Vice President Kamala Harris posted a seemingly innocuous message on X (formerly Twitter) regarding anti-voter laws. However, her post was met with a variety of backlash, people who don’t agree with her comments are saying she is only making these comments so her party can “cheat.” 

Threat Of Criminal Penalty 

One of the recent laws implemented in some states is the use of photo ID, specifically if you are going to opt for a mail-in voting system. 

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If an appropriate photo ID isn’t mailed in with the ballot, the person will have to testify under the possibility of criminal penalty that they have a reasonable impediment on the list. 

40 States Pass New Voting Law In 2023 

Over the course of 2023, over 40 different states passed new voting laws that will take effect in 2024. 

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According to the Brennan Center, approximately 14 states introduced 17 restriction laws that are aimed towards in-mail voting, 6 states enacted seven election interference laws, and 23 states adopted 47 expansive laws. 

Lara Trump Stated Trump Administration Would End Mail-In Voting

Mail-in voting might be the preferred option for a lot of people, specifically the elderly and people with disabilities. However, if Donald Trump were to become Donald Trump again these mail-in ballots could cease to exist. 


In a report from Meaww, Trump’s daughter in law,  Lara Trump, has stated that the Trump administration would end the mail-in vote, saying this set the tone for “fair, free, and transparent elections.”

Positive Voting Laws 

Despite the numerous anti-voter laws that have been implemented throughout 2023 and into 2024, there have been a few positive voting laws in multiple states. 

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These include extending the number of days for early voting, increasing drop box access, giving voter registration forms and information to newly-released prisoners, and allowing voter registration a lot closer to Election Day.

New Voting Laws Implemented After 2020 Election  

After Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, he made claims that the presidency was stolen from him. 

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Regardless of the claims being unproven, the states are still implementing restrictive voting laws.

Policy Advisors Warn New Laws Could Affect the 2024 Election

Policy advisor Liz Avore has underscored that the revision of these voting laws could potentially affect the overall outcome of the 2024 presidential election. 

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In a report from USA Today, Avore said the swing states will be affected the most, stating the states where the new voting laws are implemented could end up tipping the balance either way. 

Kamala Harris Pushes Back Anti-Voter Laws

Unsatisfied with the number of new voting laws that have been implemented, Vice President Kamala Harris has spoken out against them in a post on X. 

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Harris wrote in her post that her party is “pushing against extremists’ attacks and working to ensure all Americans can exercise their right to vote.”

Other Individuals Demonstrate How New Voting Laws Are Restrictive

While certain individuals on X have made statements about the new laws not being restrictive, others disagree.

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In a report from The BBC, states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas are requesting that postal voters have appropriate photo ID’s, which could hinder the amount of people that are able to vote in the election.  

Many People Are Unhappy With Kamala Harris’s Comments

Harris’s firm stance against anti-voter laws has some people disagreeing with the comments she made.  

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Some asserted that she was promoting cheating, while others said that none of the new voting laws are preventing people from voting. 

Voting Restrictions Pose Difficulties For Democratic Voters 

One of the reasons why Vice President Kamala Harris has made complaints about the new voting laws is because they might have effects on the Democratic Party.

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As most of the voter restrictions are in traditionally Republican states, a report from Reuters on how this is likely to affect traditionally Democratic voters when it comes to the election.

Voters Should Know Their Rights

As the 2024 presidential election approaches voters are being advised to make sure they have a good understanding of their voter rights. 

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Especially because each state has different voting laws, people who are eligible to vote need to know the laws in their state and what they need to make their vote count.