Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) removed Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) from a House committee hearing on US-Cuba relations, after accusing Lee of spreading “communist propaganda.”

Removal Of The Sound

Lee made this claim,

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“I’d share the livestream, but Republicans cut out the sound when I stood up to defend myself and call them out.”


Representative Lee wrote,

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“I was just kicked out of a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee hearing on Cuba policy because the Republican Chair didn’t like my views.”

Not Authorized To Speak

Salazar, who is a Cuban-American, justified her move by asserting that Lee was a non-member

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and therefore was not entitled to speak without the consent of the committee.

Communist Propaganda

Representative Salazar gave further explanation by stating,

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“Today, I exercised my authority as Subcommittee Chairwoman to not allow an off-Committee Member to spread communist propaganda during my Cuba hearing. Members are not entitled to join any Committee proceedings without full consent of the Committee Members.”

An Important Conversation

Representative Salazar went on to say,

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“Barbara Lee tried to disrupt an important discussion about the Biden Administration’s lenient policies toward the Cuban regime.”

A Communist Sympathizer

Salazar continued by saying

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“Barbara Lee is a communist sympathizer who was a personal friend to Fidel Castro, has visited Cuba 21 times, and has been a mouthpiece for the Cuban Regime since 1977,” continued Salazar.

Doesn’t Adhere To Democratic Beliefs

Lee made this claim

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“She’s trying to silence me. And what her move was today demonstrated that she really doesn’t believe in democracy. She believes in only her point of view; she does not believe in the inclusion of different points of views when we talk about Cuban policy,”

The Continued Debate

This incident highlights the continued debate over US and Cuban policies.

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While Salazar advocates for a harsh stance and Lee is urging for normalization and a stop to the embargo.

A Illustrious Career

Salazar was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents that had fled Cuba. She has strong roots in the immigration community and personal experience helping her to better understand the difficulties and opportunities that immigrants face when trying to attain the American dream.

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After getting a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Miami, Salazar set off on an illustrious career in journalism. She worked as a news anchor, and a reporter for multiple Spanish speaking media outlets, Including Telemundo and Univision.

Facing An Uphill Battle

Salazar ran for Congress in Florida’s 27th Congressional District In 2020. A very diverse and politically contested region covering different parts of Miami-Dade County.

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Salazar faced an ongoing battle running as a Republican in a mostly Democratic region. However, her message of bringing unity, opportunities, and conservative values really echoed with her voters, launching her to a victory in a very close race.

Important Matters

Leveraging her background as a journalist, Salazar had the opportunity to bring to light important topics that were affecting the Hispanic community. Everything from immigration reform, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

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Her dedication to journalistic integrity and neutrality garnered her the respect and acknowledgement from viewers all over the country, setting the foundation for her to move into a political career.

No Time Was Wasted

Since taking office, Salazar has swiftly made her presence known on Capitol Hill.

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Serving as a member to both the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Committee on Small Business, she has concentrated on diverse matters. This included advocating for democracy and human rights in Latin America, nurturing economic growth, entrepreneurship, and tackling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses.

Signature Initiatives

One of Salazar’s signature initiatives is her bipartisan endeavors to bring to light the continuing crisis in Cuba.

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She also aims to support the Cuban people’s pursuit for freedom and democracy.

International Affairs

Salazar has also been a steadfast advocate for the development of creating jobs and beyond, this is in addition to her work with foreign affairs.

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She has won policies that aid small businesses, reduce regulatory burdens, and broaden access to capital resources for entrepreneurs, specifically women and minority-owned businesses.

A Outspoken Advocate

Leveraging her background and ties within the Cuban-American community, Salazar has been a very outspoken advocate for imposition of sanctions on the Cuban regime.

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Aiding in humanitarian work for the Cuban people, and their voices on the world stage.

Strategy To Governance

Salazar’s bipartisan governance approach and her willingness to collaborate across party-lines have earned her praise amongst colleagues on both sides of the political spectrum.

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She has gained recognition for her pragmatic, civility, and her openness to find commonplace on issues that are shared between both political parties. Making her a well respected and influential aspect in Congress.

Commitment To Public Service

Given her distinct background, relentless work ethic, and her commitment to public service,

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Salazar will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on U.S. politics for years and years to come.

Stays Committed

As she continues her tenure in Congress, Maria Elvira Salazar remains steadfast in her commitment to representing the interest of her voters.

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Continuing to advocate for policies that support prosperity, grow opportunities, and promote freedom for all Americans.