Recently a lot has been going on in Trump’s camp and this has caught the attention of many. Every day there’s something new coming up, if it’s not about his legal battles then it’s about the millions of dollars of debt to his name.

While everything has been happening so fast, Trump and his legal team have been looking for a way to delay the trial but guess what? Judge Cannon isn’t having it. After she told them to file all of his pretrial requests separately. Join us to find out more.

Judge Cannon Is In Charge Of Trump’s Case

Judge Annie Canon has been appointed to preside over the federal case brought to the court by Special counsel Jack Smith against ex-president Donald Trump. The facts of the case have only gotten deeper.

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The case against Trump started after he got indicted for retaining and keeping confidential documents that somehow relate to the state’s security. The prosecution believes that this information is being withheld in his Mar-a-Lago resort in South Florida.

Trump Even Has Accomplices

Surprisingly, there are other people charged alongside Donald Trump. We have Trump’s longtime and loyal aide Walt Nuata and also Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos de Oliviera.

Source: The New York Times/Doug Mills

According to the indictment these two co-defendants were caught trying to destroy evidence. They were both caught on surveillance cameras while they were moving about 30 boxes of documents right there at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Todd Blanche’s Strategic Motion

The prosecution has always had this notion that Trump and his legal team were trying to delay the trial someway but this recent step by Todd Blanche might have just confirmed their fear.

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Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche moved a motion on Tuesday. In this motion, he requested to be allowed to file at least 10 pre-trial motions that would exceed 200 pages but would cover various matters.

Todd Blanche Has A Problem With Special Counsel Jack Smiths’ Appointment

Since the beginning of this trial, Donald Trump’s legal team has been quite critical of Jack Smith’s appointment and his aides. They believe Jack isn’t the right person for this case but their concerns have not yielded any positive results.

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They have also on several occasions accused Jack Smiths’ aide Jay I. Bratt of inappropriately trying to pressure witnesses. It seems they are having a hard time accepting Special Counsel Jack Smith as a tough and formidable opponent.

The Subject Of Immunity Is Also In The Pre Trial Request

The subject of immunity has always been an issue, Trump and his legal team have been going back and forth through different fillings trying to establish that Trump is immune from being tried.

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Unfortunately, this is a fight he has lost every time he takes it to court. Even though it has been established that for this particular criminal case, Trump will be treated as a citizen first before he is treated as a former president.

Todd Believes The prosecution Is Being Selective And Vindictive

Trump and his legal team believe that the prosecution is out to destroy Trump and his political career. Todd calls it a selective prosecution centered around all sorts of arbitrary reasons rather than basing it on the seriousness of the offense.

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He also believes that the prosecution is not pursuing these criminal charges against Trump just for fairness and justice but solely out of spite and revenge.

Canon Rejects The Request To File Trump’s Pre-Trial Requests In One Goal

Canon is not bothered by the concerns of Trump and his legal team. What she’s most concerned about is that there’s no way she’s allowing them to file all their pre-trial requests all at once.

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Judge Canon has passed her wishes to Todd and his team, to go back and restrategize. She has ordered that each of their issues should be handled individually and not together. She added that they are to adhere to these instructions if they are serious about being heard.

It Must Be submitted On Or Before 27th Of February 2024

Judge Canon stated that any of the parties that have any wish to seal or redact anything that is contained in the pre-trial motion must go ahead and file a consolidated motion for leave of the court on or before the 27th day of February 2024.

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When there’s an intention to seal or redact, the consolidated motion for leave must specify the particulars of the claim and also the factual bases that surround the pre-trial filling.

Trump’s Team Will Have About Ten Additional Hearings

If Trump’s legal team were to go by what Judge Cannon has ordered, they might have to file approximately ten additional hearings. Although she has asked them to state these hearings are required or not.

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The court has also enlarged the page limit of the individual pre-trial motions and responses to 25 pages and this doesn’t even include attachments.

A Victory For Special Counsel Jack Smith

This might be a big win for Jack Smith, based on the fact that he was really against allowing Trump’s legal team to frustrate and drag the trial for a long period.

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He believes that Trump’s legal team is only trying to load up the motion with different misleading theories that will eventually delay the trial.

Judge Cannon And Her Reputation For Controversial Rulings

Although this whole rejection from the judge cannon looks promising, because she’s known for her controversial rulings people are now doubting her decision. They’re not sure if this will benefit Trump in the long run or not.

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Cannon was appointed by Trump. This little connection has led the public to believe that her requesting them to have individual pre-trial requests might be a way to delay the trial till the 2024 Presidential Elections.

If Trump Is Elected He Has Options To End This Case

The prosecution has all the facts to believe that Trump and his legal team are doing everything in their power to delay this trial until after the 2024 presidential election at all costs!

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If Trump is re-elected, he will be open to several options which could frustrate the case. He could just appoint a favorable attorney general to influence the prosecution into dropping the case and he could also seek pardon to delay the case until he leaves office.