According to a New York Times/Siena College poll there has been a significant increase in support for Trump among the minority voters. The poll indicated that significant numbers of black and Hispanic voters believe Trump’s policies benefited them more than Biden’s.

The poll’s findings reveal noteworthy shifts in voter preferences and the implications for the political landscape, underscoring the significance of minority voters in shaping electoral outcomes.

CNN Host Laura Coates

Laura Coates, on CNN,passed Democrat Democrat Hakeem Jeffries on this trend,

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Questioning whether or not Biden has done enough to improve his situation.

The Biden Administration

Jeffries responded,

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“The Biden administration has an incredible track record of support in making sure that it is working at all times to build an economy from the middle out and the bottom up as opposed to the top down.”


Coates asked,

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“Is that alarming to you? That nothing that the Biden campaign has said or done to this point has brought that at least closer than it is right now in this polling?”

The Poll

In a broader sense, the poll unveiled voters preference for Trump’s record vs Biden’s,

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It is the first time since 1912 that voters have the opportunity to directly compare two former presidents.

Hispanic Voters

The poll highlights a notable trend of increasing support for Donald Trump among the Latino voters, with 46% expressing their preference for the former president, compared to 40% favoring President Biden.

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This shift in support underscores a significant development, considering the historical context of Latino voter preferences and the implications for the broader political discourse.


The figures reflect a common historical pattern where former presidents see an increase in approval after they depart the office,

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a phenomenon also experienced by Trump.


The New York Times/Siena College poll has defied conventional expectations, specifically in the context of historical voting patterns and perceptions of political ideology.

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The poll’s revelation of Mr. Trump’s increasing support among Latino voters signals a shocking departure from previous assumptions and underscores the dynamic nature of voter sentiment.

African American Voters

The poll also gave insight into the changing landscape of support from Black voters, indicating that 17% would vote for Donald Trump today, which is more than double the number from 2016.

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This significant increase in support shows a shift in political preferences and highlights the evolving dynamics of voter sentiment within the Black community.

Complex Dynamics

The findings encourage contemplation of the necessity of understanding the complex dynamics of minority voter sentiment,

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and the enduring impact of these trends on political environments.

Changing Voter Preferences

The revelations of the New York Times/Siena poll involving the support for Donald Trump among Latino and Black voters carries a wide-range in political implications,

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signaling the need for comprehensive analysis of evolving voter preferences and the factors influencing political alignments.

Insight From The Poll

The insight from the poll underscores the larger societal implications of changing political allegiances,

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and the multifaceted nature of voter sentiment.

Lasting Influence

The changing dynamics in voter sentiment highlights the imperative need for understanding and analyzing the multifaceted nature of political preferences,

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and their lasting impact on the democratic process.