A group of House Republicans who blocked Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker now face threats to their re-election campaigns. Allies of McCarthy are mobilizing efforts and money to take them down.

Wealthy Donors Abandon GOP Rebels

Some wealthy Republican donors have pulled their funding from the 8 congress members after they voted against McCarthy for Speaker. Rep. Tim Burchett said “very wealthy folks” decided to stop supporting him. He hopes to regain their support but said he knew the risks when standing against McCarthy.

Source: Daily Beast

The members have lost key allies in D.C. The Main Street Caucus and Republican Governance Group cut ties with Rep. Nancy Mace. “She wants to be a caucus of one. So we obliged her,” said one House Republican.

Mace Unconcerned About McCarthy Blowback

Both Mace and Rep. Bob Good seem unfazed by the declining popularity of their anti-McCarthy votes. “I’m too busy working for the Lowcountry and helping elect President Trump to worry about Kevin McCarthy’s puppet,” Mace said about a primary opponent.

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Good likewise didn’t seem concerned his vote could threaten his re-election. “I think he should bring McCarthy to campaign for him down in the district,” Good said of his opponent.

McCarthy Vows Mace Won’t Be Re-Elected

McCarthy told CNN he doesn’t believe Mace can win re-election in 2024. “If you’ve watched, just her philosophy and the flip-flopping, I don’t believe she wins reelection. I don’t think she’ll probably have earned the right to get reelected,” he stated. McCarthy seems intent on using his fundraising prowess to back an opponent to Mace.

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Mace has faced growing criticism on Capitol Hill over staffing issues as well. Her entire D.C. staff has turned over since November 2023, with allegations of a “toxic” workplace culture and “abusive” behavior towards employees. This erodes support for Mace among her peers in Congress.

Allies Quietly Line Up Powerful Challengers

Behind the scenes, McCarthy’s allies have been hard at work scheming to line up strong primary opponents against the rogue GOP bloc who opposed him for Speaker. Well-connected GOP consultant Brian Walsh has headed up the silent charge to organize experienced challengers.

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The anti-McCarthy crew fully expects the seasoned fundraiser to leverage his national donor network against them. “The guy’s the most prolific fundraiser, you’ve got a massive group of donors across the country that are pissed off about what’s happening, and you’ve got these boneheads that have caused it,” said one nervous GOP lawmaker.

Gaetz Dares McCarthy To Challenge Rebels

Bomb-throwing Rep. Matt Gaetz, leader of the rebel faction, dared McCarthy to try to challenge the group in their home districts. “McCarthy couldn’t beat us in Washington, DC…He thinks he’s going to beat us on away games?” mocked Gaetz.

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While the group remains small, they have formed tight bonds through shared adversity. “Nancy and I don’t agree a lot. But we do agree on other issues. And I think she tries to represent her constituents,” Rep. Andy Biggs told CNN.

House Speaker Stands by McCarthy Opponents

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson has so far not waivered in his support for Gaetz and the others who blocked McCarthy. Johnson plans to donate to Rep. Matt Rosendale’s Senate campaign.

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“The speaker has committed to sending a contribution to Congressman Rosendale…but he has not made any endorsements in Senate races,” said Johnson’s communications director.

RNC Stays Neutral Amid Inner-Party Feud

The Republican National Committee has declined to take sides in the GOP civil war. “We are an incumbent-driven organization and support all House Republican incumbents,” an RNC spokesperson stated.

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This suggests the RNC will help fund the re-election races of Gaetz, Mace, and others – despite pressure from McCarthy allies to stay out. The party wants to present a unified front.

Trump Holds Outsized Influence Over Speaker Feud

The critical question remains – who will Trump support in the increasingly bitter Speaker feud? So far the former president has not overtly taken sides. But his endorsement and sway with the GOP base carries outsized influence.

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Some rebel GOP lawmakers briefly aligned themselves with Ron DeSantis, anticipating he would challenge Trump in 2024. However, with DeSantis declining to enter the presidential race, Trump remains the undisputed leader of the Republican party. This puts the anti-McCarthy bloc in a tricky position. They will likely need a signal of support from Trump to survive primary challenges. But Trump has had a hot-and-cold relationship with McCarthy. If Trump were to endorse McCarthy’s bid for power, it could decimate the chances of his opponents. Both sides are likely vying fiercely behind the scenes for Trump’s favor.

McCarthy’s Massive War Chest Poised to Smother Rebels

McCarthy and his allies are poised to leverage his unparalleled fundraising prowess against the rebels who crossed him. Having raised over $17 million for the 2022 elections, McCarthy has accumulated immense resources to put toward key House primaries.

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The anti-McCarthy group has built itself into a powerful enemy. “The guy’s the most prolific fundraiser…and you’ve got these boneheads that have caused it,” said one nervous GOP lawmaker. If McCarthy fully unleashes his funding capabilities against them, they likely face an uphill climb to survive. “If I’m those folks, one of the things that would scare the crap out of me more than anything else is an unhinged McCarthy,” one GOP insider told CNN. Indeed, with so much money and relationships at his fingertips, McCarthy could flood their races and substantially boost their opponents.

Civil War Rages Over Soul of Republican Party

Kevin McCarthy and his insurgent GOP opponents remain locked in increasingly bitter conflict for control of the Republican party’s future. Both sides are marshaling money, allies, and primary challengers for decisive electoral battles that will shape the ideological trajectory of the GOP.

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The powerful network of wealthy donors, special interest groups, national figures, and dark money organizations aligned with McCarthy seem poised to crush the vocal but isolated Freedom Caucus rebels. However, the resolve of the fierce conservatives opposing establishment control shows no signs of fading. The coming months will determine whether McCarthy and his allies can fully consolidate power – or if right-wing lawmakers can topple the status quo. The soul and agenda of the Republican party hangs in the balance.