With midterms looming, the battle over border security is once again hijacking President Biden’s plans. Mere hours before touching down in Dallas for a fundraiser, a federal court heard arguments on a controversial Texas law that could reshape national immigration policy.

The law, which empowers state officials to detain and deport migrants, is part of an ongoing feud between Governor Abbott and the Biden administration over securing the southern border. While the White House slams the statute as extreme, dangerous, and unconstitutional, polls show immigration remains a key issue for voters as Biden and Trump gear up for a contentious rematch this fall.

Biden Returns to Texas Amid Ongoing Border Security Debate

President Biden finds himself back in Texas, a state at the center of the ongoing debate over border security and immigration policy in the U.S.

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While Biden traveled to Dallas for fundraising events, the issues surrounding the border continued to make headlines.

Court Case Challenges Texas Border Security Law

Just before Biden landed in Texas, a federal appeals court heard arguments regarding Texas’ new border security law, S.B. 4.

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The law would give state officials the power to detain and deport migrants in the U.S. illegally and make illegal entry into Texas a criminal offense. The Justice Department argues this infringes on the federal government’s authority over immigration.

White House Criticizes ‘Political Stunts’

A White House spokesperson called S.B. 4 an “extreme, unconstitutional law” and a “political stunt.” They argued Republicans in Congress could help by passing bipartisan border security legislation.

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Polls show border security and immigration are important to voters, and Biden’s opponents are campaigning on platforms of strict border enforcement.

Dueling Border Visits Highlight Divide

Last month, Biden and former President Trump visited the border on the same day. Biden received a briefing in Brownsville while Trump viewed razor wire the Texas National Guard installed.

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The wire and S.B. 4 are part of an ongoing dispute between Texas Governor Abbott and Biden’s administration over border security.

The Controversial New Texas Border Security Law

Texas lawmakers passed a new border security bill, S.B. 4, that Governor Abbott signed in September 2021.

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The law aims to curb illegal immigration in the state, but the Biden administration argues it infringes on federal authority.

How the Law Could Impact Border Enforcement Authority

The new Texas law aims to give state officials power over immigration enforcement, a role traditionally held by federal agencies.

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If allowed to take effect, S.B. 4 could significantly impact how the U.S.-Mexico border is policed and who is responsible for deporting undocumented immigrants.

Impact of The S.B. 4 Law on Federal Resources

The Biden administration argues that the law will divert critical resources away from federal immigration agencies and burden them with complying with state deportation orders.

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Federal officials would have to use time and money transporting immigrants out of the country under court orders from Texas judges. The law could also lead to conflicts over custody of immigrants subject to both state and federal proceedings.

A Quick Patchwork of State and Federal Laws Will Creating Confusion

Critics argue that having a patchwork of state and federal immigration laws will create chaos and confusion.

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State and federal officials could issue conflicting orders regarding the same immigrants. Some are concerned giving states control over deportations could lead to unequal treatment of immigrants based on which state they live in.

A Pivotal Battle of Opposing Views

The legal fight over the Texas statute is shaping up as a pivotal battle in the broader standoff between the Biden administration and Republican governors over border policy.

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The outcome could have implications for Biden’s reelection campaign as he seeks to counter GOP attacks on his leadership on immigration.

Why Immigration Is a Key Issue in the 2024 Election

Immigration policy has been a controversial issue for decades in the U.S., but it has taken center stage recently due to the surge of migrants arriving at the southern border.

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Voters see immigration as a top concern heading into the 2024 election, so both Biden and Trump are trying to position themselves as the best candidate to handle border security.

Biden’s Approach To The Immigration Crisis

Biden has taken a more compassionate stance on immigration. He ended some of Trump’s hardline policies, like separating families at the border and restricting asylum.

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However, Biden is struggling to find the right balance. His administration aims to create a fair and humane immigration system, but officials have been overwhelmed by the influx of migrants arriving at the border.

Trump’s Hardline Approach

Trump advocates for restrictive policies like building a border wall, limiting legal immigration and asylum, and separating migrant families.

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He accuses Biden of being “weak” on border security and warns of “catastrophic consequences.” Trump’s hardline stance resonates with some voters concerned about crime, drugs, and job security. However, it also draws criticism for being inhumane, discriminatory, and counterproductive.

Texas is Turning Out To Be a Key Battleground

Texas has become a key battleground in the fight over immigration. Republican Gov. Abbott has blamed Biden for the strain on state resources from increased border crossings.

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In response, Abbott deployed National Guard troops and state police to the border. He also signed a law allowing state officials to arrest and deport unauthorized immigrants, though the law is tied up in court.

Polls Rank Immigration and The Border Crisis as Top Priorities

Polls show voters still rank immigration and border security as priorities. The dueling visits allowed both Biden and Trump to trumpet their positions.

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For Biden, a more humane and orderly immigration system. For Trump, a harsh crackdown on illegal border crossings.