California is a state that has claimed to be a type of “sanctuary state” for migrants who have come into the country from Mexico, illegally or otherwise. Policies, such as allowing illegal migrants to qualify for state healthcare, have been instated that encourage illegal migrants to come to California over other states. Unfortunately, California is now feeling the effects of those choices.

“Free For All” Border Crossings

The surge of migrants into California has turned into a type of “free for all” of illegal border crossings. Migrants have steadily started shifting their sights from Texas, which is the most convenient border state to cross into, into California as their ultimate destination.

Source: Wikimedia/The U.S. National Archives

This is due to the policies that have been put in place by Governor Greg Abbott in Texas that heavily discourage individuals from trying to cross into Texas. Some of these methods are extreme, such as installing razor wire along the border and authorizing buoys to be installed in the Rio Grande as a deterrent to border crossers, but they have been effective.

A Surge at the California Border

One San Diego resident and Marine veteran, Chris Mueller, has been at the southern border filing a documentary regarding the border crisis. In a statement that he released, he called what he has witnessed at the southern border a “slap in the face.”

Source: Fox News

“I served my country and I protected those border walls. And to see people walk across like its no big deal, it’s concerning, right?” he said, in an interview that he did with “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday of this week.

“A Slap in the Face”

He continued his statement, “It’s a free-for-all. I see people cross – I got pictures of people like they’re Youtube influences with their earpieces in walking, listening to Spotify as they cross the border like it’s a big joke, like they’re just going down to the store.”

Source: Fox News

Mueller finished his impassioned statement, “It’s a slap in the face to every American that’s fought and died for this country.” Clearly, the matter is one that is very important to the filmmaker, and as a veteran, it’s understandable as to why.

Texas Crossings are Significantly Down

Mueller isn’t wrong, in that the border crisis has reached dizzying heights in the last several months, particularly in California. Over the last week of January, 71.8% of illegal immigrants apprehended by Border Patrol were in Arizona and California, according to sources with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Source: Wikimedia/U.S. Customs and Border Protection

This is significant, because most of the news surrounding the border comes out of Texas, and the surge that they are allegedly seeing there. The data does not support this, though, and the numbers in the Del Reio sector have fallen to record lows. The sector has seen a 76% decrease in encounters since December.

California Crossings are Significantly Up

Meanwhile, in California, migrant encounters are up 73% in the San Diego sector, from January 2023. The migrants come from all over the world, not just Mexico, and California is feeling the burden heavily.

Source: Wikimedia/Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Mueller stated that he’s noticed the uptick firsthand, having been at the border weekly for the past few months. He’s not the only one to comment on the migrant surge, either. Army veteran and San Diego County resident Cory Gautereaux stated that he feared a “massive” national security risk from the surge.

Concern From Other Residents, As Well

“I would like to personally invite Governor Newsom and I will take him all along the border and show him the massive humanitarian crisis happening,” he told Fox and Friends on Wednesday.

Source: Fox News

He went on to clarify, “Because these are also people. I know they’re illegal, we don’t want them here, but they’re still human beings. It’s 40 degrees out right now. It’s pouring rain, and there’s people out there freezing right now.”

National Guard Sent to Assist

The surge in California is being seen in spite of the fact that National Guard members have been sent to California from other states in an attempt to help with the border crisis. “It’s a brigade,” Gauteraux explained.

Source: Wikimedia/Jonathan McIntosh

He went on to clarify that while, yes, there have been many members of the national guard who have been sent to help with the border crisis, they have been operating in “observation mode,” rather than being more hands on in detaining illegal immigrants and actually doing something about the crisis along the California border.

Chinese Illegal Immigration Rising

Significantly, California is seeing a dramatic increase in Chinese illegal immigration along the southern border, which is driving a significant chunk of these numbers. The pattern is on track to break records at the southern border.

Source: Wikimedia/Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde

Apprehensions from China in the San Diego sector, alone, is already eclipsing the fiscal year of 2021, in just a few days. This is a significant concern for politicians who have already been leery of China’s influence on America, and could end up being a significant talking point for those who already believe that the crisis at the United States border has reached its peak.

Discussing California’s Border Crisis

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, has made a point of discussing the border crisis and the way that it is affecting Californians in real time. He’s attempted to balance law and order and the economy with compassion to migrants, and it’s uncertain how he’ll handle this new surge of migrants at his state’s borders.

Source: Wikimedia/Government of California

Regardless of how Newsom reacts, it’s not a problem that can or should be taken lightly. The border crisis is at a peak in America, with politicians of all leanings making it a significant talking point ahead of the 2024 election. Many Americans will be using the border as their one-ticket issue, which makes the reaction and attitude towards the crisis from government officials a non-negotiable issue.