Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently signed into law a bill that has left the entire judicial system in disarray. The intention behind signing this new law is to give a state commission the power to discipline and remove prosecutors if they ever find a reason to. 

In this regard, the committee will have the power to check all the activities of local prosecutors. This law now has the potential to disrupt  Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willi’s prosecution of Donald Trump’s case.

The Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Committee Was Created Last Year

Governor Kemp had initially signed this law sometime last year, however, it was unable to begin operation because in November the State Supreme Court refused to approve of its conduct. A law of such nature will surely cast doubt. 

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From the justices’ perspective, they don’t believe they have the power to control and regulate the activities of district attorneys beyond the scope of the law. 

This New Law Doesn’t Need The Supreme Court’s Approval 

The law has not been able to begin operation because of the lack of approval from the state’s Supreme Court. However, the Georgia Governor has now removed the requirement for the Supreme Court’s approval. 

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The law which was signed on Wednesday will now begin to fully operate. With this commission in place, this becomes the perfect way to remove prosecutors whose judgments they do not approve.

Commission Can Finally Discipline And Remove Prosecutors 

This new act establishes a Prosecuting Attorney Qualification Commission that has the sole power to discipline, remove, and also order the voluntary retirement of any local prosecutor found to have violated any of their duties. 

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The act has also been saddled with additional powers to add to the existing duties of state prosecutors. They must now conduct individual reviews on cases that they believe have a reasonable cause of action.

The Cities Are Filled With Incompetent Prosecutors 

In Governor Kemp’s speech, he explained that the reason why crime has been on the rise a lot in these prevalent cities is because they are filled with incompetent and rogue prosecutors. 

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To him, the criminal situation in these cities is not improving because incompetent prosecutors have been giving criminals free passes and have refused to put those who deserve to be behind bars, behind bars! 

It Has Become A Contentious Issue Between Supporters And Critics 

The supporters of this law argue that the law offers supervision and monitoring of prosecutors who love to act independently or in manners that seem excessive and improper. To them, this is an approach that encourages accountability and it will prevent prosecutors from overstepping their authority. 

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Critics of this law also argue that it will only diminish the influence and the control that voters have over prosecutorial decisions. To them, this law will only grant excessive powers to these political appointees without any proper way to check their powers.

There Are Constitutional Concerns Regarding The Commission 

The signing of this law has been surrounded by so many controversies and it shows that the Republicans have little or no regard for the state constitution and will do everything in their power to steal powers from the Georgia voters.

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Kemp has decided to push through with the bill without addressing the constitutional concerns of the legal community which was raised last year. What’s even worse is that they have now removed the Supreme Court’s oversight of the body.

The Committee’s Powers Will Be Unchecked 

Dekalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston mentioned that there are matters to be considered when it comes to the new law. She is concerned that members of this committee are nothing but political appointees who were solely chosen by Republicans. 

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He also talked about their unchecked powers to remove and discipline prosecutors whose decisions they do not agree with. This will disregard the effort prosecutors put into their jobs so as not to disappoint those who elected them into office.

This Move Might Be Against District Attorney Fani Willis 

Several people have concluded that this move by Governor Kemp is in some way threatening the Fani Willis Investigation of the two-times Impeached President Donald Trump. 

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With all the powers given to the Prosecuting Attorney Qualification Commission, they can now use it to sabotage the ongoing investigation of the former president. The commission can now have her removed at any time.

Lt. Gov. Burt Is Thankful For This Law 

Lt. Gov. Burt is extremely happy with this new law, he is thankful to Governor Kemp for signing this very important legislation into law. Now the committee can get to work and start removing those prosecutors who have refused to uphold the law.

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He believes that if the district attorneys have decided to continue in a disgraceful manner while putting the interests of criminals over that of the state then they need to be held accountable for their misconduct. 

This Comes In As Trump Gets Some Of His Charges Dismissed 

The signing of the law unfolded after Donald Trump got some of his charges dismissed while Fani Willis faced scrutiny for having an affair with the special prosecutor in Trump’s case. 

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This controversy has now allowed Donald Trump and his team to appeal the judgment of the trial court judge Scott McAfee.

The Special Prosecutor Had To Resign 

Following the controversy surrounding Fani Willis’ romantic relationship with the special prosecutor in Trump’s case, the defense asked that either Willis be disqualified from the case or the indictment concerning her relationship be dismissed. 


However, to solve the issue on the ground special prosecutor Nathan Wade was quick to resign, this decision prompted Judge McAfee’s decision to let Willis stay on the case.

An Appeal Might Change The Outcome Of The Case 

As a result of Judge McAfee’s decision, Trump’s attorney Steve Sadow has expressed how excited he feels about the potential outcome of the appeal.

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He’s hoping that the appellate court will finally dismiss the case and at the same time disqualify Fani Willis from the prosecution. This is where the Prosecuting Attorney Qualification Commission comes into play.

A Far-Reaching Implication For The Legal Landscape 

The outcome of both Trump’s appeal and Fani Wallis’ case could have significant consequences beyond the immediate cases. It could potentially influence future legal proceedings or set precedents. 

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These events show the complexities and the importance of the legal process in every state. However, where it seems like the legal system is lacking a law such as the Prosecuting Attorney Qualification Commission might be needed.