Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations are often compared to the ambitions of history’s greatest dictators. But according to former national security adviser John Bolton, Trump lacks the cunning and intellect required actually to become an authoritarian ruler.

In a recent interview, Bolton dismissed Trump’s supposed dictator-like tendencies, bluntly stating: “He hasn’t got the brains! He’s a property developer, for God’s sake!” While Trump may admire dictators and wish for their power, Bolton argues he simply doesn’t have the strategic capabilities to undermine American democracy.

Bolton Dismisses Trump’s Dictator Comparisons

John Bolton isn’t having any of Donald Trump’s dictator talk. According to Bolton, the former president lacks the intelligence to become an authoritarian leader.

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“He hasn’t got the brains!” Bolton remarked in a recent interview. “He’s a property developer, for God’s sake!”

Trump’s “Dictator” Comments

Bolton’s comments come after Trump said he’d act like a dictator on “day one” if re-elected. According to Bolton, threatening the country with an “apocalypse” if Trump returns is a mistake.

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“If he wasn’t able to steal the election when he was in the Oval Office, it’s not going to happen in November from Mar-a-Lago,” Bolton said.

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un

Bolton also took issue with Trump’s praise of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump said he wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat Kim.

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“Donald Trump wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jong Un. Get ready…..,” Bolton tweeted in response.

America’s Democratic Values

While Trump may admire authoritarian leaders like Kim, America’s democratic values remain strong, according to Bolton.

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The Constitution protects against any one person seizing too much control or power. Despite Trump’s best efforts to overturn the election results, the democratic process prevailed.

“He Hasn’t Got the Brains!” Bolton Says of Trump

According to John Bolton, Trump’s former national security advisor, the former president lacks the intelligence to become a dictator.

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When asked if Trump shared characteristics with Julius Caesar, a famous Roman dictator, Bolton scoffed, “He hasn’t got the brains! He’s a property developer, for God’s sake!”

The Former President Lacks Caesar’s Intelligence

John Bolton believes that Caesar’s ruthlessness and dictatorial ambitions can’t be compared to Donald Trump’s time in office.

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As Bolton puts it, “He hasn’t got the brains! He’s a property developer, for God’s sake!” While Trump may envision himself as an authoritarian figure like Caesar, Bolton thinks he lacks the political savvy and cunning to make it happen.

Failed Attempts to Undermine Democracy

In Bolton’s view, Trump’s attacks on democracy and attempts to overturn the election ultimately failed because he wasn’t clever enough to pull them off.

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As Bolton put it, “If he wasn’t able to steal the election when he was in the Oval Office, it’s not going to happen in November from Mar-a-Lago.”

No Chance of a Third Term

Bolton believes the Constitution and democratic institutions in the U.S. are too strong for Trump to overcome, even if he runs again in 2024.

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Bolton stated, “The Constitution is very clear, there will be no third term.” Though Trump has hinted at running again, Bolton thinks American democracy is resilient enough to withstand another Trump campaign and administration.

Bolton Downplays Trump’s Future Threat to Democracy

Bolton believes Trump’s previous attempts to overturn the election results were unsuccessful due to his ineptitude, not because of the strength of democratic institutions.

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“Trump attacked them by trying to call into question the result of the elections, and he failed,” Bolton said. He argues that if Trump was unable to steal the election when he had the full power of the presidency at his disposal, he will not be able to do so as a private citizen.

Failed Attempts to Overturn 2020 Election Show Limits

Soon after losing the election, Trump and his allies filed dozens of lawsuits contesting the results in key states. However, judges—including those appointed by Trump dismissed the cases due to lack of evidence.

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The courts upheld the integrity of the electoral process, showing Trump’s legal machinations would not undermine the will of the voters.

Inciting an Insurrection

When all else failed, Trump incited a mob of his supporters to storm the US Capitol on January 6 in a last-ditch attempt to stop Congress from certifying Biden’s victory.

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The violent insurrection resulted in five deaths and damage to the Capitol, but lawmakers eventually confirmed Biden as the winner.

Trump Wants Americans To Treat Him Like Kim Jong Un

Bolton also aimed Trump’s disturbing habit of lavishing praise on dictators like Kim Jong Un. In 2018, Trump told Fox News he wanted Americans to “sit up at attention” when he spoke, just like North Koreans do for Kim.

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Bolton called out that bizarre statement on social media, warning that “Donald Trump wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jong Un.”

Trump Still Has Supporters Who See Him As a Savvy Dealmaker

While Trump’s most ardent supporters see him as a savvy dealmaker, Bolton’s scathing remarks paint a very different portrait – that of an unfit leader prone to foolish decisions and lavishing praise on tyrants.

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Bolton’s brutal honesty may offend Trump’s base, but his warnings about Trump’s dictator envy and unfitness for office deserve consideration.

Trump is All Bark and No Bite

While Trump may talk a big game about being a dictator, his actions show he doesn’t have the intelligence or foresight actually to become one. Bolton rightly points out the Constitution’s strength in thwarting Trump’s election lies.

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This highlights the biggest divide between Trump’s dictatorial fantasies and reality. His bloated ego far exceeds his capacity to understand how government actually functions.