Gothix, a former member of Black Girl Gamers (BGG), has reportedly targeted the group by highlighting their alleged racism. One report claims that she alleged that the group does not care about diversity and removed her from the group due to her divergent views. 

Gothix References BGG And Claims ‘These People Are Full Of Crap’

Gothix apparently did not hold much back in her comments against the Black Girl Gamers group. She indicated that she could “confidently say these people are full of crap.”

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She also expressed that the group does not care about diversity. Another X/Twitter user commented on the “100% minority operated claim, the SEALED job board, and the lack of a hiring policy” as problematic areas as well.

X User References ‘Cease And Desist’ Notice, ‘New Legal Threats’ Issued By BGG

The same X/Twitter user specifically referenced Black Girl Gamers when alleging that there were several other “new legal threats” issued by the group. The user described Black Girl Gamers as the “SBI-style game and movie consulting group.”

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The user further explained that a “Cease and Desist” notice is part of the “new legal threats” referenced within their social media post.

BGG Allegedly ‘Mobilized’ Members To Harass And Call Critics ‘Racists’

The user added that the Black Girl Gamers group has “mobilized their 10,000+ members to harass and call critics ‘racists’ in an attempt to deflect from the allegations.” Gothix also referenced that BGG focused on weeding out those that had the “right” ideological viewpoints.

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The Black Girl Gamers (BGG) group describes itself on its official website as a “multi-platform and inclusive community powered organization.” It also added that it keeps “over 10,000+ black women gamers safe online.”

Black Girl Gamers Group Claims It Has Over 120,000 Online Followers

As referenced, the BGG has already claimed within its website that the group has generated over 10,000 members “and talent” within their network. In addition, it mentions that it has generated over 120,000 online followers.

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The claim referenced by an X/Twitter user that it is “100% minority operated” is also highlighted within the homepage of the group’s website. They also added that they have “put $200,000+ in the pockets” of BGG members.

Gothix Claims She Was ‘Promptly’ Kicked Out For Being ‘Anti-Black’

Gothix expanded on her comment that the BGG did “not care about diversity.” According to Gothix, the group “promptly” kicked her out for being “anti-black.”

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She indicated that the “anti-black” comment basically mean that she was “not making an idol out of [her] skin color and refusing to hate white people.”

Gothix Highlighted The Problem ‘When People Make Skin Color Into An Idol’

Gothix also explained what she viewed as the problem of “when people make skin color into an idol.” She stated that “they worship their skin color” and “think that that’s their identity.”

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As a result, according to Gothix, “they have to make up all these weird rules and regulations about what it means to be black.”

Gothix: ‘I Was Harassed For Months’, Received An ‘Onslaught Of Vitriol’

Gothix went on to explain that she was “harassed for months after the fact.” She added that she “received an onslaught of vitriol from many of their black members.”

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She continued by stating that BGG’s response to her alleged harassment was not favorable. She claims that they blocked her and “literally scrubbed [her] existence off of their platforms.”

Black Girl Gamers Was Founded In 2015, Started As Small Facebook Group

The BGG was reportedly established initially as a small Facebook group back in 2015. According to the group’s website, it has grown over the years “into a thriving collection of 10,000+ black women around the globe.”

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According to the group, the BGG has “become an influential agent of change throughout the gaming industry.” It has reportedly partnered with brands “to change gaming from the inside out.”

Gothix Reflected On Group History, Expressed How Much Has Changed

Gothix apparently reflected on the history of the BGG, analyzing where it was when the group started compared to where it is now. She confirmed that “it was very small compared to the entity that it is now.”

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She went on to explain that they “would have collaborators” that would work together. Gothix specifically referenced the interviews they would do for each other, shared streams on Twitch pages, and Discord calls. According to Gothix, “that was pretty much the extent” of her involvement.

Gothix Emphasized That ‘Diversity Of Thought’ Should Be A Priority

Gothix expressed her belief that the diversity of thought should be viewed as a priority. She stated that “unless it’s diversity of thought, I don’t see the point of promoting diversity.”

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The “diversity of thought” can be defined as “the reality that there is more than one way to think about something.” It also involves understanding that the way an individual interprets and interacts with the world itself is reflective of their culture, identity, and personal experiences.

BGG Claims It Has Partnered With Brands ‘Throughout The Gaming Space’

The BGG claims on its website that the group has partnered with “endemic and non-endemic brands throughout the gaming space.” This includes Facebook, Netflix, and Google.

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The group also reported through its website that it works within gaming communities for growth purposes. Its objective is to “grow the influence, representation, equity, and experience of black women in gaming.”

BGG Reportedly Threatened Lawsuit Against Those With Discrimination Claims

The BGG is reportedly threatening to file lawsuit against those who decide to report in the group for its allegedly discriminatory hiring practices. Specifically, one of these cases involves the entertainment news outlet That Park Place.

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The BGG has apparently targeted That Park Place (TPP) in response to a report published by the group that allegedly that the BGG engaged in racially discriminatory hiring practices.

That Park Place Editor-In-Chief Published Report Specifically Referencing BGG

That Park Place Editor-in-Chief John F. Trent reportedly published an article that specifically referenced the Black Girl Gamers group in the title. The report was entitled ‘Forspoken’ Consultant Black Girl Gamers Appears To Discriminate In Their Hiring Practices While Claiming They Are Being Harassed.

Source: Pixabay/Werner Moser

Trent referenced a February 2024 tweet where the BGG issued a public call for “Black Women Content Creators” that made content for Dungeons & Dragons. The offer was for “some potential brand work.”

BGG Responded To TPP Claims, Alleging That ‘These Claims Are False’

The Black Girl Gamers group used their official company account on X/Twitter in late March to declare that the allegations published on TPP were “false.” The group added that the claims “were made without prior fact-checking.”

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In addition, the BGG group stated that the claims were also made without “verification from us or our representatives.” It emphasized that the group “operates as a contracting organization that collaborates with both freelancers and content creators from all backgrounds to work on various projects and initiatives.”