An adult-only zone might come across as a little overboard to some. But I’m sure we’ve all had to endure the sight and presence of people who are simply rude, loud, and overbearing on our flight. And if you’re someone with a low tolerance for loud noises particularly high-pitched screams from babies, this might just be a wish come true. 

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Turkish Leisure Corendon Airline has found the perfect way to keep all its passengers happy. They’ve introduced a child-free zone on their A350 flights. It runs between Amsterdam and the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. This has sparked many heated debates amongst future passengers, not everyone is happy about this. Let’s find out why.

Corendon Airline Launches An Adult-Only Zone For Its Passengers

The Turkish Leisure Airline Corendon has found a way to make traveling as comfortable as possible for all passengers. Well, hopefully, that was the intention behind their adult-only zone where children are completely banned from.

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The zone was launched on the 3rd of November 2023 but it was already available to passengers who wanted to book their flights earlier, even before its original launch date. In a released press statement by Corendon, they stated that “the child-free zone area will have nine XL seats with additional legroom with the normal 93 seats.”

Why Did The Turkish Leisure Airline Corendon Launch The Adult-Only Zone Area?

It isn’t a real head-scratcher why the Turkish Leisure Airline made this decision. In a press statement, released in August they stated that the zone is “intended for travelers traveling without children and for business travelers who want to work in a quiet environment”.

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They added that this adult-only zone will also have a positive impact on parents traveling with their young ones who “worry as much about possible reactions from fellow passengers if their child is busier or crying”.

What Part Of The Aircraft Will The Adult-Only Zone Be In?

The Adult-Only zone will be separated by walls and curtains creating a shielded environment that contributes to a quiet and relaxing flight. Information about the price and seat reservations was also released.


A seat in the child-free zone will cost about $55 per single journey. To book an XL seat, that will cost a whooping $110 per journey. But of course, the ticket comes with an age restriction. To get in you have to be 16 or older.

The Internet Was Not Having It

After Corendon Airlines made their intention to create an adult-only zone public, the internet flipped out and people had divided opinions. Some found the invention unnecessary while some travelers are looking forward to flying child-free. Even if this innovation is rather unusual, it isn’t entirely new for airlines to spring random policies on their future passengers.

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However, it’s the first of its type for Corendon and they’re really proud of it. Despite all the backlash online, the founder of Corendon Atilay Uslu has made it known that the motive behind the zone is to respond to the different needs of its customers. But this didn’t stop the heated online discussion.

It Sparked A Divided Conversation Among Many Travelers

A heated debate took place on X (formerly known as Twitter). One user wrote “This child-free zone is borderline disgusting and inhumane” while others find it rather inclusive and beneficial. Another user commented, “So apparently airlines are considering making ‘child-free zones’ on planes, and I can’t decide if this is a dystopian shift or not, but generally it’s really sad how little tolerance people have for children and babies – even acting like they shouldn’t be in public.”

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A lot of people are supporting the move the Airline made. One user commented “Excuse some of us for not being delighted to hear other people’s crotch goblins shriek at the top of their lungs in a confined space. Instead of bemoaning how people react to children’s poor behavior, focus on teaching your kids how to act in public.”

This Innovation Has Left Parents Upset And Disappointed In Today’s Society

Most parents are feeling targeted by this announcement. One parent commented “Having kids is already an isolating experience, before I had kids I never cared about other kids in restaurants or airplanes. But if they want people to reproduce isolation for moms is not a good look”.

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A lot of people who found this innovation unusual were passengers with kids. They expressed how sad it was that everyone was trying to isolate individuals with children. One user described the zone as “More like a crying adults section” while another user added that “A babe should sue because of age discrimination”.

The Adult-Only Zone News Was A Positive One For Some

On the other side of the debate, some people are all in and think the invention of the adult-only zone was a rather clever idea. This was confirmed when an X user posted “16 is too young. I’d raise it to 21.”

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Another user also added her piece “Might be a good idea. Parents worry about their kids being bothersome.. relieve some pressure for them too.” A lot of people agreed while one user even commented “I have kids and I approve this” Another user shared how frequent a flier she’d be if this was put in place.

Corendon Airline Is Not The First Airline To Offer Special Zones On Planes

The child-free zone might sound like an original invention, but Coredndon Airlines isn’t the only airline that’s offering this kind of service. Just a few months ago, AirAsia added quiet zones to their flight options they commented “simply because we know that sometimes all you need is some peace and quiet for a more pleasant journey with us“.

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Before this, there was the Indian Airline IndiGo, which also launched its child-free quiet zone around 2016. They stated that the zone was created for business travelers who prefer to use the quiet to do their work. All three airlines seem to have the same motive-the interest of all their passengers at heart.


The creation of a child-free zone on this flight has sparked conversations on the impact kids have on travelers. Although a lot of people love being around kids, being with them in an enclosed space while they’re screaming their lungs out might be quite uncomfortable and overbearing.

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There’s been a constant back and forth on this topic and several heated debates on X (formerly known as Twitter). But we’re eagerly waiting to see reviews from people who’ve tried the adult-only zone out since its launch on November 3rd.