Many consider Donald Trump one of America’s worst presidents, while others view him as a saint. How come? A recent conversation between Fox News’s Harris Faulkner, Jonathan Kott, and others revealed the answer.

People on either side of the argument are in echo chambers collecting information that only affirms their biases. However, this panel seemed to tear into Faulkner, saying that Fox News deliberately removes details that would make Trump look bad.

I’d Rather Have A Stutter Than A Racist’

The panel kicked off as Fox News’s Harris Faulkner panel gathered to discuss a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that mocked President Biden. However, things took a different turn as Johnathan Kott came to his defense.

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Kott interjected, saying: “I will say this; I would rather have a president who maybe has a stutter once in a while than one who spews conspiracy theory, racist nonsense and has dinner with Nazis.”

Tammy Bruce Had Issue With The Statement

Naturally, conservatives don’t like when people attack Trump’s character, similar to how liberals react to insults towards Biden. In this case, amongst the panel, Tammy Bruce didn’t appreciate Kott’s statement about the former president.

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She retorts: “We just heard him call a number of Republicans Nazis and racists. So, I think we can put him in the category of willing to go there.”

The Name Calling Is Getting Out Of Hand

Nowadays, it seems one can’t use a political conversation without one side calling the other names. Whether it’s racist, bigot, or Nazi, derogatory terms seem to fly out in the air. This happened after a back-and-forth with Kott, and Faulkner had enough.

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She called Kott out, saying that she was disappointed in him. They had a conversation before the show to keep the interaction as civil as possible, but Kott didn’t hold back in calling the other side names.

They Misunderstood Kott

The quick backlash of Kott’s unprofessional behavior caused him to clarify why he used such terms. He cited Trump’s dinner with Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes, which happened in November 2022.

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Therefore, he wasn’t pulling accusations or calling other politicians racists and Nazis. Kott referred to Kanye West, who went viral for seeming to support Hitler, and Nick Fuentes, who’s allegedly a white supremacist.

Tammy Bruce Seemed To Be Unaware Of The Dinner

After Kott clarified that Trump had dinner with someone who seemingly supports Hitler, Tammy Bruce held back. It seemed she was unaware of the dinner; that’s why she accused Kott of being unprofessional.

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This gap in information is consistent with right-wing news media, as they will remove or downplay any negative event. For example, the dinner with Kanye West was mentioned in 89 segments on CNN but only seven on Fox News.

Fox News Has A History Of Hiding Information

Several people have pointed out that Fox News deliberately downplays or leaves out crucial information. These left-out details are often detrimental to Trump or the Conservative image, so they either mute or suppress it.

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A great example is the investigation of the attack at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Other media outlets like CNN and MSNBC relayed all new findings from the study. On the other hand, Fox News declined to air the committee’s findings, but hired Tucker Carlson to counter the information with what many consider to be “conspiracy theories.”

Fox Also Barely Covered E. Jean Carroll Against Trump

The lawsuit accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting Carroll in late 1995 or early 1996. The case ended with Trump having to pay a total of $88.3 million in damages as Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled against him.

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Apparently, Fox News barely covered this case, as she only appeared in fewer than 240 segments. Compared to CNN mentioned her in 2,000 segments, while MSNBC featured the issue in over 4,800 segments

Fox Also Barely Covered Trump’s FBI Investigation

The FBI investigated Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in August 2022 as interest in the mishandling of classified documents became popular. This investigation also happened with President Biden, as they also checked to see whether they handled essential documents properly.

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Other media outlets like CNN mentioned Trump’s case in about 4,900 segments, but Fox did so in less than a fifth. But for Biden, CNN and MSNBC only mentioned it about 1000 times, while Fox doubled down and featured it in over 1,700 segments.

Fox News Is Obsessed With Hunter Biden

As previously mentioned, Fox barely paid attention to Trump’s sexual assault case with Carroll. Several outlets mentioned the court issue thousands of times, but Fox barely featured it in up to 500 segments.

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On the other hand, Fox overcompensated in other areas, especially regarding Hunter Biden. They feature Biden’s son in over 4000 segments a month, resulting in Hunter being mentioned in more than 38,000 segments since 2021.

People Misunderstand Fox News

These criticisms have been prevalent for months, and many have risen to defend the news outlet. One primary argument is that Fox News counterpoints the dominant left-wing narrative.

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Therefore, it focuses on different aspects compared to CNN and MSNBC. In other words, it’s a way for people to see the opposing side of the “positive” front the left shows, which some commentators have pointed out.

Can People Depend On Fox News?

Fox News compares itself to major platforms like CNN and MSNBC, claiming to be equivalent. However, there are multiple instances where this channel has been biased or regularly limits information about a topic.

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However, supporters also argue that other platforms like CNN spread biased details and even blow them out of proportion. So, the answer is debatable. That’s why people use multiple news outlets to get the bigger picture instead of sticking to one.

People Should Use Multiple News Channels

Politics is a dominant topic in the US, as many debates and national conflicts revolve around such issues. Kott implies that if people like Tammy Bruce wish to make political commentary, they should get the bigger picture first.

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There’s a possibility Bruce was unaware of Trump’s meeting with Kanye West, which puts her at a conversational disadvantage. While many still express skepticism about other media outlets, the best option is to find the big picture using more than one.