Senator Josh Hawley said Mitch McConnell stepping down as Senate Republican leader is “good news” but drew a red line that his replacement must support compensation for nuclear contamination victims in his state.

Allies Float As Replacements

Hawley floated Senators Rick Scott and Steve Daines as potential replacements for McConnell. Daines told Newsweek now is the time to “reflect on great accomplishments” of McConnell’s career when asked. Scott did not rule out running but is focused on his reelection race first and foremost.

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Mitch McConnell has led Senate Republicans for a record-setting 15 years as their leader. His announcement opens up a major power struggle over who will take the reins next and set the direction for the party.

Compensation “Huge Issue

Hawley said he called for McConnell’s ouster over a year ago already. He won’t back anyone who doesn’t make nuclear compensation a priority, calling it a “huge, huge issue” for his state after contamination revelations.

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The federal government was aware of and ignored health risks from improper storage of contaminants at atomic waste sites near St. Louis, according to an AP report last July. Victims are still fighting for assistance.

Mixed Republican Reaction

The resignation drew varied reactions from Republicans. Some praised McConnell’s conservative wins while others happily bid the establishment leader goodbye after friction with Trump.

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Nikki Haley said fresh leadership is needed not just in Congress but also in the White House as she runs for president. Lindsey Graham called it the “passing of the torch” for the storied chamber.

Scott Seeks “New Leadership

Rick Scott has previously been blunt that Republicans need new Senate leadership aligned with voter priorities. He said this opens the door to “refocus our efforts”.

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While not an official announcement, Scott’s statement indicates he could vie for the top job. He challenged McConnell unsuccessfully in 2022 but may take another shot.

Dems Warn of “More Extreme” Leader

Democrats reacted warily to the news. Rep. Adam Schiff said the GOP will likely pick someone “more extreme” than McConnell, warning of the fragility of democracy.

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McConnell enraged Democrats by blocking Obama’s court picks and enabling Trump’s agenda. But some fear who could come next with Republicans eyeing investigations and spending cuts.

Divisions Could Grow

McConnell stepping aside could exacerbate divisions between traditional Republicans like himself and the Trump wing like Hawley.

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His replacement choice will set the tone. Several names floated so far span the spectrum from relative centrist John Cornyn to Trump loyalists like Rick Scott. Unity will be tough.

Longest-Serving Leader Leaves Complex Legacy

McConnell has served as Republican leader since 2007, making him the longest-serving party leader in Senate history. He plans to stay until January 2025. His tenure saw major victories but also clashes.

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The 81-year-old helped confirm three conservative Supreme Court justices and pass tax cuts, scoring policy wins. But navigating the Trump era proved complex, with occasional spats despite enabling much of the former president’s agenda. McConnell leaves behind a towering legacy filled with both conservative achievements and cautionary tales.

Thune Well-Positioned But Faces Hurdles

Senator John Thune called McConnell’s tenure an “amazing run” and praised his effectiveness. He is seen as a potential contender to take up the mantle given his current leadership position.

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However, Thune must build additional support, including from Trump-aligned colleagues. As Republican Whip, he could mount a bid to organize the next era of GOP Senators around shared principles. But his centrist leanings could spark opposition. Wrangling various factions poses Thune’s greatest challenge.

Arizona Race Complicates Picture

One wrinkle is Mark Kelly’s vulnerable Arizona seat that could flip Republican in 2024, meaning McConnell’s replacement may not be secure as leader long-term.

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If Republicans gain an additional seat net, that could empower a new leader to set the agenda with a larger voting edge. But if Kelly survives and they have only a one-seat majority again, that could spark more unrest and threats to the position’s stability going forward.

Hardball Tactics Push By Conservatives

Staunch conservatives like Josh Hawley are thrilled to see McConnell resign. They aim to install someone more aggressive on issues like investigating Democrats.

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Whereas McConnell focused more on governing and policy goals, figures like Hawley want Senate Republicans to embrace hardball tactics using hearings and probes to pressure opponents, not unlike House Republicans currently. They see the leadership change as a chance to wield the Senate as more of a political weapon.

Trump Drama Persists With Open Questions

Donald Trump has feuded on and off with McConnell over the Republican Party’s direction and the lane for the ex-president to operate within it. This friction won’t vanish right away.

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The individual selected to replace McConnell will impact Trump’s influence. If a supporter like Scott takes the reins expect more deference from Mar-a-Lago. A more centrist pick may rebuff and annoy Trump, causing him to lash out as occurred sporadically these past two years whenever McConnell refused to bend. Managing the former president looms as an ongoing challenge.

Navigating Treacherous Electoral Map

McConnell led Senate Republicans through a treacherous 2022 map where holding seats proved difficult, maintaining only a slim majority.

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Defending territory in swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina posed threats. McConnell kept control but stepped down as worries built over his broad-tent approach amid demands for a more fighting posture. Whoever replaces him must grapple with an equally dicey Senate landscape in 2024 and pressure to achieve measurable results.

Policy Wins Secured

For all frustrations with McConnell’s tactics, he delivered major policy victories for Republicans from tax cuts to three Supreme Court justices.

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His obstruction may have angered Democrats but won results. He leaves with a generational impact on the judiciary and policy landscape, even if stylistic clashes arise.

Historic Stint Concludes

When the next Congress begins, McConnell’s historic run leading Senate Republicans will conclude after guiding them through events like Trump’s rise and fall from grace.

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He remained a controversial but consummately effective figure. Though stepping down now, McConnell maintains his trademark playing of the “long game” eyeing further influence in years ahead even if not officially at the helm of the caucus.