There have been several attempts by the Republican Party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump to delay his trials. However, this has come to an end and he now has to prepare for his first criminal trial as he also prepares for the 2024 November presidential election. 

While the storm is brewing for Trump, President Joe Biden has been able to leverage his opponent’s misfortune and it’s showing in the polls. According to a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, Joe Biden is taking the lead position in these polls. 

If Americans Were To Vote Today 

The Reuters data further reported that when they conducted a more recent poll, the results showed a 4% increase compared to their previous one held in March. 41% of Americans stated that if they were asked to vote today, they’d be more than willing to vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate Joe Biden. 

Source: X/POTUS

While 37% of Americans were ready to put their votes in for former president Donald Trump if they were to vote immediately. It seems like every day, Biden’s chance keeps increasing, from a 1-point lead in March to a 4-point lead in April.

Many Voters Are Still On The Fence 

While Reuters was measuring the preference between the voters, they figured out that there was about a 4% point error among those who couldn’t vote for reasons unknown. 

Source: X/POTUS

Another thing Reuters noticed was that there was a large number of those who were still uncertain and had not firmly decided who they’d be voting for. Meanwhile, the election is just seven months away. 

Some Might Not Even Vote At All 

The poll also showed that there’s still a considerable 22% of voters who haven’t decided on who exactly they’d like to support. It may seem like they have third-party candidates in mind. 

Source: X/AnnPauley2

While some have decided to vote for third-party candidates, others are not even sure if they’ll vote or not. And this could have negative impacts on the November 5th election. 

Competitive States And Their Effects On The Coming Election 

Although these nationwide surveys help give an insight into public opinion, the actual outcome of a presidential election is mostly based on the number of voters in these competitive states. They are often referred to as swing states or battleground states. 

Source: David J. Phillip

And the outcome of elections from these states can help tilt the balance of the electoral college. This means that elections deal more with electoral votes and not the most popular votes.

A Closely Contested Election 

Both candidates have their shortcomings and notable weaknesses which makes this election a closely contested one.

Source: X/cgtnamerica

And looking at the history of the United States, the November 5th election will be the first time in almost seven decades to witness a rematch between two past presidents. This is another reason while it is closely watched, we all want to know how it ends. 

Donald Trump And His Appearance In Court 

Looks like Donald Trump can no longer delay these trials as he is now scheduled to appear before a court in Manhattan, New York City on the 15th of April 2024. 

Source: Jabin Botsford

This April 15th appearance will mark the beginning of all the four trials that Donald Trump will be facing. These trials have been pending, but it now looks like things are back in place and judgment will be made soon.

Trump Attempted To Conceal Payment Made To An Adult Actress

The trial in Manhattan is surrounding the attempt of the former president to hide the fact that he paid off an adult actress to stay quiet about the details of the sexual encounter they had together in 2016.

Source: Mary Altaffer

The facts state that this happened before the 2016 election and Donald Trump has entered a plea of not guilty to the charge brought against him on this matter. Trump will maintain his innocence throughout the trial and hopefully, there is evidence to support these facts.

Trump And His Other Charges

According to Trump’s other charges, the facts suggest that the former president engaged in improper actions that aimed at changing the outcome of the 2020 election in his favor. 

Source: Susan Walsh

Another charge against Trump is centered on the fact that at the end of his 2021 presidency, he mishandled classified documents. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all of them.

Joe Biden And Concerns About His Age

While individuals are concerned that Donald Trump has a heavy load of charges hanging on his neck, they are also concerned about Joe Biden’s age and whether he’ll be able to keep going as the country’s president. 

Source: X/The Telegraph

Another concern has been raised by a small number of the Democratic Party concerning his involvement and support of the recent attack on the Hamas Militant by the people of Israel.

Biden Is Leading Among Registered Voters

It was reported that there was a narrow 1% gap between Joe Biden and Trump. However, this gap was from individuals who are registered voters. 

Source: David Grunfeld

Since these individuals are already registered, there’s a probability that they’ll all come out to vote for Biden when the time comes.

The Difference Between Trump And Biden 

Looking back at the statistics from the 2020 presidential election, you’ll notice that Donald Trump was the preferred choice for younger individuals who had no college degrees, a choice that affected his winning rate. 

Source: X/IAPolls2022

In contrast, Joe Biden enjoyed greater support from the older generation. They are more likely to come out and vote and this helped their candidate win.

A Nationwide Survey 

The survey from Reuters indicated that the voting data was collected from a total of 833 individuals who have registered to vote during the next presidential elections.

Source: X/VnhkUmT2FrcvVrG

Reuters conducted this survey online and it was able to capture respondents from across the nation, which means that it was able to get opinions from a diverse range of geographic regions and demographics.

Everyone Is Anticipating November 5th!

This Reuters poll has shown that the United States of America doesn’t have a winner yet, and just when you think someone is leading, someone else can snatch the title in a matter of seconds.

Source: X/JoeBiden

With Joe’s age concerns and Trump’s criminal trial, everyone is still eager to witness this rematch and finally get to know the candidate who will be the country’s president.