A Queens resident has had enough of the rampant crime and prostitution that has turned his neighborhood into an “epicenter” right under the nose of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ramses Frías, who is now running for State Assembly, criticizes AOC for being absent as migrant crime waves crash over the community.

In exclusive photos and videos obtained by Fox News, sex workers blatantly ply their trade in broad daylight along Roosevelt Avenue – even as families with strollers walk by.

A Once-Thriving Neighborhood Deteriorates

Frías provided footage showing the area’s main commercial strip, Roosevelt Avenue, strewn with trash and makeshift vending stalls.

Source: Flickr/Doug Letterman

Locals call it “the market of sweethearts” due to rampant prostitution. The sex trade operates openly, with workers soliciting johns in broad daylight outside stores and supermarkets, then taking them to pop-up brothels.

AOC Blames “Anti-Immigrant Policies,” But Locals Disagree

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed “anti-immigrant policies,” but Frías, a former Democrat now running as a Republican, said he hasn’t seen her in the struggling district.

Source: J. Scott Applewhite

“She doesn’t campaign there, she’s never set foot there…I would gladly give her a tour. I would walk her through everything and let her see exactly how it is.”

Frustrated Residents Feel Forgotten

Frías says he’s not alone in feeling forgotten. “We’ve become sort of this epicenter of crime and prostitution and illegal street vending. It’s taken over many streets. The quality of life has deteriorated.”

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With families unable to enjoy public spaces and longtime residents watching their community slip away, Frías hopes to win office and make the neighborhood safe and vibrant again.

Trash and Illegal Vending Take Over Streets

The once vibrant streets of Roosevelt Avenue have descended into disorder and become overrun with trash and illegal vending.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Untended trash overflows in the streets, collecting in corners and piling up along curbs. The unsanitary conditions have led to a proliferation of rats and vermin.

Roosevelt Avenue Dubbed “Market of Sweethearts” Due to Rampant Prostitution

Ramses Frías, a former Democrat running for State Assembly, claims that Roosevelt Avenue in AOC’s district has deteriorated into a hub of crime and prostitution.

Source: YouTube/The NYC Walking Show

According to Frías, the area has essentially turned into an open-air flea market, and prostitutes openly solicit johns in front of stores and families.

Time To Take a Tour of Neglect

Frías has invited AOC to tour the troubled area, claiming she has never set foot there or campaigned in the neighborhood.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

He says he would show her how the decline in quality of life affects residents. According to Frías, the problems started last summer, and he sees it daily as someone who lives there.

Unregulated and Illegal Street Markets

The unregulated street markets lead to trash piling up on street corners as vendors simply throw waste onto the ground or into overflowing public bins.

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Food waste and debris accumulate, attracting rats and other vermin. The unhygienic conditions pose health hazards, especially in the hot summer months.

Neighborhoods of Corona, Elmhurst, and Jackson Heights Hit the Hardest

The neighborhoods of Corona, Elmhurst, and Jackson Heights in Queens have borne the brunt of the deterioration, according to Frías and other residents.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Once vibrant, family-friendly communities, these adjoining areas have seen an influx of migrants in recent years, increasing crime and unlawful activity.

Lack of Response from Local Government

The deterioration of these once-thriving Queens neighborhoods is a cautionary tale of what can happen when unlawful activity spreads unchecked.

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For the families who call these areas home, the dream of a safe, prosperous community seems slipping further out of reach each day. However, with stronger leadership and action from government officials, there is still hope.

A Shared Failure By Politicians and Community Leaders

The current state of the Queens neighborhood reflects a failure by politicians and community leaders to maintain safety, cleanliness, and lawfulness.

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Rather than pointing fingers, leaders should come together to find solutions. Additional resources for law enforcement, improved infrastructure, youth outreach programs, and community involvement could all help turn the tide.

A District in Crisis and Shambles

Frías insists that the situation in District 14 has reached crisis levels, yet Ocasio-Cortez remains largely unaware or unconcerned.

Source: Flickr/doug turetsky

If elected, Frías pledges to take action by allocating funding for increased police patrols, providing resources for local businesses and organizations to help clean up the streets, and working with city agencies to curb unlawful vending and prostitution.

It’s Time To Work For The People

According to Frías, the time for talk is over – the people of District 14 deserve real solutions and hands-on leadership to remedy the “epicenter of crime” that their community has become.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

While Ocasio-Cortez may champion progressive causes nationally, Frías argues that she has failed in her responsibilities to constituents back home.

Frías Offers to Give AOC Tour of Troubled Neighborhoods

Frías, now running for State Assembly as a Republican, counters that Ocasio-Cortez seems out of touch with the daily struggles of residents in her district.

Source: Street Lab

“She doesn’t campaign there. She’s never set foot there. I’ve never seen her on Roosevelt Avenue. This is a few blocks off from where I live. I live and breathe this every single day,” says Frías. He offers to give Ocasio-Cortez a firsthand look at the issues affecting neighborhood quality of life.

Ocasio-Cortez Needs Valuable Insight into Her Constituency

Through a balanced tour of the troubled neighborhoods in her district, perhaps Ocasio-Cortez may gain valuable insight into the daily challenges her constituents face and potential bipartisan solutions to explore with fellow lawmakers.

Source: Dan Videtich

Addressing neighborhood deterioration and public safety concerns would likely find common ground and benefit all residents regardless of political affiliation.