A general’s job is to command his unit and make choices to the best of his judgment. However, one four-star general overstepped his boundaries, which unfortunately got him suspended.

Gen. Charles Hamilton, the head of Army Materiel Command, has been suspended. Why? He tried using his position to help an officer pass the army’s command selection process.

What Did Gen. Charles Hamilton Do?

Gen. Charles Hamilton successfully rose the ranks and became a four-star general in the US Army. This position gives him more permission than the average officer, but that doesn’t extend to malpractice.

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According to the Army’s spokesperson, Gen. Charles Hamilton was accused of trying to persuade officers in charge of the command selection process to accept someone. But why’s that a problem? High-ranking people make recommendations all the time.

The Problem With The Recommendations

In reality, the issue isn’t that he recommended someone that he found to be perfect for the position. It’s the situation involving the insistence. Allegedly, Gen. Hamilton tried to convince the officer to accept someone who wasn’t ready.

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Besides, the Army prides itself on how fair its command selection process is. So, Hamilton’s insistence wasn’t just strange; it was against how the army operates.

Importance Of The Command Selection Process

Before going into more details on Gen. Hamilton’s offense, it’s worth talking about the value of the selection process. This assessment ensures that the people selected for command have actual leadership qualities.

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Besides, commanders are crucial to the army. They keep troops ready and ensure the mission is successful. So, getting accepted, in this case, puts the future of the country on the candidate’s shoulders.

How The Military Screens Future Commanders

The Army ensures the screening process is fair and ends up picking the best. But the need to avoid biases that could come from religion, gender, and even relationships.

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They fix this issue by having five random generals screen the unidentified candidates behind a curtain. Note that the exam isn’t merely oral, as candidates will also undergo physical, psychological, and communicational evaluations.

Who Did Gen. Hamilton Recommend?

For now, there isn’t a lot of information on who Gen. Hamilton recommended for the position. But we do know that it was a female. There are speculations amongst internet users that she may be a relative. However, we haven’t confirmed that detail.


It’s also worth mentioning that the lady was given a fair chance by the lieutenants in charge of screening the future commanders. They deemed her unfit for the position. However, Gen. Hamilton insisted on a second test.

Hamilton Went Behind The Scenes To Pull Some String

According to the report, the lieutenants agreed to test his candidate the second time. But Gen. Hamilton was impatient and went behind the scenes to pull some strings. 

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According to the report, Hamilton went to the panel and pleaded for them to pass his candidate despite the result of the screening. While they ignored his request and still failed the female officer, the army launched an internal investigation.

The Secretary Of The Army Catches Wind Of The Interference

Naturally, panelists at the command examination will provide feedback on their operations to their higher-ups. Alongside these details, News of Hamilton’s persistent interference reached the Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth.

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The News didn’t please Wormuth, so they launched an investigation. Amidst the conversation, the secretary pushed to suspend Gen. Hamilton. She accused him of interfering with the command selection process, which is supposed to be fair and unbiased.

The Purpose Of The Investigation

Hamilton’s interference triggered the Secretary of the Army to initiate an investigation. But is it necessary? Apparently, the investigation aims to probe Hamilton’s behavior, and if found wanting, he will be fully suspended.

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Essentially, they aim to verify whether the panel really upheld the army’s priority, which is “to ensure maximum fairness.” So, there’s the chance some candidates may be asked to return for a second screening.

Gen. Hamilton Almost Became A Five-Star General

Gen. Hamilton is a four-star general with the power to make crucial decisions that significantly affect the military. The rank is so coveted that it has to be nominated by the president and then approved by the Senate.


Sadly, this misconduct by Gen. Hamilton may have robbed him of becoming a five-star general. He would have been the 10th person in US history to earn the title. What’s worse is that Hamilton merely got his position in 2023 and is already “screwing up.”

Will Hamilton Get Demoted?

Demotions in the Army are usually done to discipline incompetence, misconduct, and poor performance. So, it’s possible that Gen. Hamilton may be sent to his former rank as a  Lieutenant General.

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However, this decision will depend on the outcome of the investigation initiated by the military. If the Defense Department’s inspector general concludes that Hamilton abused his power, it could lead to demotion since he tried to interfere with such a crucial part of America’s operations.

The Female Candidate Can Still Compete Next Year

Internet users were worried about the female candidate Hamilton tried to help. Will she be disqualified permanently or removed from the force for conspiring with the four-star general?

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Fortunately, the military revealed that she won’t be facing any disciplinary action. In fact, she can try again next year to see if she’s closer to being a unit commander. But why is there no repercussions? All allegations point to Hamilton. There’s no evidence that she conspired with Hamilton.

Where Is Gen. Hamilton Now?

As soon as the investigation began, the Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth, reassigned Hamilton. Why? It’s standard procedure.

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Removing him from the area ensures that he doesn’t interfere with the outcome of the investigation. It’s not a matter of trust or repeat offense. It’s what the army does to maintain its integrity.

Gen. Hamilton Is At The Mercy Of This Investigation

Morally, many understand why Gen. Hamilton did what he did. It’s normal to help a friend or relative, especially if you’re in that place of power.

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Sadly, Hamilton went too far trying to rig a crucial part of America’s operation. This unfortunate favor may cost him his job. All that’s left is for the investigation results to show up, and he’s either pardoned or “toast.”