Sean Hannity utilized his Fox News platform to shred Joe Biden’s border policies as an outright “dereliction of duty,” declaring they have caused widespread “chaos” by turning “every state” into a “border state” vulnerable to threats. Hannity highlighted the supposedly secure border Biden inherited, asserting his complete policy failures have endangered Americans.

Angry Hannity Blasts Biden as Reckless on Twitter Over Preventable Border Breakdown

On his X account, a visibly angry Hannity tweeted that Biden has brought utter “chaos” nationwide and committed a grave “DERELICTION OF DUTY” in a post linking to a Fox News article featuring Hannity exploding on the President. The tweet and article centered on a disturbing video of immigrants violently assaulting NYPD officers, with a red-faced Hannity slamming the city’s bail reform laws that recklessly released the suspects.

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Hannity fumed at the horrifying footage, almost yelling at the camera over how Biden has endangered American communities everywhere through misguided policies. His unrestrained Twitter attacks underscored already intense conservative media outrage toward the Administration’s security negligence.

Biden Policies Created Total Crisis Rendering Nowhere Safe From Threats

Expanding on his Twitter barrage, Hannity declared on air that the immigrant crisis is “no longer impacting just states along the border” but has now reached even New York City and “every corner of our country” due to Biden’s negligence. He pinned total blame on Joe Biden for enabling preventable “havoc,” calling the multi-front crisis a “direct result of Joe Biden’s astounding failures” and “dereliction of duty” in abandoning his oath to protect citizens.

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Hannity warned that Americans are now unsafe “everywhere,” from border towns to the heart of NYC, thanks to Biden essentially opening floodgates to security threats both ignored and encouraged under his watch. The Fox host portrayed a country under siege from all sides from unchecked dangers the Administration refuses to address while demonizing critics instead credibly.

Biden Recklessly Reversed Trump’s Successes Securing Border, Enabling Invasion

Lambasting Biden’s “disastrous leadership,” Hannity accused him of intentionally “undoing every single Trump-era policy that successfully strengthened border security and American sovereignty.” This included Biden irresponsibly revoking Remain in Mexico, halting all wall construction, ending interior immigration enforcement, keeping Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and canceling the Title 42 public health order expelling migrants – all on his first day in office.

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Hannity thus asserted Biden has shown he cares more about opposing Trump than protecting citizens, given he rapidly reversed measures securing the border despite the obvious consequences. He essentially labeled Biden’s actions an enabled “invasion” from all sides, with once-operational enforcement now scrapped to purposely leave gaping holes enemies are exploiting.

Terror Groups Taking Full Advantage of Biden Opening Borders Recklessly

Most alarmingly, Hannity reported that “the terrorists are taking advantage” of what he dubbed Biden’s deliberate “open borders” stance signaling to the world that America’s defenses are down. He warned terror cells are surely “already in this country” under cover of the record migrant influx, perhaps actively plotting attacks on the homeland “at this very moment.”

Source: Wikimedia/Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde

Citing border patrol testimony that multiple migrants from the FBI Terrorism Screening Database have been detained, Hannity slammed the Biden Administration’s consistent denial of any security risks or even crisis conditions as “deranged lies” motivated by radical ideology over national interests.

Enraged X Users Join Hannity’s Assault on Biden as “Worst POTUS Ever” Destroying Security

As Hannity raged on air over Biden’s border capitulation, many X users amplified the broad conservative attack on Biden’s policies as essentially treasonous. One user declared it “espionage” rather than mere negligence. Another labeled Biden a “traitor” who intentionally violated his oath to undermine enforcement practically inviting threats.

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Multiple users concurred that Biden is “the worst POTUS in history” whose actions near the border and beyond have enabled unprecedented “chaos everywhere.” The common refrain was that Biden has pursued a far-left open borders agenda that has severely damaged national security across fronts that no prior Administration would dare enable.

Americans Sacrificed by Democrats Enabling Threats for Political Gain

One user claimed Democrats overall “don’t want border security” because they prioritize potential new liberal voters over citizens’ interests. The commenter accused the Biden Administration of “sacrificing our national security for the hopes of future votes” by refusing to enforce immigration laws against future constituents.

Source: Wikimedia/Noah Wulf

The user attacked Democrats for opening borders despite the known influx of gang members, drugs, human trafficking, and now potentially “terror cells plotting attacks” against their own countrymen. The suggestion was that Americans’ safety was being deliberately bargained for perceived partisan gain by those sworn to protect it.

Biden Always More Concerned With Fulfilling Liberal Base Over Citizens

Expanding their critique, another user highlighted how Biden has “always” prioritized “dissing Trump” and “fulfilling the demands of the liberal base” over responsible leadership. They slammed Biden as caring more about opposing his predecessor’s entire agenda and pleasing activists than “doing what’s right for the American people.”

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The commenter cited the border crisis as a case where Biden puts pleasing the left first, evident in DHS Secretary Mayorkas openly broadcasting that the border is “no longer closed” to activism cheers while Americans pay the security price. The administration was portrayed as almost ideologically extreme to the point of relinquishing duties.

Biden “Intentionally” Enabled Migrant Invasion, Abandoning Responsibilities

Synthesizing the blistering attacks on Biden’s motives, one X commenter concluded the Administration has “intentionally” enabled an outright “invasion” of the country by refusing to repel it. They accused both Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas of deliberately violating their oaths of office by practically welcoming record migrant flows against Americans’ interests.

Source: Wikimedia/Matt H. Wade

The user implied Biden officials are near-treasonously leaving border gates wide open to what they labeled a “foreign invasion enabled by the White House.” Their view was that the Administration is ideologically so radical on immigration that it is fundamentally against even basic enforcement of American sovereignty viewed as oppressive.

Conditions at Border Will Only Worsen as Chaos Expands Across Biden Presidency

While criticism of Biden over unprecedented border chaos is already volcanic on the right, one ominous user prediction asserted that “it’ll only get exponentially worse” for him without a major course correction. They contended Biden’s perceived “gross corruption” on immigration and security issues would ultimately be fully exposed should conditions further deteriorate.

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The commenter presented a forecast where record waves at the border expand into larger threats now able to slip through neglected defenses and infiltrate everywhere, from cities to suburbs and beyond. Their projected outcome was cascading crises across fronts that even allies couldn’t shield Biden from accountability over once visible to all.

Biden Showing No Intent to Address Crisis Despite Having Full Power

In his concluding arguments, Hannity asserted Biden has no one but himself to blame for directly creating the border crisis yet shows no willingness to tackle it. He said Biden could easily fix the crisis using his executive powers if he genuinely wanted to, but instead refuses while Conditions descend into chaos.

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Thus Hannity controversially portrayed Biden as allowing Expanding threats through the border by dereliction rather than mere negligent mismanagement. Yet he said Americans pay the rising price regardless as homeland security faces coordinated assault from all sides while the president largely downplays stake amid activists’ cheers.