A deep sea diving expert just hit us with unexpected and somewhat spooky news. It’s about a hollow island that’s been completely blacked out on Google Maps. This island is called the Vostok island. Nobody knows why it’s blacked out, and now, people are coming up with the weirdest assumptions about its existence.

Source: Youtube/National Geographic, Enric Sala

Here’s the juice, some people believe Vostok Island is just a black hole while others are throwing around theories about it being a secret military base. The island is said to be protected by all kinds of dangerous beasts, scaring people off and making it a no-go zone. Let’s find out more about this mysterious island.

What Does The Island Look Like On Maps And In Reality?

Based on the pictures that have been circulating online, the pictures show that outside of the island, there is a lighter-colored sea. That’s not everything, as some waves can also be seen clashing against what looks like beaches. Images of this island make it look like it has been manually blacked out.

Source: Google Maps/Wikimedia

However, based on a video that went viral 14 years ago, it was revealed that the mystery location is an uninhabitable island called the Vostok Island which belongs to the Republic of Kiribati. The dark placement of the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has led to numerous conspiracy theories about the location.

The Various Rumors And Theories Surrounding This Hollow Island

For several years now, people have had to come up with different rumors and conspiracy theories about the hollow Vostok island. They started these theories because of their collective curiosity to find out why there’s a strange dark mass in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Source: YouTube/National Geographic

The aerial view of the hollow island that was released to the public further fueled these wacky conspiracies and whatnot. They became desperate to find out what exactly it was. Many of these conspiracies were hilarious, to say the least, while some made actual sense.

Some Believe That The Vostok Island Is A Black Hole

This particular theory has stuck to people like a piece of gum, and they are willing to believe every bit of it. Because of the eerie feeling surrounding this pitch-black island, people now believe that it’s some sort of black hole that swallows everyone who tries to approach it. An entity in which everything that reaches it disappears.

Source: Google Maps (Edited)

Another conspiracy theory, although a funny one, is that the black spot on Google Maps is a huge drainage hole. This huge drainage helps to transfer water from the ocean into the ground. This isn’t even the last of the conspiracy theories, let’s check out some more theories.

The Hollow Island Might Be A Secret Military Base

Google does things like blacking out a location when they don’t want people to know about it. Or when they do not have enough information about the particular location. This led to theories about Vostok island being a secret military base which the public should never find out about.

Source: Unsplash/Joel Rivera Camacho

Others claimed that the spot was blacked out on Google Maps because it was a spot for the elites and they didn’t want anyone to know what was going on there. Some even made jokes about it being the lost island on the popular E4 show “Lost”

The Truth About The “Hollow” Vostok Island

After decades of speculation about the black spot, it was announced in November 2021 that it was indeed an uninhabited island called the Island of Vostok. And was located in the Republic of Kiribati which is referred to as an “archipelago” which means a group of islands. A country located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Source: YouTube/National Geographic

The dimensions of the Island of Vostok are reported to be approximately 700 meters in length with a width of about 600 meters. The island has a modest elevation not exceeding five meters above sea level. The island is surrounded by a vibrant coral reef offering a unique and picturesque coastal environment.

Why The Island Appears Black On Google Maps

The island appears black on the map because it has a lot of dense forest made up of trees. These towering trees have been the reason for the sinister and eerie vibes the island gives.

Source: Wikimedia/Angela K. Kepler

Most parts of the island are made up of groups of pisonia trees that can grow as tall as 98ft. This gives the island a dark green appearance that might appear black on maps. The trees occupy an incredible amount of space and eventually block out most of the sun.

A 14-Year-Old YouTube Video Resurfaces

To find out more about the mysterious island, extremely curious individuals dug out a 14-year-old YouTube video published by nature journalists at National Geographic. The Video which was posted back in 2009 contains a scene where diver Enric Sala claimed to have just enjoyed one of the best dives of his life.

Source: Youtube/National Geographic

While exploring the island of Vostok’s vibrant coral reefs, Enric Sala said to the viewers “Well, we just came back from a dive on Vostok Island” he went on and said, “I just did the very best dive of my life.”

Did Anyone Ever Settle On The Island Of Vostok?

After a series of intense research, it is still unknown whether the island has ever been inhabited. Only the occasional diver Enric Sala has ever gotten so close enough to know what the island has to offer. And this is because the island is so hard to get to with no routes or harbor in sight.

Source: Wikimedia/Angela K. Kepler

Enric Sala stated in his video that together with them on the island were lots of sharks, schools of jag, barracuda, and even surgeon fishes. The presence of rats on the island also suggested that ancient Polynesians might have probably visited the island.


After years of speculation about the enigmatic Vostok island, the secret behind its distinct black appearance has finally been exposed to the public. However, the speculations surrounding the existence of the island have some pretty solid reasons backing them up.

Source: Wikimedia/Angela K. Kepler

The identity of the island has been confirmed likewise the secrets of why the island looks so black have also been revealed, despite all these revelations the island is still blacked out on Google Maps and this still leaves room for more conspiracies to develop.