Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones shared his disdain during a recent episode of show regarding a pro-vaccine comment made by former U.S. President Donald Trump. Jones even stated he may have to “go on the warpath” of there are any other similar comment made.

President Biden Referenced Vaccine In State Of The Union Address

Donald Trump’s controversial statement that was criticized by Alex Jones apparently was in response to President Biden’s State of the Union address. Biden commented on the expedited distribution of COVID-19 vaccine shots conducted by his administration.

Source: Wikimedia/The White House

Biden claimed that the “pandemic no longer controls our lives.” Donald Trump posted critiques of the State of the Union address in real-time through his Truth Social platform.

Trump Says, ‘You’re Welcome, Joe’ Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine

President Biden also stated during his State of the Union address that the COVID-19 vaccines “saved us” from the virus. In addition, he also explained that the same vaccines were “now being used to help beat cancer.”

Source: Wikimedia/The White House

In response to Biden’s comments, Trump posted “YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE” on Truth Social. In all caps, he also mentioned that the vaccine shots under Trump’s watch got a “nine-month approval time” compared to the “12 years that it would have taken” President Biden.

Jones Expresses ‘Love’ For Trump, But Labels Vaccine A ‘Biological Weapon’

Alex Jones responded to Trump’s comments with a social media post of his own through X/Twitter. After expressing “love” for Trump, he stated that the “so-called vaccine is a biological weapon.”

Source: Wikimedia/Michael Zimmerman

Jones referenced the “good news” that “people are awake” now regarding the vaccinations. Jones referred to Donald Trump that “not even 45 can sell it.”

Jones Attacked Trump With ‘Warpath’ Comment During Rant On His Show

Jones continued his criticism of Trump’s comments during an extended rant during his show. In addition to the criticism, though, he also added a warning of sorts.

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He said that if he saw “any more of this from Trump” that he would “have to go on the warpath.” Alex Jones has built a reputation for himself with his followers and others being an anti-vaxxer in addition to a conspiracy theorist.

Alex Jones Claims All He Wants ‘Trump To Do Is To Stop It’

Alex further explained that all he wants is for Donald Trump “to stop it.” He explained that he could not put his “head down on the pillow at night and say that [he’s] a true person” and “put up with stuff like this.”

Source: Flickr/Mike Allee

He admitted that he had already held up his “nose because of the overwhelming good” that Trump is doing and deal with “all the persecution” with Trump making those types of comments.

Jones Highlighted Conspiracy Theory Claiming That Fauci ‘Cooked’ Virus

Within the same 25-minute video that Alex Jones posted on X/Twitter, he referenced another conspiracy theory related to the COVID-19 virus and pandemic. The theory focused on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States.

Source: Wikimedia/Fogarty International Center

Jones expressed that “it’s come out that Fauci, through an Obama program, cooked the” COVID-19 virus. He also claimed that “they had the shots already ready.” Jones concluded that it was a “big loser for Trump.”

Trump Previously Praised Jones: ‘Your Reputation Is Amazing’

Donald Trump once publicly praised Alex Jones in December 2015. Trump told Jones directly that his “reputation is amazing.” He also assured Jones that he would not let him down.

Source: Pixabay/Leopold Bottcher

Jones reciprocated the feeling by saying that “90%” of his audience supported Donald Trump. Trump also praised libertarianism overall as a concept, noting that it was “sort of interesting” with “certain things” that he liked about it.

Jones Once Claimed That President Biden Attacked A Dog

Alex Jones once told Tucker Carlson that President Biden allegedly attacked a dog. Carlson responded with a sneer, “Attacking a dog, what a pig he is.”

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Jones apparently attributed the report about Biden attacking a dog to contacts within the Secret Service. He told Biden that the information was given to him “by people who…work with him.” He concluded by saying that he would “leave it at that.”

Jones Alleged That Biden ‘Wanders Around’ The White House Nude

After referencing the dog-related allegations, Jones then transitioned to a different type of allegation regarding Biden’s behavior. He claimed that Biden “wanders around” while being “naked in the White House in the middle of the night.”

Source: Wikimedia/Matt H. Wade

Jones added that Biden allegedly “doesn’t know who he is” when he is in that state.

Jones Claimed That Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Were ‘Demons’ In 2016

Alex Jones used a past episode of his show on the Genesis Communications Network to target Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well. He said during an October 2016 episode that Clinton and Obama were literal devils.

Source: Wikimedia/The Official White House Photostream (Pete Souza)

He labeled Clinton a “psychopathic demon.” He further explained that Clinton was “so dark now, and so evil, and so possessed that they are having nightmares.” He also claimed that they both smelled of sulfur and evil while attracting flies.

Jones Claimed The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Was ‘Completely False’

Jones made headlines after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School of 2012 with his conspiracy theories as well. He claimed that the shooting was “completely false.”

Source: Wikimedia/Liam Enea

Just like many other conspiracy theorists that also discussed the matter, Jones argued that the grieving parents associated with the shooting were paid performers known as “crisis actors.” The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre left 20 children dead along with six staff members from the school.

Jones Alleged That The Government Uses ‘Weather Weapons’

Alex Jones also targeted the government when it comes to meteorology with his conspiracy theories. He warned for years that the government allegedly controls the weather with the goal in mind of causing chaos on citizens that do not expect it.

Source: Pixabay/Stefan Schweihofer

During a 2013 broadcast with a left-leaning watchdog organization, Jones said that the Air Force was responsible for “floods in Texas like fifteen years ago” that “killed thirty-something people in one night.”

Jones Later Modified His Sandy Hook Conspiracy, Still Targeted Parents

Jones later modified his opinion that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a “hoax.” He admitted that he believed the shooting “really happened.” However, he then targeted the parents that filed lawsuits against him.

Source: Wikimedia/Liam Enea

He no longer claimed that the parents were “crisis actors.” Nonetheless, he insisted that the families suing him were working as agents within the Democratic Party.

Alex Jones Blamed ‘Chemical Warfare Operation’ For LGBT Population

Another conspiracy theory that Alex Jones publicized involved a mysterious “gay bomb” that was allegedly created by the Pentagon. He stated during a 2010 broadcast that a “chemical warfare operation” was the reason why “there’s so many gay people now.”

Source: Wikimedia/Theodoranian

Jones claimed that he had “government documents” in his possession that said that “they’re going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people don’t have children.”