The Republicans have been grilling Hunter Biden about his transactions lately, Hunter has had enough and has finally decided to clap back at them in the most unanticipated way.

The president’s son has dropped the question and it seems to cut deep. Hunter has asked the GOP lawmakers about the former United States president’s son-in-law’s foreign investments.

The Impeachment Inquiry On Biden

Looks like the Bidens have now become a target. While a behind-closed-doors deposition for the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden was going on, his son Hunter Biden was also called forth to answer some questions about his dealings.

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All these occurred after the Committee Chair rep announced that they have been able to get some substantial evidence against Biden and his family’s corruption and they’re starting with Hunter.

Hunter Requested For A Public Testimony

The head of the Republican-led House Oversight Committee chair rep James Comer believes Hunter is a key figure in unraveling all the corruption allegations in the Biden family.

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Hunter agreed but wanted a public testimony, an idea that was shut down. This made him refuse the initial closed-door meeting and even defied the subpoena until Wednesday.

Is A Deal Between Kushner And Private Equity Firms Not A Big Deal?

Hunter wanted to know what the actual problem was, so he threw the unexpected question to Congress. He asked why a deal between Trump’s former adviser and son-in-law with the Saudi Arabia government was not an issue.

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Is there any valid reason why his foreign business dealings were being investigated while the deal between Kushner’s very popular private equity firm Affinity Partners and Saudi Arabia was not?

The Distinction Between Their Dealings

Hunters pointed out some important differences, in case the Democrats don’t get it. He highlighted the main difference between his business and that of Kushner, letting them know which one needed to be investigated.

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Hunter deals more with individuals who are practically independent businessmen. While Kushner’s business was all about partnering with foreign governments, an aspect of the business he didn’t even branch toward.

The Kushner And Saudi Arabia Deal

We all know how close Kushner was to Donald Trump apart from being his former adviser he is also married to his daughter Ivanka Trump. This closeness further intensified his ties with the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salma.

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After Trump’s administration, Kushner set up his private equity firm, Affinity Partners which was reported to have received a $2 billion investment from the Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund.

The Crown Prince And The Death Of The Journalist

There are a lot of reasons to question Kushner and his relationship with the Saudi Crown price. Back in 2018, the crown Prince was accused of killing a journalist who was a strong critic of Bin Salma’s leadership.

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Although bin Salma denied this accusation, the former president made sure he found and blocked the release of any unclassified report about the case. But Kushner didn’t mind and carried on his relationship with the crown prince after his father’s administration.

The Deal Has Nothing To Do With Conflict Of Interest

The Democrats have refused to question Kushner about his transactions with the Saudi Arabian government. However, a few people were concerned about his ties with the Saudi Arabian funds.

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Dan Primack, from Axios Business Editor, questioned Kushner on his decision to let the Saudi Arabian government fund his business. Kushner reaffirmed that the transaction had nothing to do with a conflict of interest.

The Most Prestigious Standing In The World Of Investors

Kushner’s response on how he was able to lay his hands on such large amounts of money from the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Funds will shock you.

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Kushner told reporters that nothing about the transaction breached any ethical standards and the fact that he accepted investment funds from the Saudi government only meant that Saudi Arabia was one of the most prestigious investors in the world.

The Advisory Panel Guide Against It

A lot of people were concerned about this development. The advisory panel for the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund recommends that Kushner’s newly set up private equity firm be investigated. But, their excuse was that the firm had inexperienced management.

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Obviously, this didn’t fly. The Saudi Crown Prince didn’t allow this. The advice was dismissed by a larger board that was headed by the crown prince himself and this was because he was a close ally of the administration.

The Republicans Speak Up For The First Time

Hunter’s claim at a point got assertive and uncomfortable. Because of this, he piqued the interest of those who seemed to have forgotten that Kushner raised so many eyebrows with his dealings.

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While the Democrats had a lot to say, we could see some Republicans in the room contributing. They expressed how truly they had a problem with Kushner’s dealings but did they stress him out as much as they did to him? No!

The House Has No Evidence

After the back and forth during the closed-door disposition, Hunter once again told the board how futile their investigation was. The impeachment inquiry investigation was just talks and not a single piece of evidence to back it up.

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Looking at the statement provided by Newsweek, we can see Hunter telling the inquiry team “You have no evidence” and everything is starting to look like a witch hunt.

It’s Been Almost A Year

It’s all been going on for a year. And Bidens has been in and out of inquiries. Hunter added that during this period all the committee had done was to hunt him down while trying to get to his dad.

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This might be true because even after almost a year of digging, the committee has found no evidence of the wrongdoings of the Bidens.

That One Incontestable Fact!

Hunter Biden has opened up on the reason why he decided to appear at the meeting. He’s here to provide that one incontestable fact that will shut down the false premise of this inquiry.

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Hunter repeats that not once did he ever involve his father in his business, not while he was a lawyer, and not when he was dealing with independent businessmen. Never has he used his influence to set things in motion for him. Never!