Fox News host Shannon Bream confronted Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton on Sunday during an interview related to the downfall of a bipartisan bill that was negotiated in the Senate. Bream targeted the Republicans and Donald Trump with her remarks as she wondered if the GOP essentially gave Biden a political victory with how they handled the decision.

Bream Called The ‘Brainwashing’ Of The Republican Party ‘Mind-Boggling

Shannon Bream expressed that she did not know how to explain it. However, she agreed that it was “completely mind-boggling” for her to see the “type of brainwashing that has been done” within the Republican party.

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By making this statement, Bream was actually quoting a former Nevada Republican Party chair that was interview by Politico. Cotton focused his comments on following the same line of defense other typical Republicans have used since the bill was killed-namely that the border compromise was insufficient.

Cotton Claims Trump Saw ‘What Most Arkansans Saw’ About The Bill

Senator Cotton responded to Shannon by mentioning that former President Trump saw the same problems with the bill that “most Arkansans saw about it.” In addition, Cotton mentioned that all the Republican Senators saw the same issues-except for the four that voted in favor of it.

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Cotton elaborated by saying that the deal simply “does not solve the problem.” According to Cotton, the primary goal for him, most Republican senators, and Trump is to “stop the border crisis.”

Cotton Previously Introduced Bill To Reverse Biden’s Immigration Policies

Cotton made headlines back in April of 2021 when he first introduced a bill referred to as the “End the Border Criss Now Act.” The objective of the legislation, according to Cotton, was to “reverse President Biden’s harmful immigration policies.”

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In addition, the bill was designed by Cotton with a goal of being able to “strengthen asylum protocols to help combat the crisis” at the southern border. Cotton expressed in the press release announcing the bill that he felt Biden “must change course and secure our borders now.”

What Did The ‘End The Border Crisis Now’ Act Require?

The “End the Border Crisis Now” act required all migrants to first apply through a refugee program abroad before seeking either asylum or refugee protection within the United States. Claims for asylum protection would have been limited to those lawfully admitted crossing over into the country.

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In addition, the bill required migrants that decided to travel through third-world countries en route to the U.S. to apply for asylum protection (or its equivalent) in those third-world countries first. They would have then been able to apply for refugee or asylum status in the U.S. after successfully completing that first step.

Senator Lankford Claimed That Republicans ‘Misunderstood’ Proposal

During an interview with Shannon Bream in late January, Republican Senator James Lankford criticized those within his own party that may have misunderstood or misinterpreted the deal. He attempted to clarify the details of the provisions offered by the border deal during his interview.

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For instance, Lankford debunked the claim that the bill will allow 5,000 migrants to cross the border each day. Further reports show that the leaked detail led to his censure by the Republican Party of Oklahoma.

Lankford Claims The Bill Focused On Getting To ‘Zero Illegal Crossings A Day

Senator Lankford claimed that it would be “absolutely absurd” to agree to 5,000 migrants crossing the border each day. In his interview, he claimed that the focal point of the bill was to reduce the count “to zero illegal crossings a day” without any amnesty.

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Lankford further explained that the bill would increase the number of active border patrol agents and asylum officers. In addition to ending catch and release, the deal was also going to increase the number of detention beds available to “quickly detain and deport individuals.” He felt that was the “most misunderstood section” of the proposal.

Trump Said There Was ‘Zero Chance’ He Would Support The Deal

During a Las Vegas rally in late January, Donald Trump informed the audience that there was “zero chance” that he would support the bipartisan border security bill. He further expressed that he would “fight it all the way.”

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Trump also described the bill as a “horrible open borders betrayal of America.” Regarding the senators that shifted the blame to Trump, he publicly announced that he welcomed them to “please blame it” on him.

Biden Praised The Border Deal, Acknowledged Its ‘New Emergency Authority

President Biden praised the bipartisan border deal in an extensive statement in late January. He referred to the deal as “the toughest and fairest set of reforms to secure the border” in the history of the United States.

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Biden further explained that the bill would provide him with a “new emergency authority” that he could use as president to shut the border down “when it becomes overwhelmed.” He made it clear that he would not hesitate to use that authority the day that he signed the bill into law if it passed.

Did The Shutdown Of The Bill Ruin The Chance Of Having Meaningful Legislation?

A major concern of the border deal being killed was the long-term effect that it will have within the Senate when it comes to legislation related to immigration. Many experts and politicians feel that the chances of the Senate being able to pass meaningful legislation to address the immigration issue have now declined.

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Republicans are currently the notable minority within the Senate. Most legislation requires a total of 60 votes in order to get anything to pass its upper chamber.

The Bonus Of Supplemental Aid Boosts For Ukraine And Israel

One of the biggest losses from the border deal being shot down by the Republican vote was the foreign aid supplements that were set to offer additional support to Israel and Ukraine. Israel is currently still engaging in its brutal siege related to the Gaza Strip.

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Ukraine continues to fight the desperate and ongoing battle against invasion forces coming from Russia. This border deal would have provided substantial monetary support to aid these countries.