On Monday, the top education official in Louisiana told schools to disregard the updated Title IX rules recently announced by the Biden administration. He warned that expanding the civil rights law to include transgender students may violate the state’s and federal law.

Last week, the Department of Education unveiled a series of changes to Title IX. The updated version places a ban on sex-based discrimination at federally funded schools. 

Republicans Criticize Sex Discrimination Changes

The changes also included a broader interpretation of sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Republicans were swift to criticize the new rules which are set to take effect as of Aug. 1, especially the proposal’s rules on protections for transgender students, arguing that they undermine women’s rights.

Brumley Tells Schools, “Don’t Alter Policies Or Procedures At This Time”

Cade Brumley, Louisiana’s superintendent of education penned a letter on Monday to school system leaders and board members, stating that the new Title IX rules are against Louisiana law. He also stated that schools “should not alter policies or procedures at this time.”

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In the letter, Brumley wrote that the new regulations appear to flash with a 2022 state law that shuts off transgender student-athletes from playing in sports teams that match their gender identity.

Biden Administration’s Stance On Transgender Athlete Bans

The Biden administration is yet to conclude on a different bill that would stop schools from taking up policies that would place a ban on transgender athletes from competing based on their gender identity. 

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However, Brumley says that it’s almost certain the administration will still use the rules they just finished to prevent states from enforcing these trans-athlete bans. “You can be rest assured that they have the full intent of this applying completely to athletics moving forward,” Brumley said on a phone call from his office in Baton Rouge.

State Laws Banning Transgender Student-Athlete Participation

A total of 24 states, including Louisiana have stamped laws that ban transgender student-athletes from participating in sports teams on the basis of their gender identity.

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Brumley added that the new rules may constitute infringement on individuals’ First Amendment rights by compelling them to employ a transgender person’s name and pronouns.

Louisiana House Proposals Regarding Transgender Students

A bill moved forward by the Louisiana House recently if passed would put a stop to schools making staff use transgender students’ names or pronouns unless their parents give written permission. 

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A second proposal would forbid transgender students from using school bathrooms and changing rooms that match their gender identity. A top official of the Biden administration official said that such laws would go against the new Title IX rules if they create a negative atmosphere for students.

Reaction And Expectations Surrounding Title IX Changes

There was no immediate response from The Education Department on Brumley’s letter. Brumley said on Monday that schools need not go through the long and burdensome process of their Title IX policies because he expects that the new rules will be contested in court.

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Conservative organizations, including the powerhouse Alliance Defending Freedom, have already hinted at legal action against the Biden administration over these changes.

All Options Are On The Table

The state of Louisiana is also “exploring options” to contest the law, Brumley said. The Louisiana Department of Education, the governor’s office, and the state attorney general are still in the process of reviewing the new set of rules. “All options are on the table,” Brumley said.

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Republican state leaders have come together in an attempt to try to stop the changes the Biden administration wants to make to Title IX since they were first introduced in 2022. In that same year, Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. told local education officials to also disregard the rules.

Questions Linger On A Lot Of Biden’s Decisions 

The recent actions taken by the Biden administration regarding Title IX and transgender student rights join the long list of actions taken by the presidency with many question marks and controversy around them. 

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The new Title IX policy changes represent an overreach of federal authority and undermine the rights and protections of other groups, particularly women and girls. One of the primary criticisms leveled against the administration’s approach in many decisions is a perceived violation of state authority. 

Federal Overreach In Education Policy And State Rights

By imposing federal guidelines on issues traditionally left to the states, such as education policy, the Biden administration is infringing on the rights of states to make decisions for themselves, and like the case with Louisiana, oppositions will most certainly arise leading to disunity in the government.

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This heavy-handed approach is seen as disregarding the diverse needs and values of individual states and communities.

Hands Transgender Athletes An Unfair Advantage

The new Title IX policies also appear to prioritize the interests of a small minority over the majority by opting to disregard women’s rights in favor of transgender individuals. 

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It also raises concerns about the fairness and integrity of athletic competition if individuals who were assigned male at birth are allowed to compete on girls’ teams as this gives them an unfair physical advantage.

Infringements On Religious Freedom And Free Speech Rights

The changes could also lead to potential infringement on religious freedom and free speech rights. Ruling that schools and institutions make use of preferred pronouns and names for transgender individuals, regardless of sincerely held beliefs or objections, is coercive and infringes on the rights of individuals and organizations to express their values and beliefs freely.

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Moreover, the broader interpretation of sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity is without a shadow of a doubt a departure from the original intent of Title IX, which was intended to address disparities in educational opportunities between men and women. 

Diluting Effectiveness And Ideological Criticisms

By expanding the definition of the law in this manner, the administration is watering down its effectiveness and opening the door to legal challenges and confusion.


In addition to these policy concerns, there are broader ideological criticisms of what is perceived as “woke” or politically correct agendas driving the Biden administration’s decision-making. 

Balancing Transgender Rights And Government Role

These policies prioritize identity politics over meritocracy and individual rights, leading to a divided political climate.

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Overall, while protecting the rights of transgender individuals and promoting inclusivity might be the right decision the Biden administration’s approach to these issues has raised alarm and placed question marks over the balance between individual rights, federalism, and the role of government in shaping social norms and values.