Elections are on the horizon, and political parties are banning each other-or are they? Donald Trump is seeking endorsements from the rest of the Republicans, but one particular lawmaker on the GOP side of the house says they won’t endorse him for president. Let’s see what this could lead to in the long run.

Senator Bill Cassidy Puts His Foot Down

Speaking to news outlets recently, Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, stated that he wouldn’t support Donald Trump as the presidential hopeful for the Republican party.

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Cassidy previously voted to impeach Trump, but there doesn’t seem to be any fond feeling of brotherhood between the two, making it unsurprising that he’d make this choice.

Cassidy Critical of Trump’s Comments

In a recent rally, Trump warned that there would be a “bloodbath” if he weren’t re-elected, and he further pledged to impose heavy tariffs on imported cars to protect the American market.

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Cassidy noted that this sort of sentiment and how he delivered his statements were leading many Americans (including himself) to wonder if Trump even deserved a second term as president.

Straddling The Line Between Offensive and Acceptable

Cassidy noted that a lot of Trump’s statements were meant to be provocative and that he drummed up his support by making leading statements that he could pounce on.

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However, the Senator noted that much of his rhetoric was just on the border of the unacceptable. The former president never crossed the line but was always threatening to.

Not Ready To Throw In With Biden Yet

While the senator was vociferously against endorsing Trump, he wasn’t yet ready to support Democrat Joe Biden. According to the senator, Trump’s most significant benefit was that he was running against Biden.

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The senator also lamented the state of affairs in American politics, pointing to these two choices as an excellent example of why Americans were looking toward third parties.

Not Committing to Trump

The press asked Senator Cassidy if he would endorse Trump as the GOP presidential hopeful, but the senator didn’t allude to endorsing or supporting Trump in any way.

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Instead, the Senator stated that he would vote for a Republican in the fall, regardless of who got the nomination. Cassidy specifically avoided calling Trump by name.

A History of Antagonism

Cassidy has made no secret of his feelings about Donald Trump. Last year, the Louisiana lawmaker called for Trump to drop out of the 2024 election race.

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Additionally, Cassidy voted to impeach Trump. His statements show that he has little trust in Trump and doesn’t respect the former president at all, seeing him as a threat to democracy.

Planning to Forgive Rioters

Trump also stated that he was going to pardon the rioters who were arrested during the 2021 Capitol riots, underlining his support for the people who tried to topple the democracy.

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Trump’s statements endeared him to one portion of the population but alienated him from others. Even members of the GOP are trying to avoid siding with him.

A Threat to Democracy

Many Democrats had stated in the past that Trump was a threat to democracy on the whole, but the Trump campaign had played that off as just Democrats trying to sabotage him.

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However, some individuals in the GOP have similar concerns, especially after the Capitol riots that almost ousted the democratically elected president in Trump’s favor.

Legal Moves to Stop Trump

Several motions have been filed in state courts to ban Trump from appearing on the primary ballots, many of which were filed by individuals within the Republican party.

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Some commentators said the movements were filed, highlighting the Capitol riots. They relied on a dated constitutional amendment that sought to keep leaders of the Confederate states from becoming the president.

Trump Still Gaining Ground

Despite his crass rhetoric and hateful statements, Trump is still gaining a lot of support within the Republican party. He has used his media presence to raise many grassroots Republicans and build on their support.

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However, all is not rosy in the Trump camp. The former president has been found guilty of several charges, and he’s still fighting in a federal court against charges of taking classified documents from the White House.

Biden Isn’t Much of a Competitor

Despite Trump’s ignorant statements, even those who want to vote for someone else don’t have much of a choice since Trump is likely to be running against Joe Biden, the current President.

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Biden has been mired in scandals, and many White House advisors are concerned that he’s too old to do the job. The GOP agrees with this estimate and won’t vote for him on principle.

What About a Third Party?

With the options on the slate likely to be Trump vs. Biden, many voters seem to be looking for other options for which they can cast their vote, but the search is fruitless since most other parties don’t have the power to change much.

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Parties have been formed and dissolved, and most of the media ignore these candidates, choosing to focus on the entrenched political elite instead of others who may have solutions.

Trump’s Last Opponent Throws In The Towel

Until recently, there was a good chance that Trump wouldn’t be the Republican hopeful, but his opponent realized that the support for the former president was just too much.

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Nikki Haley handed in her resignation, leaving Trump as the sole hopeful for Republican presidential candidate, meaning that he’d be the only one that Republicans could vote for.

Does This Mean Another Trump Regime?

It’s too early to tell, but Trump has gained considerable support recently. The GOP grassroots movement and many blue-collar workers have rallied behind the entrepreneur.

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Biden’s support remains constant, as can be expected from a sitting Democrat president, but he should be concerned, as should the rest of the US. Trump can be a dangerous person to put into a position of power. He’s already shown that he doesn’t respect the democratic system and that he shows signs of being an autocrat. Only time will tell whether this will actually happen.