Getting arrested is rarely ever something to brag about. A record like that can make it tricky to gain employment or even loans. You may even have trouble getting a visa or winning a child custody case. But for some reason, GOP Candidates celebrate their criminal record.

This strange scenario happened at a primary debate in Fort Lupton. Six of the nine candidates cheered about their past criminal records after being asked. Why did they celebrate? What does this mean for the candidates? Read on to uncover the answers.

Who Is Rep. Lauren Boebert?

Rep. Lauren Boebert is a Colorado congresswoman who currently represents the 3rd District. However, she’s worried about losing her seat in the state’s western slope. So, she changed districts in hopes that it would raise her chances of reelection.

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Candidates usually have a live public debate before the election. This lets the public know who’s most worthy of their vote. So why did the event go viral? And why are people calling it a “clown car crash.”?

Six Out Of Nine Candidates Were Once Arrested

Many consider the GOP republican party as strong, law-abiding critics due to their conservative stance. However, this opinion changed on Thursday as the candidates answered a question. What was asked?

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“Who here has been arrested?'” Shortly after the question dropped, hands went up in the air. Six out of the nine GOP candidates had their fingers up. These people have once been in handcuffs. But what kind of crimes did they commit?

“It’s Just A Traffic Violation” – Lauren Boebert

Not all arrests are equal. Some people get in handcuffs for drunk driving, while others for destruction of property. So, what crimes did these GOP Candidates commit? According to Lauren Boebert, it’s not that deep.

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Boebert revealed that her arrest was “just a simple traffic violation.” She also mentioned that it was unpaid. That’s unexpected from a law-abiding conservative. However, further research on Boebert revealed a more concerning record.

Boebert’s Shocking Criminal History

While Boebert tried to downplay her clash with the law, the truth eventually came out. The Colorado Times investigated Boebert’s past and found some interesting details. She was arrested in 2016 after skipping a court hearing. The meeting was to discuss the truck that she rolled into a ditch.

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But it doesn’t end there! Boebert was also arrested in 2015 for disorderly conduct. What kind of bad behavior? She encouraged underage drinking at a music festival. What does this prove?

This Revelation May Change Everything

Many people pointed out that political candidates are supposed to be legally upright. They don’t need to be perfect, but having several records under their belt is problematic. Boebert doesn’t have just one but three cases.

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Another problem with this revelation is that Boebert tried to downplay the arrests. She brushed it off as a mere traffic violation when it’s far more severe. She encouraged underage drinking, rebelled against the police, and didn’t show up to court. Those are glaring red flags.

But It Gets Even Worse

After six out of nine candidates admitted to getting arrested, some people cheered. People in the crowd actually celebrated candidates with a criminal record. Why? No one knows. But the candidates celebrated back.

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The six GOP Candidates can be seen smiling. One even pumped his fists in triumph. As for Boebert, she was seen giving Mike Lynch a high five. What’s interesting is Mike Lynch recently resigned as the state’s majority leader as the news uncovered his 2022 DUI arrest.

People On Social Media Were Irritated

The clip of Boebert and her colleagues cheering about their arrest records went viral. Naturally, social media didn’t take the situation lightly. Numerous tweets poured out as people pointed out the irony of the GOP.

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Many expressed disgust at how these politicians think having a history is a badge of honor. Some pointed out that celebrating crime is directly opposite to the GOP’s core beliefs. But will an arrest record prevent them from winning their position?

Running For Office With A Criminal Record

Having an arrest on your record could harm your chances of winning an election. However, it doesn’t make it impossible to qualify. Why? Because recent history shows politicians in office that have either gone to jail or been arrested.

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For example, President Donald Trump has been in and out of court since the 1990s. Despite this record, he was able to run for president. But what does the law say? How bad can the crime be before they’re disqualified?

The Law Isn’t Specific On The Topic

The law doesn’t ban someone with a criminal record from running for office. Even if it’s a misdemeanor or felony. What matters is that they meet the requirements to run for that position. Afterward, the public votes for their preferred candidate.

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However, there are exceptional cases where you can get be barred from elections. Donald Trump is an excellent example. Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court removed President Trump from its 2023 ballot. This was possible under the Constitution’s insurrection clause for the Capitol attack on Jan 6, 2021.

Will This News Harm Boebert’s Chances? Not Really!

Some people wonder if this news will affect Boebert’s Chances of winning. Legally speaking, no. The state has every little detail about its candidates. So, the exposed criminal records are merely old news to the law.

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On the other hand, it may influence people’s decisions. Candidates win through votes, and her disregard for crime may diminish her support. There’s also the fact that she downplayed her criminal history as a traffic violation. Therefore, people may lean away from Boebert.

What Happens Next?

The news of Lauren Boebert’s First GOP debate went viral online. People were shocked at how Republicans were nonchalant about crime. However, this event does not affect the overall election.

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The six people with a history of arrests are still legal candidates. So, the election will continue as scheduled. Afterward, the winner will be announced. But will Boebert win? While there’s strong support for her, the answer is unknown.