Astrology is a topic that elicits both fervent devotion and dismissive skepticism. It continues to captivate the minds of many, and while some swear by its guidance, others dismiss it as pure nonsense. Amidst this contrasting landscape, though there is one thing that unites both believers and skeptics – the ability to find humor in the quirky world of astrology. Memes are a universal humor on the modern internet, and astrology provides plenty of fodder.

A Unique Image Representing Each Zodiac Sign

If you’re completely clueless about astrology and zodiac signs, don’t worry! Plenty of people are. You’ve probably heard people talking about different star signs and felt lost. Some light can be shed on the subject using cats as a fun analogy. The signs are divided into four major categories based on the elements, and every person on Earth fits into one of these categories.

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Fire signs are known for their wild and exuberant nature, much like the playful cat captured in the meme. On the other hand, air signs are characterized by their friendly and sweet disposition. Earth signs, as their name suggests, are grounded and practical individuals. Lastly, water signs are often described as being highly emotional.

Examining the Chaos

One of the fascinating aspects of astrology is its ability to provide explanations for our behaviors and emotions. It offers a framework that allows us to understand and make sense of our mood swings and actions, rather than dismissing them as instability or uncertainty. By examining factors such as retrogrades or lunar phases, astrology offers us potential reasons for our behaviors. This allows us to feel a sense of validation and understanding, not only for ourselves but for others too.

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In this way, astrology allows us to further understand our fellow man through archetypes or groupings. It isn’t perfect, of course, and there are times where die hard believers in astrology may try to blame everything on the stars. That’s rarely the full picture, despite what we might want.

Time to Defy The Stars

To give an example: two astrology enthusiasts embark on a promising date, enjoying each other’s company. They both believe that they’ve found a special connection with the other person. Then it’s revealed: their zodiac signs aren’t compatible, and neither of them knows what to do. They could call the evening quits, or defy the stars in the pursuit of true happiness.

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The meme captures the complicated feelings that these two people might feel. Staying true to ones beliefs is safe, but exploring what’s beyond the stars could result in real happiness. Any lovestruck person would take the leap, regardless of what the stars said. 

An Expression Of True Love

Astrology is met with skepticism by some, but it undeniably holds a special place in the hearts of many. It may be a guiding force or simply a conversation starter, but no matter what, it has the power to ignite curiosity, spark conversations, and bring people closer together under the vast wonder of the universe.

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Astrology can even be a method of bringing unlike people together. There’s dozens of anecdotes (like the one above) on the internet of people turning to astrology to get closer to someone they’re interested in. It might work at times, and not in others, but it certainly allows for an interesting conversation starter when meeting new people.

How to Conceal Your Astrology Fixation

The world is filled with people who fall into two distinct camps: those who embrace astrology and those who dismiss it entirely. For the former, astrology offers a window into the complexities of human nature, a tool to interpret different personalities, and a guide to compatibility. For these people, their interest in astrology is a part of who they are.

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However, these people also often have to deal with the derision of those who don’t believe in astrology. Rather than argue with those who don’t believe, they choose to keep their interest to themselves, instead of exposing themselves to ridicule on the internet or in person.

Don’t Blame It On Your Sign

And of course, there are plenty of people willing to use astrology as an excuse for bad behavior, their own and others. Countless individuals blame their poor behavior on their zodiac sign, using it as an excuse to absolve themselves of any blame. How many times have we heard someone say, “I can’t help it, I’m a Leo”?

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With people like this, though, they’re not true believers in astrological science. They just see it as a method of deflecting blame when someone calls them out on their own bad behavior. For those people, it’s important to call them out on the bad behavior, while not diminishing the importance of astrology at the same time. After all, someone who believes might be listening.

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde: The Cosmic Phenomenon Impacting Our Lives

The signs themselves aren’t the only aspect of astrology that can affect us. Astrological events can have devastating consequences on our lives. One event that seems to capture people’s attention all over the world is Mercury retrograde. Dozens of articles and stories have explored the phenomenon, and the different ways that it might impact your life.

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Oftentimes, Mercury is associated with misfortune and bad luck for individuals in its retrograde cast. Of course, people who don’t believe in astrology blame bad luck on their own behavior, but for believers, Mercury is a convenient scapegoat.

