The recent publication of Dr. Hilary Cass’ final report that focuses on healthcare for gender-questioning children made headlines earlier this month for poking holes in transgender ideology as a whole. It specifically highlighted an extensive list of alleged National Health Service (NHS) failures regarding treatment models based on ideology instead of scientific evidence. 

Cass Accused NHS Specialist Gender Clinic For Neglecting Evidence-Based Medicine

Cass focused her report on the alleged negligence of the National Health Services (NHS) clinic, which has since closed, regarding its treatment of vulnerable children and young people. The clinic reportedly focused more on ideology-based methods instead of evidence-based medicine.

Source: The Cass Review

The children involved were then placed on an unproven medical pathway that includes cross-sex hormones and/or puberty-blocking drugs. Dr. Hilary Cass is renowned pediatrician that reportedly worked on her studies and findings regarding this matter for several years.

Dr. Cass ‘Disappointed By The Lack Of Evidence,’ Claims ‘Research Has Let Us All Down’

Within her report, Dr. Cass indicated that she has “been disappointed by the lack of evidence on the long-term impact of taking hormones from an early age.” She added that “research has let us all down.”

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She specifically addressed gender dysphoric children when she stated that they have been let down most of all by research.

Studies Suggest That Gender Dysphoria Naturally Resolves Itself In Children

Multiple studies conducted in recent years have confirmed that gender dysphoria resolves itself naturally within children over time. This condition is often associated with mental health issues, neurodiversity, and childhood trauma.

Source: Pixabay/Markus Winkler

It has also been linked to puberty-related discomfort and the complicated processing of same-sex attractions. One report shows that a significant number of children that were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (also referred to as GIDs) were gay.

Cass Believes Social Transition Has ‘Potentially Lasting Consequences’ For Children

Dr. Cass strongly believes that the social transition of a child has potentially lasting consequences and should be viewed as more of a dangerous psychological intervention. The social transition process consists of treating a child as if they are of the opposite sex.

Source: Pixabay/Michal Jarmoluk

Cass further explains in the report that this intervention method does not have any substantial evidence to support it. In addition, the concept of transitioning a child “in stealth” could also be harmful.

Cass: Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis Does Not Predict Lasting Trans Identity

According to Dr. Cass, when it comes to children, a confirmed diagnosis of gender dysphoria does not necessarily connect to permanent transgender identities. Her report shows that a childhood diagnosis is not able to accurately a predict a lasting trans identity for that individual.

Source: Pixabay/Fernando Zhiminaicela

Clinicians reported that they are not able to determine specific cases in which childhood dysphoria would even last after a child becomes an adult.

Cass Recommends Overhaul Of NHS Approach To Gender-Questioning Children

The Cass review makes a clear recommendation that the entire NHS approach to healthcare for gender-questioning children and young adults experience a major overhaul. The recommended approach would consist of holistic treatments and multidisciplinary services that are grounded within evidence-based mental health practices.

Source: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann

The objective of this approach would be to identify the root causes of the questioning and isolate those matters. It would then transition to a “therapeutic-first” approach.

Puberty Blockers Would Only Be Prescribed During NHS Research Trial

According to the report, puberty blockers would only be prescribed within the confines of an NHS research trial. Dr. Cass recommends that “extreme caution” be used in this regard – especially when it comes to cross-sex hormones for adolescents approaching adulthood.

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According to The Guardian, “Cass’s vision is what gender-questioning children deserve: to be treated with the same level of care as everyone else.”

Six Out Of Seven Adult Clinics Refused To Cooperate With Cass Review

Six out of seven adult clinics reportedly declined the opportunity to participate in the review. A senior NHS researcher reportedly stated that the opposition came from clinicians instead of Board members.

Source: Pixabay/Daniel Cubas

The report indicates that this was “unheard of in other parts of the NHS.” This speaks to the overall challenge that the NHS would be forced to realize if the recommendations outlined within the Cass review are implemented.

Lili Elbe Underwent Gender-Affirming Surgeries In The 1930s

Another widely-known account is that of Lili Elbe, a Danish transgender woman born in 1882. Lili, who was born “Einar Wegener,” expressed a series of gender-affirming surgeries throughout the 1930s.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Her memoir “Man Into Woman” focused on her various experiences of gender dysphoria. She also highlighted the milestones that she experienced along her journey towards living what she viewed as her authentic self.

Dora Richter Underwent Experimental Hormone Treatments In Early 20th Century

Dora Richter, who was reportedly born “Rudolph Richter” in 1891, was a German transgender woman who presumably was one of the first people to experience a sex reassignment surgery. Multiple reports confirm that Dora’s desire to become started when she was very young.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

She even went through experimental hormone treatments and surgeries throughout the early part of the 20th century. Her care was overseen by Magnus Hirschfeld, a pioneering sexologist.

Magnus Hirschfeld Found First Clinic To Perform Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Hirschfeld reportedly was a pioneer within the world of scientific studies conducted on homosexuality and gender identity. He established the first clinic that was designed to perform gender-affirming surgeries.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His official job title, according to multiple reports, was “sexologist.” He had quite a few works published over the years related to his work – including a five-volume series titled Sexology

Magnus Hirschfeld: ‘The Day Will Come When Science Will Win Victory Over Error’

Magnus Hirschfeld was once quoted as saying that “soon the day will come when science will win victory over error, justice a victory over injustice, and human love a victory over human hatred and ignorance.” Hirschfeld also said that “the woman who needs to be liberated most is the woman in every man.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

He also stated that “the man who needs to be liberated most is the man in every woman.” According to Hirschfeld, “love is a conflict between reflexes and reflections.”

Hitler Criminalized Organizations That Supported, Defended Gay Rights

Adolf Hitler did not hesitate to criminalize organizations that defended or argued for gay rights when he first came to power in the early 1930s. Gay communities thrived throughout Germany before that time, especially within major cities.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Heinrich Hoffmann

However, the Nazi regime harassed and even dissolved various gay communities throughout Germany starting in 1933. Paragraph 175 of the German criminal code allowed them to arrest large numbers of homosexual men since the code banned homosexual relations.

Thousands Of Hirschfeld Books Carted Off By Hitler Youth Students, Burned In Bonfire

Hirschfeld’s institute was reportedly stormed by a crowd of physical education students that were members of the Hitler Youth Group. They took thousands of Hirschfeld’s books and threw them into a Nazi-hosted book bonfire on May 10, 1933.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Over time, Hirschfeld’s work vanished into obscurity once he lost his institute and students, However, his name and overall reputation still made a lasting mark. For instance, in Hans Diebow’s The Eternal Jew in 1937, Hirschfeld was reviewed as “the most repulsive of all Jewish monsters.”