On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel gave a sharp rebuttal to Donald Trump’s criticism of him. Kimmel expressed his excitement over being targeted by Trump.

Earlier in the day, the former President used Truth Social to criticize Jimmy Kimmel over his hosting performance at the 96th Academy Awards. Trump posted his scathing remarks in response to Kimmel’s mockery of his “hush money” trial.

Trump Called Kimmel “Stupid”

Trump wrote on Truth Social, “Stupid Jimmy Kimmel, who still hasn’t recovered from his horrendous performance and big ratings drop as Host of The Academy Awards, especially when he showed he suffered from TDS, commonly known as TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, to the entire World by reading on air my TRUTH about how bad a job he was doing that night, right before he stumbled through announcing the biggest award of all, “Picture of the Year.”

Source: Donald J. Trump Truth Social

The post also said, “It was a CLASSIC CHOKE, one of the biggest ever in show business, and to top it off, he forgot to say the famous and mandatory line, “AND THE WINNER IS.” Instead he stammered around as he opened the envelope.”

Trump Said Kimmel Looked Like “A Fool”

Trump’s post also said, “Supposedly his wife, and even management, begged him not to do it, “DON’T READ HIS TRUTH, JIMMY, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS,” they said.”

Source: Donald J. Trump Truth Social

The post added, “He was made to look like a FOOL, which he is, and at the same time go down in Television History as the WORST HOST EVER OF THE ONCE VAUNTED ACADEMY AWARDS!”

Trump’s Day Off From The Criminal Trial

Kimmel asked rhetorically that Trump finally got a day off from his trial on Wednesday “and how did he spend that?”

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Kimmel continued the train of thought saying, “Brunch with Melania? No. A catch with Barron in the yard? No, no. Rant-a Claus got up bright and early to post 165 venomous words about yours truly.”

Kimmel Thinks Trump’s Post Was “Not Just Wrong”

Referring to Trump’s post about him, Kimmel said, “Literally everything else is not just wrong, but maybe-we-should-be-worried-about-him wrong.”

Source: Wikimedia/Selma Üsük

Kimmel added, “Like maybe-we-should-take-the-keys-away-from-grandpa wrong.”

Kimmel Did A Live Fact Check

Kimmel conducted a detailed fact check analyzing each line of Trump’s post. Responding to the allegation that he was suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Kimmel said, “now that is false.”

Source: Pexels

Kimmel added, “There is only one person who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and his name is Donald Trump.”

Kimmel Addressed Trump’s Mistaken Claim

Kimmel also addressed the former President’s mistaken claim that he presented the award for Best Picture. Kimmel clarified that the award was actually presented by Al Pacino.

Source: Wikimedia/Embajada de EEUU en la Argentina

Mocking Trump with another jab over his criminal trial, Kimmel said, “I didn’t even touch the envelope. I did not present the award for best picture. I am not Al Pacino. Maybe you dreamed this during one of your courtroom siestas? I don’t know.”

Kimmel Claimed Trump Is The Only One Still Talking About The Oscar Joke

Highlighting Trump’s legal troubles, Kimmel said, “This man, who was our president, is on trial with 34 criminal charges against him, and he’s still mad about the Oscars!”

Source: Wikimedia/Prayitno

Kimmel added, “This was five weeks ago. My parents don’t even care anymore! The only person still talking about this joke is him. It really must have gotten to him.”

Kimmel Replayed The Clip

Kimmel replayed the clip from the Oscars award ceremony, showing all the celebrities in the audience who were laughing at the former president.

Source: Pexels/Pixabay

Kimmel also disclosed that he had been invited to host again in 2025 and was initially thinkng of declining the offer. However, now he may reconsider and accept the gig.

Kimmel Stated That He Loves Being Targeted By Trump

Mocking Trump further, Kimmel said, “I guess I should be honored that the former president of the United States took time out of his busy scheduling Googling Ivanka in a bikini to rant about me.”

Source: Flickr/Michael Vadon

Kimmel added, “He must not get how much I love this. It doesn’t even add up – either Feeble Knievel doesn’t understand that Al Pacino and I are different guys, or he didn’t actually watch the Oscars he claimed to have hated so much.”

Kimmel’s Comments On Trump’s Trial

In the episode that led to Donald Trump posting his scathing rant on Truth Social, Kimmel had opened his monologue referring to the former president’s trial.

Source: Flickr/Mike Goad

Kimmel had said, “Another Stormy day in New York in the new episode of ‘The Orange People’s Court’ today, starring Donald J. Trump as the defendant in his first of many criminal trials to come. We have a lot to look forward to.”

Kimmel Ridiculed Trump for Complaints About Gag Order

Last month, Judge Merchan issued a gag order against Trump, who subsequently complained about it on Truth Social.

Source: Pexels

Kimmel ridiculed Trump over his post targeting the presiding judge. Kimmel said, “Only Donald Trump would complain about being under a gag order while violating that very gag order.”

Kimmel Comments On Claims That Trump Dozed Off In The Courtroom

Kimmel also highlighted the claims that Trump had dozed off in the courtroom during the trial.

Source: Pexels/Pixabay

Kimmel said sarcastically, “He’s very sleepy. Is it possible his lawyers are tranquilizing him, to keep the outbursts at a minimum?”

Criminal Charges Against Trump

Currently, Trump is facing 34 criminal charges with regards to falsifying business records of reimbursements to his former fixer, Michael Cohen.

Source: Wikimedia/Toglenn

The payments were made to an adult film star Stormy Daniels to maintain silence about an alleged affair with Trump prior to the 2016 election. The payments amounted to $130,000.

Kimmel Called Trump “A Lying, Cheating Scumbag”

Kimmel jokingly said that the former president allegedly made the payment “so his supporters wouldn’t find out he’s a lying, cheating scumbag, but the joke is on Trump because turns out his supporters don’t care that he’s a lying, cheating scumbag.”

Source: Pexels/elena

Kimmel added, “He could have saved himself a whole trial and 130 grand.”