wall art a unique touch.

Simple Adjustments: 

You may easily rearrange your artwork without causing any damage to the wall if you ever decide to do so. Simply remove the fork from the nail and adjust as necessary.


This homemade solution is an inexpensive one and uses supplies you definitely already have at home. There’s no need to invest in pricey tools or hanging systems.