Donald Trump has reportedly reached out to wealthy Nikki Haley donors to get their support even after stating that they would be “permanently barred” from his “camp.” Multiple reports claim that he reached out to wealthy donors that supported Haley asking them to accept an “exclusive” membership program.

Trump ‘Permanently Barred’ Haley Supporters From MAGA Camp

In a social media post that Donald Trump published with his Truth Social platform in late January, he made it clear that Haley supporters would not be invited to his “camp.” He stated that “anybody that makes a ‘contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp.”

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After using a term that was derogatory in nature when referring to Nikki Haley, Trump added that “we don’t them and will not accept them.”

Haley Refused To Exit Race After Losing New Hampshire Primary

The timing of Trump’s post clearly sent a message about the aftermath of the New Hampshire primary. Nikki Haley made it known that she was not going to exit the race even after losing that particular primary.

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Trump issued his threat to Haley supporters after her decision went public. However, not all those within the Trump camp and family apparently got the same message regarding the “permanent barring.”

Texas Hotelier Claims She Gets ‘Two Texts A Day’ From Lara Trump

A hotelier based in Waco, Texas claimed that she receives “two texts a day” from Lara Trump. Lara assumed her position as co-chair of the Republican National Committee on March 8.

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This was nearly six weeks after her father-in-law posted the original message about “permanently barred” Haley supporters. It is apparently clear that Haley supporters are now being actively courted instead of banned by the “MAGA Camp.”

A 70-Year-Old Haley Supporter Offered ‘Exclusive’ Membership To Support Trump

A woman named Munir Lalani reportedly received an invitation via email from Donald Trump asking her to accept an offer for an “exclusive” membership program. She admitted in an interview that she was surprised by the offer.

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The offer was only given to the “top 1%” of Trump supporters. This further enhanced the element of surprise for Lalani since the 70-year-old donated over $30,000 to Nikki Haley.

Trump Sent Mass Mailer That Offered ‘Black Metal Card’ With Trump Mugshot

Within a mass mailer that Lalani received was also an offer to get a special black metal card from Donald Trump. The mailer stated that the card was “etched” with Trump’s mugshot on it.

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The mugshot was there to “show the world we will never surrender.” The card would have essentially provided Lalani with proof that she was a card-carrying member of the MAGA Camp that Trump claimed Haley supporters were “permanently barred” from joining.

Republican Bundler Received Trump’s ‘Membership’ Offer As Well

Eric Levine, a widely-known Republican bundler, also reportedly received offers to support Donald Trump. Levine organized two major fundraisers for Nikki Haley with top names from Wall Street in New York.

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The attorney made it clear that he would not want to see President Biden reelected. However, he refused to answer if he would ever support or endorse Donald Trump.

Trump’s Increasing Legal Expenses May Have Changed His Mind

One prediction is that the modified approach to gaining support is due to the increasing legal expenses that are piling up for Donald Trump. He currently faces 91 criminal counts in four individual criminal indictments.

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Trump is also being held responsible for nearly $500 million in civil legal damages and associated fees.

‘Trump’s Need For Money Is Greater Than His Need for Revenge’

The co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson, believes that Trump’s need for money currently overrides other needs. He specifically stated that his need for money “is greater than his need for revenge or spite.”

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He further stated that a “meaningful fraction” of wealthy Haley donors will choose to financially support Trump. However, according to Wilson, this support will be done “out of fear” but not “for love.”

Haley Questioned If RNC Would Use Support For ‘Legal Slush Fund’ For Trump

Nikki Haley requested Republican National Committee (RNC) members to focus on creating a draft resolution regarding the use of its funds. More specifically, she asked them to hold an on-the-record vote that would prevent the party from directing the funds towards legal fees in general.

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This was obviously an indirect shot at former U.S. President Donald Trump. Haley questioned if shifting support from the Republicans that were lower on the ballot would then create a “legal slush fund.”

Levine Concerned About ‘Where That Money Is Going’

Eric Levine was also apparently concerned with the use of the funds donated to the RNC by supporters of down-ballot candidates. He mentioned in his interview with NBC News that he had “been raising millions of dollars for Senate Republicans for years” and would continue to do so.

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However, he also noted that he would be “very concerned about where that money is going.” He questioned whether the money would be “going to pay for his lawyers” or “going to help Republicans get elected.” He admitted that he did not know the answer.

Levine Avoided Trump Question, Claimed It’s ‘Premature And Academic’

When asked if he would vote for Donald Trump, Levine mentioned that the question was “somewhat premature and academic.” He further expressed that he was still “barred” and Donald Trump had not asked him for his vote.

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The Trump campaign would not confirm whether it was actively pursuing Haley donors.

Levine ‘Interested In Someone Who’s Looking Forward’ To ‘Make Our Lives Better’

Levine did confirm that he was “interested in someone who’s looking forward as to how they’re gonna make our lives better.” He would prefer that instead of voting for someone that is going to look back and focus on “seeking revenge on our perceived political enemies.”

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A national press secretary for Trump emailed an official statement that said, “President Trump welcomes all Americans” from all parties “to join the greatest political movement in history.”

RNC Member Said There Would Be ‘Serious Discussion’ About Primary Process

Henry Barbour, a Mississippi committee member, told NBC News that there would be a “serious discussion” regarding the protection of the primary process. In addition, the prevention of the RNC from “paying the legal bills of any political candidate unrelated to the election cycle” would be considered.

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Another resolution discussed was hindering the RNC from working with a presidential candidate until they met the delegate threshold that would allow them to win the nomination.

Haley Stated That Trump Would Have To ‘Earn The Votes’ Of Non-Supporters

During her speech withdrawing from the race, Nikki Haley made it clear that Donald Trump had his work cut out for him. She mentioned that he would need to “earn the votes” of the Republicans that did not specifically support him in the primaries.

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One analytical survey conducted on the 2,400 voters of the South Carolina Republican primary showed that 60% of Haley voters would not support Donald Trump if he was the GOP nominee in the general election.