The Democratic party has seen better days. With the 2024 election on the horizon, President Biden is struggling to maintain enthusiasm among groups that were key to his 2020 victory. From young people to minority voters, Biden’s approval ratings are cratering.

This new reality has Democrats panicking as they try to regain momentum with their base. Can Biden and the Democrats turn things around before the next presidential race kicks into high gear?

Losing Ground With African Americans: Where Did Biden Go Wrong?

In the last few months, Joe Biden has struggled to connect with Black voters, a demographic that helped propel him to the presidency. Biden’s approval rating among African Americans has dropped nearly 20 points as many feel disappointed with his leadership and handling of issues impacting the Black community.

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During his campaign, Biden made bold promises to Black Americans, vowing to tackle systemic racism and make significant investments in Black communities. However, many feel Biden has failed to take meaningful action or push hard enough for policies like the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which remains stalled in Congress.

Lack of Representation in Key Administration Roles

Some criticize Biden for not appointing enough Black leaders to senior roles in his administration, especially in areas like economic policymaking. They argue without strong Black voices at the table, the specific concerns and priorities of African Americans may not receive adequate consideration in policy decisions.

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Biden must act quickly to rebuild trust with Black voters and demonstrate a real commitment to advancing racial equity. Appointing more Black officials, aggressively pushing policies like police reform, and targeting investments in Black communities could help Biden regain support from this key base.

Hispanic Voters Sour on Biden Amidst Border Crisis

Biden’s handling of the ongoing crisis at the US-Mexico border has seriously damaged his standing with Hispanic voters, a key demographic that helped power his 2020 victory. According to recent polling, Hispanic support for Biden has plunged to just 34%, down from the 63% he won in 2020.

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s popularity with Hispanic voters has surged to 39% and continues to climb, an astonishing turnaround from his dismal 2020 showing. For a Republican candidate, Trump is making inroads with Hispanic voters at an unprecedented pace.

Biden’s Broken Promises

Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported Biden in 2020 based on his promises to pass comprehensive immigration reform and take a more humane approach to border security. However, Biden has failed to deliver on these promises, leaving many Hispanic voters feeling betrayed and disillusioned.

Source: USA Today/Mandel Ngan

Biden pledged to end Trump’s harsh immigration policies, but conditions at border facilities have barely improved. Promised pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, including DACA recipients, have stalled in Congress.

A Perfect Storm

The border crisis, combined with rising inflation, economic anxiety, and Biden’s stalled policy agenda, have created the perfect storm of conditions for Hispanic voters to abandon the Democratic party in droves. Hispanic voters, like all Americans, vote with their pocketbooks.

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Hispanic voters had hoped for real change after Trump, but Biden has failed to rise to the challenges of the presidency. As the 2024 election approaches, Biden needs to take bold action on immigration reform, get the border under control, and deliver real economic relief to working families if he hopes to regain the trust of Hispanic voters.

Women Turning Away From Democrats Due to Inflation

Economic issues are weighing heavily on voters’ minds these days, and women are no exception. Recent polls show that women, especially younger ones, are increasingly concerned about rising costs of living and feel that Democrats are not doing enough to address inflation.

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According to an October 2023 CBS/YouGov survey, only 38% of women aged 18 to 44 approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. This represents a drop of over 10 percentage points from the same poll a year earlier.

Mishandling Key Issues Like Student Debt and Abortion

The Biden administration severely underestimated the importance of issues like student loan debt forgiveness and abortion rights to key demographics within the Democratic base. Millennials and women were instrumental in delivering Biden the presidency, but he has failed to take action on issues core to their interests.

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Biden campaigned on forgiving at least $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower. However, over a year into his term, his administration has yet to take meaningful action. Millennials struggling under the burden of student loans feel betrayed and disillusioned.

Reproductive Rights Under Attack

The Biden administration was caught flat-footed by the Supreme Court’s decision to consider overturning Roe v. Wade. As Republican-controlled states pass highly restrictive abortion laws, Biden has failed to take executive action to protect women’s reproductive rights.

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On abortion, he could declare a public health emergency and use emergency powers to protect clinics. Half measures will not suffice. If Democrats want to hold onto power, they must deliver on the promises that got them elected in the first place.

Suburban Voters Regretting Their Votes for Biden

Suburban voters who enthusiastically supported Joe Biden previously are now expressing serious regrets about their choice. Recent polls show the President’s approval ratings tanking among key demographics that were instrumental to his 2020 victory.

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According to surveys from reputable organizations like Pew Research Center and Siena College Research Institute, Millennials and Hispanics have soured on the President they helped elect.

How Messaging Missteps Have Hurt Biden With Progressives

President Biden’s team seems to have lost the messaging battle with key parts of their base. Progressives and younger voters appear increasingly disillusioned with Biden’s leadership. According to recent polling, Biden’s support has slipped significantly among Millennials and Hispanic voters.

Source: Bloomberg/Anna Moneymaker

Biden’s team has failed to convey how his policies benefit these groups. They have not effectively communicated Biden’s accomplishments, like steering the nation out of a recession, passing major infrastructure improvements, and making healthcare more affordable.

The Working Class Feels Forgotten by Biden’s Agenda

The working class feels they have slipped through the cracks of Biden’s policy agenda. According to opinion polls, Biden is losing ground with key groups like Hispanics and Millennials, who make up much of the workforce.

Source: The Guardian/Friedemann Vogel

Millennials, in particular, feel overlooked. Now in their 30s and 40s, many struggle to buy homes or pay off debt. The cost of living has skyrocketed, but wages haven’t kept up. Homeownership, a hallmark of middle-class life, is delayed by up to 8 years compared to previous generations.

Biden Struggles to Inspire as Midterms Approach

With the midterm elections fast approaching, Joe Biden finds himself in a precarious position. The once-popular President is bleeding support from key demographic groups that helped propel him to victory just two years ago.

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According to recent surveys, Biden’s approval ratings have slipped significantly among Hispanic and millennial voters. These groups, which make up a sizable portion of the electorate, see Biden as weak in handling the economy despite data showing strong growth and job gains.

Can Biden Turn Things Around Before Election Day?

There’s still time for Biden to regain his mojo with key voting blocs before Americans head to the polls in November. Despite some worrying poll numbers, the Democratic nominee has several factors working in his favor.

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For one, Biden has a long and accomplished record of service as a Senator and Vice President. His decades of experience and competence contrast sharply with the chaos of the Trump administration. Biden’s empathetic, compassionate leadership style also appeals to many voters seeking a return to normalcy after years of turmoil.