Everyone has their opinion on Donald Trump. His supporters call him a hero and the leader America needs. But to his opponents, he’s a bigot, racist, fascist, and so on. He’s even recognized as one of the country’s most hated people. But what about his son?

Most people have no thoughts towards Donald Trump’s son. He’s a politician that supports his father, but that’s it. However, the former president of Fox News thinks he’s a “pathetic, low IQ oaf.” Let’s explore why.

Who Is Joe Peyronnin?

Before talking about the comment, let’s examine the commenter. Joe Peyronnin used to head Fox News, which mostly related conservative views. Later, Peyronnin founded Telemundo News and also became the senior executive and producer at CBS.

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Now, he’s retired after a long and successful career. But that doesn’t stop his love for public commentary. So, Peyronnin has taken his political opinions to X, formerly called Twitter.

The Post That Triggered Peyronnin’s Comment

Peyronnin’s criticism started after he stumbled on a post from Ron Filipkowski. Mind you, people recognize Filipkowski for how often he criticizes Trump. He’s also the editor-in-chief at MeidasTouch news network.


Anyway, the video Peyronnin found was of Donald Trump’s son airing an uncommon political opinion. He said that Biden’s administration treats Catholics like domestic terrorists. What did Trump Jr. mean by that?

A Deeper Look At Trump Jr’s Statement

People were puzzled by Trump Jr’s strange opinion about the Biden administration. To quote the politician: “Biden’s DOJ [Department of Justice] treated Catholics like terrorists. If you were a practicing catholic, you were a domestic terrorist.”

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He further explains that the FBI and DOJ pay special attention to Americans who bought a Bible with their bank. This extra monitoring treats these religious people as terrorists. But some people found it hard to buy into his claims. “Source: Trust me, bro”, one internet user said mockingly.

A Possible Reason For The Statement

The video has more than two million views on the platform as people scratch their heads over the comment. Are his claims true or is he just another “looney” conservative with a following?

Source: X/DonaldJTrumpJr

The first factor to consider is that the clip was from his podcast, Triggered. It’s known for political commentary and some controversial statements. So, the lack of evidence has led many to believe that he’s merely trying to be controversial and go viral.

‘Donald Trump Jr is A Pathetic Oaf’

After coming across the video, Peyronnin reposted it along with his thoughts. He wrote in the caption: “Donald Junior is a pathetic, low IQ oaf, who spews ridiculous lies to please daddy.”

Source: X/DonaldJTrumpJr

He’s basically offering a different perspective on Trump Jr’s comment. He suggests that the comments aren’t really his own but an attempt to please his famous but busy father.

Filipkowski Shared A Screenshot That Sparked Comments

Filipkowski noticed that Peyronnin commented on the clip he posted and then quickly uploaded a screenshot of Peyronnin’s tweet. This simple action caused more people to chip in and drop their two cents on the Trump family.

Source: X/joepeyronnin

One user commented: “DJT JR is off the deep end. Nobody not even MAGA believes his ridiculous lies or his debunked Conspiracy Theories.” Another person said: “Junior is painful at best and ridiculous at worst.”

‘Peyronnin Is A Coward’

While many people flamed Trump’s son for his “ridiculous” statement, others opened fire on Peyronnin. They criticized him for not speaking out while working at Fox Network. One comment said: “All these Republicans are so brave—once they’re ‘former.'”

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Another comment accused him of being so sharp and righteous that now he’s a “former”. But now, his opinions don’t matter anymore.

Others Praised Peyronnin

While some people roasted Peyronnin for speaking out only in retirement, others praised his post. One comment mentioned how impressive it was to find a conservative at Fox that tells the truth.

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Another comment said: “Could not have said it better myself.” These reactions come from the fact that conservatives typically have one opinion on a matter. So, seeing violence between two conservatives is rare.

Trump And His Son Think Alike

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Some internet users did some digging and found that Trump Jr’s opinions were similar to his father’s. He even posted the video on his social media platform, Truth Social.

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To quote the clip: “Under Crooked Joe Biden, Christians and Americans of faith are being persecuted like nothing this nation has ever seen before. Catholics in particular are being targeted, and evangelicals are surely on the watchlist as well.”

There’s No Evidence For These Claims

People have tagged the claims from the Trump family as ridiculous. It’s wild to imagine America will be interested in people’s religious beliefs, especially since there’s freedom of religion in the US.

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But is there any truth to his claims? So far, no. There’s no evidence to support either Trump’s claims that the country closely monitors Catholics.

It’s A Ploy To Get More Christian Support

Critics also present some possible reasons Trump made this strange claim. They explained that it was a ploy to gather more support among Christians. It seems the statement aims to create fear among that religion and push them to vote for him in this coming election.

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It’s worth noting that Donald Trump received a lot of support during the 2016 and 2020 elections. He’s secured a strong following with them and seems to be using any means possible to ensure they vote for him.

Trump Is Losing Religious Support

Religious people seem to stick behind Trump as their conservative hero, especially in 2020. However, a recent poll in March 2024 shows that the tides have turned.

Source: Nbcnews

The poll from Fox News shows that evangelicals are losing confidence in Trump and going for Biden. How bad is it? The number went from 23% to 28%.

Trump Jr. is Still Under Fire

So far, people are brutally mocking Trump Jr and his father for their ridiculous comments. Some say this behavior is typical of the family, while others say they may be hitting a new low.

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Nevertheless, it’s most likely an attempt to get more support from Trump’s presidential run and his son’s podcast. Will their efforts be successful? We’ll keep you posted!