Gun laws are a huge debate in America, some people advocate for it while others think the public doesn’t need weapons. Well, the debate continues, and recently, it’s between David Hogg and Lily Tang Williams.

Tang Williams gave the viral “Go to China and see how gun control works” to Hogg at his gun control debate at nearby Dartmouth College. Why did she say that?  It’s because Hogg failed to answer Tang’s question properly. Let’s dive deeper.

Lily Tang Williams Attends Hoggs Debate

Lily Tang Williams is a Chinese confessional candidate in New Hamshire who happens to support the public owning guns. So naturally, she was curious when news of David Hogg’s debate about gun control reached her.

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Before proceeding, note that Tang Williams is currently running for US Congress. She’s also an immigrant from China who survived the country’s tyrannical rule.

Tang Williams Questions Hogg

Tang Williams approached Hogg during the question and answer segment where she introduced herself politely. She began, saying: “Hi, my name is Lily Tang Williams. Welcome to my ‘live free or die’ state,” she began.

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She then explained her ethnicity, stating that she was a Chinese migrant who survived communism under Mao Zedong. During his rule “…40 million people were starving to death after he sold communism to them. And 20 million people died … murdered during his Cultural Revolution,” she added.

The Million Dollar Question

After introducing herself and giving enough background on why she was fit to speak on the topic, Tang Williams asked her questions. `

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In her words: “David, can you guarantee me, a gun owner, tonight, that our government in the U.S., in D.C., will never, never become a tyrannical government? Can you guarantee that to me?”

Short Answer, Nope!

The question was definitely strange, but Hogg answered as honestly as possible.  “There’s no way I can ever guarantee that any government will not be tyrannical,” he replied.

Source: X/Lily4Liberty

Source: X/Lily4Liberty

In reality, governments are unpredictable. Very little stops an overambitious president from making changes to the law that limit people’s freedom. Based on Tang William’s question, she wants to fight back if that ever happens.

‘Go To China To See How Gun Control Works’

Once Hogg finished his sentence, Tang Williams immediately fired her response. “Well, then the debate on gun control is over because I will never give up my guns. Never, never.”

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She then delivers her viral statement: “And you should go to China to see how gun control works for the dictatorship of the CCP.”

Understanding The Pro-Gun Argument

Americans have the legal right to bear arms as written in the Second Amendment. This passage claims it is necessary for maintaining the freedom and security of the country. But there’s more to it.

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In many debates, pro-gun activists explain that their guns ensure Americans can fight back when a Tyrant government tries to take their freedom. So, if you’re going to remove the guns, you’ll have to bring in assurance of a Tyrant-free America. If not, the debate is over.

Who Is David Hogg?

David Hogg is a left-leaning gun control activist. Allegedly, his “hatred” for guns started in 2018 when there was a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. What’s worse is that he was a student there. 

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The traumatic experience motivated him to advocate for gun control and possibly stop such horrors from happening again.

Hogg Debated With Spike Cohen 

Since then, Hogg has debated several people, exchanging ideas on why the public should or shouldn’t have guns. His famous argument is that gun ownership correlates with gun deaths and violent crimes.

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However, Spike Cohen quickly debunked this idea with data from several sources. She showed that there are countries with higher murder rates with fewer things than the US. Cohen also pointed out that suicides played a huge role in gun-related deaths

‘It’s The Guns’

Hogg wasn’t convinced despite Cohen’s sources and statistics. He explained: “It’s the guns. I wish I had my own printout of graphs.” Apparently, this graph would show that homicide rates and gun ownership rates are related.

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Hogg then points out that “…there is a pretty strong correlation with all these developed countries.”

Developing Countries Have Racism, Poverty, And Injustice

Hogg explained to Cohen: “If you look at the countries that have the highest rate of gun violence, they also have poverty, they also have systemic racism, they also have all these other forms of systemic injustice.”

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He continues: “But the reality is it is far harder for what happened in Parkland to happen in Switzerland or in the U.K. or in almost any other highly developed country than it was in the United States.” 

Children May Be Against Their Parents Now

Tang Williams wrote on her website that she’s worried about how children are now getting indoctrinated. These people creating the narrative on false data that gun ownership is bad are dividing children from their gun-owning parents.

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Tang Williams points out that this division is how the communist dictatorship started. And sadly, America is heading in that direction.

‘The Country I Love Is Becoming Like The Country I Left’

Tang Williams wrote on her website about how she grew up under Mao’s cultural revolution in China. But after some years, she finally fled communism for the freedom of the United States.

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Sadly, she remarks: “I fear that the country I love is becoming like the country I left. That is why I am running for Congress. It is time for the majority to speak up and defend our country from the radical left and keep the American dream alive for our children.”

The Gun Debate Continues

Tang Williams’ comment for Hogg to go China went viral. Political commentators and members of the public reacted to the debate with most mocking Hogg for his poor response. 

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On the other hand, people praised him for giving an honest opinion. Nevertheless, the remark won’t stop his advocacy. It’s even possibly fueled his drive as going viral helps him share his message more.