His Sign Is A Dinosaur

Asking someone what their sign is can be a singularly nerve-wracking moment when meeting someone. They might admit that they don’t know much about astrology, and further than that, don’t know their sign. They also could reveal that they love astrology and the way that it can explain our lives, and it could be the start of a beautiful platonic or romantic relationship.

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And, of course, there’s always the possibility of asking that question to someone who not only doesn’t believe in astrology, but think that it’s a fun topic to mock. These people – like the man in the meme – should, more often that not, simply be discarded for their lack of seriousness.

Put Your Trust in the Horoscope

For those who believe in the stars, many wake up and open up their horoscope to see what the universe has in store for them for the day, every day. While there are those who have never glanced at a horoscope in their life, there’s no shortage of believers who swear by their daily dose of starry advice.

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These people take any tiny detail from the stars and let it dictate their mood for the day. The stars could tell them that they were meant to breathe and drive in a car that day, and they would take it as kismet from the universe.

The Astrological Shield: Harnessing the Power of the Stars to Protect Yourself

Along with using astrology to look forward to their own day, astrology enthusiasts will also often use it as a method to understand themselves and others. This can result in hilarious memes, where astrology is used as an explanation for behavior in the most absurd scenarios.

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Of course, anecdotes and memes like the one above are completely absurd. Amusing, surely, but most people would have a better time trying to convince someone of their psychological pinnings of behavior rather than the astrological.

Conveniently Believing in Horoscopes: A New Perspective

If so many people are so divided on astrology, what is the reason for so many choosing not to embrace their star sign? It could be because they only want to hear what they want to, and astrology asks us to look within ourselves for not only our positive behavior, but our toxic ones too.

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Even as many of these “skeptics” denounce astrology, the moment that they hear something that they like, suddenly they’re a complete believer. Now, there’s no harm in selective positivity when it comes to any aspect of our lives, but being honest about it would be the first step to self harmony.

Some Zodiac Information is Simply Unimpressive

For those who are true skeptics of astrology, dating someone who’s a die-hard believer can be challenging. They might want to know your date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, favorite color, time you cried for the first time…the list goes on and on. To them, this investigation allows them to deep dive into the heart of who you are, or might be in the world.

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Of course, this investigation isn’t always fruitful, and often might not have a happy ending. If the astrology enthusiast finds you lacking in any aspect of their investigation, they’re just as likely to wipe their hands of you as they are to try and make things work despite the cosmic challenges.

Astrology: A Belief Embraced by the Cool and Curious

For many who believe in astrology, it’s disappointing to find out that someone you like or are interested in isn’t. Many skeptics pride themselves on believing that astrology is a hoax, where many believers think that they would be much happier and in tune with themselves if they would simply open themselves up to the wonder of the universe.

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Both of these groups of people will, of course, be inevitably disappointed if they try to convince someone of the other bend. Part of being human means that not everybody is going to believe the same things we do, no matter how much we might wish it.

The Logic Behind Facebook Friends

Some astrology enthusiasts even go so far as to use astrology in mundane, everyday activities such as picking Facebook friends. While Facebook is usually a place to connect with people that we haven’t seen since high school, there is a small slate of people who choose to use the platform to get to know people they’ve never met before.

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Facebook groups allow these people to seek out others with similar interests, including astrology. While adding people who you’ve already met might be the standard use of Facebook, it cannot be denied that the human need for connection is often improved by mutual interests – including astrology.

The Self-Sabotaging Sagittarius

While all signs have their own pros and cons, there are some signs that have rocketed to meme stardom due to their personalities. Sagittarius’ are known for their fierce independence and desire for freedom, and that can sometimes result in deliberate self-sabotage in order to maintain their standard of living.

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For Saggitarius’, the price of freedom is well worth the loneliness that might come from it. After all, they know what they like and they know how they are; why would they go out of their way to change those things if they don’t have to?

Don’t Force Them to Socialize

Even further, there are some signs that have a strong aversion to socializing and prefer solitude. These individuals would rather stay at home alone than attend large gatherings in classic introvert fashion. The thoughts that plague them during their solitude can be existential at best, depressing at worse.

