House Republicans are reportedly angered by President Biden deciding to fund various “woke” programs within his budget request for $7.3 trillion.

President Biden Released Proposal With Nearly $5 Trillion In Tax Increases

President Joe Biden released a 188-page proposal on Monday that focused on funding for the federal government. It reportedly laid out nearly $5 trillion in tax increases.

Source: Wikimedia/Adam Schultz

The White House claimed that the $5 trillion would be split evenly between two groups. The first group consists of the top 2% of earnings; the second group consists of corporations.

Billions Reserved For Green Energy Initiatives, Equity Programs

Billions of dollars were reportedly reserved in the budget request for green energy initiatives. According to Jodey Arrington, the House Budget Committee Chairman, the request also aims to fund a number of different equity programs.

Source: Wikimedia/Kallerna

Arrington first started representing the Texas 19th Congressional District in January of 2017, becoming just the fifth representative since the district was formed in 1935. He was elected to serve as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee at the start of the 118th Congress.

Arrington Flagged $10.6 Billion For ‘Climate And Clean Energy Research

Arrington reportedly flagged over $10 billion that President Biden specifically wanted to benefit the Department of Energy. The report confirms that the money would help to boost and enhance “climate and clean energy research.”

Source: Wikimedia/US Department of Energy

In addition to the research, the funds would cover the “development, demonstration, and deployment programs” as well. Based on the math, this is a 12% increase when compared to the previous year.

Proposal Reserves $3 Billion For State Department For Gender Equity, Equality

Arrington’s report also focused on provisions set aside for the State Department in Biden’s request. The document reportedly shows that $3 billion was reserved “to advanced gender equity and equality worldwide.”

Source: AP

This is similar to the FY 2024 Budget issued by President Biden as well. That budget specifically included critical policies that would help families worldwide and women.

How The Transportation Security Administration Would Benefit

In addition, $1.5 billion was reserved for a “pay equity initiative” launched by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA employees would experience a streamlined process for arbitration and grievances in addition to an expansion of official time.

Source: Wikimedia/Michael Ball

There were also fewer restrictions included within the sick leave policy for TSA employees. Collective bargaining was also highlighted on a local level within the new agreement.

Biden Requested $11 Billion Of Department Of Interior For Story Preservation

President Biden reportedly requested $11 billion that would be reserved for the Department of Interior. The objective would be for the department to be able to “preserve the stories of the culture and history across Ameria.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Secretary Deb Haaland claimed that the proposed budget would build “on the momentum the Administration has achieved through historic investments to advance commitments.”

Biden Wants $8 Billion For American Climate Corps For Staff Expansion

President Biden also responded to the ongoing climate change needs by requesting $8 billion specifically for the American Climate Corps. Arrington’s memo stated that the money will be used to expand the staffing of the organization.

Source: Pixabay/Alain Audet

For instance, the objective would be to hire 50,000 new staffers before the year 2031. In addition, the memo references that the money will help to “mobilize a new, diverse generation” of “climate resilience workers.”

Nearly $1.5 Billion Would Be Used For ‘Environmental Justice Efforts’ For EPA

Multiple reports have confirmed that President Biden also sought $1.5 billion specifically to address “environmental justice efforts” within the Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights.

Source: Wikimedia/U.S. EPA

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan stated that the “Investing in America” agenda from President Biden would deliver “bold environmental actions and economic benefits for communities across the country.”

Green Climate Fund Would Receive $500 Million For Climate Adaptation, Mitigation

The memo further explains that the Green Climate Fund would receive $500 million “to expand climate adaptation and mitigation projects in developing countries.” This would allow the organization to unlock finance opportunities for the private sector within developing countries.

Source: Wikimedia/Mark Dixon

The call for proposals was very popular with approximately 350 total submissions. The 30 best ideas were later shortlisted for further discussion and development.

Free Community College Would Be Expanded With $90 Billion Request

President Biden also requested that $90 billion could be reserved to focus on higher education. More specifically, the funds would be used to expand access to existing free community college programs.

Source: Pixabay/Nikolay Georgiev

This particular request was a bit of surprise for many critics and political advisors. This was primarily because of the pushback and backlash within the House and Senate generated by Biden’s efforts to forgive student debt on a broad scope.

Arrington Claims Biden Sends Clear Message With FY25 Budget

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Arrington opened up about budgets and his interpretation of President Biden’s request. He mentioned that clearly budgets are “a set of values and principles” and are much “more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.”

Source: Wikimedia/Office of Rep Jodey Arrington

Arrington further explained that, based on the FY25 budget, President Biden values a “bigger, more radical, and more powerful federal government.” He added that Biden has apparently placed that goal “over the freedom, safety, and economic security of his fellow Americans.”

U.S. National Debt Quickly Approaching $35 Trillion, Based On Latest Data

The national debt for the United States reportedly increased to more than $34.47 trillion. This figure was based on the latest data provided by the Treasury Department as of Monday afternoon.

Estimates Show National Debt Will Increase To $54 Trillion In Next Decade

Further studies have shown that the debt estimate was up nearly $6.4 billion when compared to the data from the previous day. Nearly four decades ago, the national debt was just $907 billion.

Estimates Show National Debt Will Increase To $54 Trillion In Next Decade

The Congressional Budget Office reportedly estimates that the U.S. national debt will continue to increase at an exponential pace. More specifically, it is projected that the national debt will rise to $54 trillion within the next decade alone.

Source: Pixabay/Buffik

Multiple reports confirm that higher interest rates will play a significant role in the overall increase. This is further impacted by federal healthcare expenses and an aging population.

Advocacy Group Claims, ‘This Is Not The Future Any Of Us Want

Michael Peterson, the CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, claimed that the fiscal outlook for the United States “is more dangerous and daunting than ever.” He added that the economy is threatened in addition to the “next generation.”

Source: Pixabay/Adam Nir

Peterson further explained that “this is not the future any of us want” and “it’s no way to run a great nation like ours.” The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is widely known for advocating for federal deficit reductions.