The entire issues surrounding Donald Trump’s legal battles and the hefty sum hanging around his neck have raised concerns and discussions both at home and abroad. John Bolton has however dropped a staggering warning about the negative impacts that people seem not to know about.

The former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump John Bolton has raised alarm concerning the challenging and dangerous situation Former President Donald Trump has found himself in. Bolton believes that the mounting legal debts are nothing but a vulnerable situation for foreign autocrats to exploit.

Donald Trump Might Become Susceptible To Manipulation

The former president of the United States has found himself in a difficult situation with all these legal liabilities and debts in his name after the conclusion of his recently concluded civil court case. And this might make him a target to foreign adversaries.

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Foreign adversaries might see this as an opportunity to have some power over Trump by using his difficult situation for their own strategic and geopolitical interests. This right here raises concerns about the United States’ national security.

Trump Gets Hit With A $355 Million Ruling

Just recently, former United States President Donald Trump took a huge blow to the face as he got slammed with a whopping $355 million in damages and penalties after he was found guilty by the civil court in his civil fraud trial.

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Donald Trump was accused of inflating his assets for several years for his personal and financial gain. Trump allegedly mores presented his assets to increase his financial standing and gain in all his business dealings.

Trump Owes More Money

This is just one part of the huge debt that has been accrued from all the civil cases against him and there are a lot more. Donald Trump also owes writer E. Jean Carol approximately $88.3 million after he was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation through his statements and actions.

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Over the years numerous women have consistently accused Donald Trump of various forms of sexual assault, like unwanted touching, kissing, and groping, which he has always denied. However, it looks like his attitude over the years has finally caught up with him.

Trump Defamed Writer E. Jean Caroll Again

We are quite familiar with how unbothered Donald Trump is. He is not the type to get held back because of fear.

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Although Donald had a pending case for sexually abusing and defaming the writer Caroll’s character, he went ahead and defamed her again, which he was found guilty of again by another jury.

Is Bolton Worried About Something?

After Bolton raised his concerns and gave his piece, people were triggered, now they really want to know what Bolton is worried about. This made MSNBC’s Jen Psaki ask Bolton a triggering question.

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He wanted to know if Bolton was worried about the fact that Trump owed so much money and this might likely make him a target, he also asked if he was referring to people like [Russian President Vladimir Putin] and every other foreign autocrat that could benefit from this.

Bolton Says There’s Really Nothing To Worry About

Although he is concerned about Donald Trump’s financial issues, he is not that bothered, the worst that can happen is for Donald Trump to sell off some of his properties to help address his financial problems.

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Bolton added that although Donald Trump might need to liquidate some of his assets, it’s not a big deal as he’s sure Donald Trump has plans to appeal the court rulings.

Donald Trump’s Financial Circumstances: An Attraction To Foreign Adversaries

The main issue Jen Psaki has is whether Donald is as rich as he claims. During her conversation with John Bolton, he spoke about the main reason for his fear. He talked about the possibility of these foreign adversaries targeting Donald Trump due to his financial crises.

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He went ahead to ask Bolton a second question; he asked if it was possible that foreign autocrats could easily exploit Donald Trump’s financial vulnerabilities considering there’s a huge amount of money he now owes.

He Might Be Broke Despite Claiming To Be A Billionaire

Over the years, Donald Trump has portrayed himself as a very successful and wealthy individual, a billionaire at the very least. However, this issue has made us realize that Trump’s financial status might not align with his claims.

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Jen Psaki raises this concern during his conversation with John Bolton, he believes that all these vulnerability talks must have stemmed from the fact that Trump may not possess the wealth he claims to have, despite portraying himself as a billionaire.

This Shows How Inadequate Trump Is As A Leader

In response to everything Jen Psaki said, John Bolton added that all these are some of the reasons he believes that Donald Trump is no longer fit to be a leader.

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He believes that Trump’s financial crisis has become a very disturbing challenge for him and this has actively distracted him from his abilities to function as a leader. He is somehow consumed by these troubles and might need to take a step back from politics.

Donald’s Family Isn’t Left Out

John Bolton also talks about how these financial crises don’t only affect Trump but go as far as consuming his entire family at large. It’s just a normal occurrence that whatever affects Donald will also affect his immediate family.

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Bolton believes that this might have given opportunity to their foreign counterparts to take advantage of Trump and his family one way or the other. He believes that they may have started already and we are not just aware.

Will Bolton’s Fear Actually Happen?

Looking at the circumstances of the case surrounding Trump’s legal issues and the accrued debt in his name, things are not looking good and this might be an avenue for people to take advantage of his situation.

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However, Trump has always portrayed himself to be a billionaire, he should be able to pay the fine. Although this is a huge sum, he should be able to sort it out. Coupled with the fact that he will most likely appeal this verdict and get a judgment in his favor.