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Aquarius individuals often exhibit this strong inclination towards solitude and peace, making them appear anti-social. All who share this zodiac share this defining feature, to the point that it can almost be counted on to the exclusion of individuality.

Leos: Dramatic Like Tinkerbell

If Sagittarius’ are independent and Aquarius’ are isolated, Leos are the overdramatic sibling of the zodiac. These individuals are often loud and like to be the center of attention at all times, with some potentially devastating consequences if they feel they aren’t getting the attention they need and deserve.

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While it can be the source of some truly excellent meme fodder, Leo’s constant need for attention can quickly grow tiresome. It can be amusing at first, its true, but eventually many people will tire of Leos trying to steal the spotlight.

Not all Signs are Equal

When exploring the characteristics of different zodiac signs, it’s common to come across lists that highlight their positive traits. Not all signs receive the same treatment in these internet lists, though. While most signs are praised for their good qualities, there is always that one sign that seems to be burdened with a list of negatives.

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Of course, that pattern is always the result of the person who originally compiled the list. While many who believe in astrology will say that they’re fully unbiased when it comes to the stars, it can be hard to ignore our own history with certain signs when trying to understand each zodiac’s personality traits.

The Limitations of Blaming Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac also takes a punch when it comes to people using their astrological sign to deflect from poor behavior. This can be incredibly frustrating for people who might believe in astrology, but don’t believe that it’s the be-all-end-all of behavioral explanation. The difference in these individuals is the amount of responsibility they’re willing to accept.

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This pattern can be even worse when it’s someone you’re living with, or dating. Someone who blames every bad behavior on their zodiac isn’t someone you should be willing to share a space with, and should be cut away quickly.

The Thrill of Astrology

While there may be some pitfalls along the way, astrology enthusiasts know the thrill of connecting with fellow astrology lovers. It’s like discovering a long-lost friend. Your enthusiasm knows no bounds, and you’ll go to great lengths just to befriend them. After all, what could be better than having a best friend who shares your passion for astrology?

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It can be even better when someone you’re romantically interested in has an eye for astrology. It opens up a whole world of new activities, including telescope shopping and romantic stargazing. The potential for this delightful romantic pairing could overcome just about any barrier that might stand in your way.

Astrological Opinions Always Available

Where there are upsides, though, there are also negatives. Having a friend who is passionate about astrology can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you might be thrilled to have someone who can explain all the intriguing nuances of the zodiac signs and celestial bodies. On the other hand, you might find yourself reaching a point where you never want to hear about stars or horoscopes ever again.

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It can be even harder when astrology was the thing that you and your friend bonded over in the first place. If there’s no other interests or similarities keeping the bond alive, the friendship could very well fade away should one or both of you decide that you were no longer interested in horoscopes.

A Very Specific Request: Revamping the Subheadline

Some people can take their astrological interest to absurd heights, as well. Take this meme, for instance. The poster lists an absurd number of astrological requirements, should they ever need to go to the hospital.

Source: Twitter/Orfray

What the meme overlooks is that in time of medical emergency, the physical needs of the patient overtake their potential interest in their doctor’s star chart. Astrological interests aren’t generally water cooler talk in the hospital anyway. This person would likely be more grateful to get any help they needed, rather than be overly concerned about the star signs of the person who administered the care.

First Time Reading Your Birth Chart: A Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Your Astrological Blueprint

The early days of interest in astrology can be illuminating and exhilarating for many people. It can be like unlocking parts of your personality that you were never familiar with before. Astrology can allow you deeper insight into yourself, especially if you spent your entire life wondering exactly why it is that you are the way that you are.

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Of course, this journey of self discovery can be overwhelming too. The zodiac chart, when done properly, is chock-full of information that can explain some of our most innate and unconscious tendencies. For many people, it’s more information that they thought they wanted to have, and some might even regret their interest in the zodiac in the first place.

Discover Their Zodiac Sign

Of course, the interest in the zodiac extends beyond just our interest in ourselves. People interested in astrology might find themselves itching to understand the zodiac of someone that the might deeply dislike, if only to find an explanation for their rude or unexplainable behavior.

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Of course, the zodiac is not a universal explanation for all people. Sometimes people are just bad, rude, or plain mean, and no amount of guidance from the stars or deep dives from strangers on the internet is going to keep them from being exactly who they are.