While speaking to the media at the 2024 World Economic Forum (WEF), Anthony Scaramucci – a former Trump aide turned Trump critic – made a rather unique observation: the ‘global elite’ are oddly confident that Donald Trump will win a second term later this year. Unfortunately for Trump, that’s not a good thing – and here’s why!

The ‘Global Elite’ Are Always Wrong About These Things

Having been a regular attendee at the WEF for several decades now, Scaramucci knows a thing or two about the ‘global elite.’ And one thing he has learned is that they have a tendency to be out of touch with reality – especially during Presidential elections.

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This year, the WEF hosted nearly 3,000 delegates from 120 countries – and most of them are under the impression that Trump will win easily. As ironic as it sounds, it’s their confidence in Trump that has Scaramucci confident that Trump will lose.

They Said The Same Thing About Trump In 2020

At the 2020 WEF, Scaramucci reported that roughly 85% of the delegates in attendance were ‘holding their nose’ and ’embracing’ Trump as he ran for re-election. Scaramucci took ‘great solace’ in this fact, knowing what he knows about how the ‘global elite’ think these days.

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“And so, that gives me great confidence that he’s not going to be re-elected because the consensus here is generally wrong,” he said to reporters at the time. Of course, Trump went on to lose the 2020 election by 74 electoral votes – handing the Oval Office over to Joe Biden.

They Also Thought Hilary Clinton Would Win In 2016

Scaramucci’s theory even goes back to the 2016 election – when Trump was battling it out with Hilary Clinton. At the time, the ‘global elite’ were scared of what a Trump presidency would mean for America – and the rest of the world – but they were confident it wouldn’t matter.

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In fact, the ‘global elite’ were saying there wasn’t even a need for an election – Clinton was expected to win by that much, and most of the rest of the world agreed. While Clinton won the popular vote, Trump came out victorious by 77 electoral votes – shocking everyone, even those in America.

Scaramucci Attended The 2017 WEF In Support Of Trump’s Transition

Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017 – which happened to be the final day of the 2017 WEF. The ‘global elite’ were still weary of Trump becoming President, but that’s where Scaramucci comes into play – he was sent there as a member of Trump’s transition team.

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Scaramucci knew there was an ‘arbitrage spread’ between how they viewed Trump and how he viewed Trump – he was a supporter back then. “My job is to get you to see him and think about him the way we do – meaning his staff, his family members, his sons, who I have a great relationship with, his daughter,” he said in 2017.

Anthony Scaramucci Doesn’t Think Trump Stands A Chance In 2024

Fast forward to 2024, and things have changed. Scaramucci spent 11 days as Trump’s Director of Communications in July 2017, but is now one of Trump’s biggest critics. Now that he knows the ‘global elite’ are backing Trump, he’s also one of the biggest believers that Trump will lose in 2024.

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While he believes Trump will be the Republican nominee over Gov. Nikki Haley – unless a ‘legal avalanche’ takes place – he doesn’t think Trump’s momentum will hold up in the general election. If it does and Trump is elected to a second term, Scaramucci is preparing for another ‘four-year nightmare.’

Who Is Anthony Scaramucci Voting For In 2024?

Scaramucci is making it clear – despite being a lifelong Republican, he is 100% backing Joe Biden for re-election in 2024. In fact, he’s committed to helping Biden raise money and will be giving him plenty of media advocacy over the next 10 months – even though he believes Biden will win it ‘handily.’

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“I’m a patriot first, and a partisan second. And so I’m going to go with the institutions of democracy and the checks and balances of the situation, and not somebody that’s talking about tyranny, and talking about being a dictator for a day, or using the DOJ to persecute his political adversaries,” Scaramucci told CNN.

What Else Is Holding Trump Back In The Polls?

During his interview with CNN, Scaramucci listed several other things that are holding Trump back from a second term – including the fact that the former President hasn’t expanded his base beyond his loyal supporters. He also thinks Americans are starting to learn just how dangerous Trump can be in the White House.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden has a lot to build off of as he seeks a second consecutive term. The economy is expanding, and the deficit is under control, but there’s one thing holding him back – the border issue. The good news is Scaramucci thinks Biden will ‘tie it down’ over the next 3-4 months.

Scaramucci Says It’ll Be A Vote For ‘Normalcy Over Craziness

Looking ahead to November, Scaramucci isn’t looking at the 2024 election as a vote between Democrats and Republicans. Instead, he thinks it’ll be a question of whether Americans want ‘normalcy’ with Biden or ‘craziness’ with Trump – especially now that Independents make up the majority of all voters in America.

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“It’s going to be normalcy – normal American government – or full-on craziness. And I think the Independents, which are now the largest voting block in the country, are going to vote for normalcy over craziness,” he concluded. We’ll see if that rings true 10 months from now.

Are Americans Leaning Toward Trump Or Biden In 2024?

All signs are pointing toward a rematch between Trump and Biden, but what might that look like? Well, it depends on what poll you’re looking at. Some polls are giving Trump an early lead over Biden, but others are the opposite – giving Biden the early lead.

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Basically, what this tells us is that the 2024 general election – if between Trump and Biden – will be a close one. Of course, a lot can happen over the next 10 months, and Trump is still facing a myriad of criminal charges, so it’ll come down to how America perceives those proceedings. It’s about to get very interesting, if not already!