There’s a crisis happening at the US-Mexico border, but Democrats and Republicans are too busy blaming each other to actually do something about it. Meanwhile, the national media is feeding into these agendas and narratives – but Americans are seeing right through it. If you’ve been avoiding the news, here’s what you missed!

Trust In The Media Hits All-Time Low

According to a new poll from Gallup, only about 32% of Americans have ‘a great deal’ or a ‘fair amount’ of confidence and trust in what the media reports today. That number was above 50% in the early 2000s, but is now at an all-time low – tying a record set in 2016.

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With that said, 39% of those polled said they don’t trust the media at all – and a majority of the distrust was coming from Republicans. Only 11% of Republicans trust mass media, while 58% of Democrats have at least a fair amount of trust in the media.

Just Look At The Jose Ibarra Case

If you’re wondering why these numbers are dipping, just look at how the media is covering the murder of Laken Riley. The 22-year-old nursing student was killed on Feb. 22 while running on the University of Georgia campus. Jose Ibarra, an illegal immigrant, was charged with the murder.

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This comes at a time when many people are pleading with local and federal officials to secure the border – so people like Ibarra can’t enter. Unfortunately, the media is refusing to label him an illegal immigrant and is blaming everything but the border issue for Riley’s death.

Feb. 24: CNN Called Him An Athens Resident

On Feb. 24, CNN published an article announcing the arrest of Ibarra – who they described as a 26-year-old ‘of Athens.’ While the murder did happen in Athens, it had already been established that he wasn’t a citizen and had, in fact, entered the country illegally from Venezuela in 2022.

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“Ibarra is a resident of Athens, but not a US citizen or a student at UGA,” CNN continued – quoting UGA Police Chief Jeff Clark. CNN (which panders to Democrats) had two opportunities to call him an illegal immigrant, but elected to call him a ‘resident’ both times.

Feb. 24: Associated Press Takes A Strong Left Turn

Later that same day, The Associated Press published an article that took the issue way off-topic. “The killing of a nursing student out for a run highlights the fears of solo female athletes,” read the title of the article. Like CNN, they also described Ibarra as an ‘Athens resident.’

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Nowhere in the article do they mention that he isn’t a US citizen. Instead, they ‘put the spotlight on the dangers female runners face’ and even called the murder a ‘random act of violence.’ While it was random, it could’ve been avoided if the US had a secure border.

Feb. 26: The Washington Post Issues Disclaimer

The Washington Post published an article on Feb. 26 (four days after the murder) that said the killing was becoming a ‘part of U.S. immigration debate.’ While they did highlight Ibarra’s immigration status, they downplayed the importance of it with a disclaimer.

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“On average, immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born U.S. citizens, data show, but Republican leaders have been galvanized by record numbers of illegal border crossings since Biden took office in 2021,” the disclaimer read.

Feb. 27: The Wall Street Journal Issues Similar Disclaimer

Speaking of disclaimers, The Wall Street Journal followed a similar path the following day. The title of their article read, “A College Student’s Killing in Georgia Opens New Front in Immigration Debate,” and they talked about Ibarra’s illegal status, but it came with a disclaimer.

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“Decades of research have found that immigrants are less likely than native-born Americans to commit crimes and that neighborhoods with greater concentrations of immigrants have lower rates of crime and violence,” the WSJ wrote in their disclaimer.

WSJ Ignored Immigration Status Of Francisco Oropesa

The Wall Street Journal has been accused of downplaying immigration status when covering crimes before. In May 2023, they published an article about the arrest of Francisco Oropesa – an illegal alien who murdered his five neighbors after a small dispute.

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While his immigration status was known at that point, they failed to describe him as an illegal alien – leaving out the fact that he had been deported four times prior. Like the Ibarra case, they’re purposely omitting this information in an attempt to hide the real problem – the border.

Liberal Media Ignores Immigration Status, But Citizens Don’t

By diverting the conversation, the liberal media is trying to create a narrative that lets President Joe Biden and his Administration off the hook for their poor handling of the border crisis. While some citizens are buying into it, the majority of them are seeing through the smoke and mirrors.

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“There are lots of people who don’t like seeing opinion in their news and having all of that mixed together,” said Online News Association President Mandy Jenkins. “And they don’t feel like journalists – many of whom don’t live in their communities – have skin in the game.”

Two Recent Polls Show How Much Citizens Care About Border

While the liberal media is ignoring the border crisis, citizens aren’t – and two recent polls prove it. One poll, published by Monmouth University, found that 61% of Americans view illegal immigration as a ‘very serious’ problem, while another 23% view it as ‘somewhat serious.’

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Another poll, this one published by Harvard CAPS and The Harris Poll, found that the border crisis is now the most important topic on the ballot this year. With Biden and Trump on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, the border could very well be the deciding factor in November.

Republicans And Democrats Too Busy Blaming Each Other

Those who vote for Joe Biden will welcome another four years of what many call an ‘open border.’ Those who vote for Trump are welcoming what many call an ‘inhumane’ way of treating immigrants and migrants.

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It doesn’t seem to matter which way people vote – little that they want to happen will actually happen. Republicans in Congress will do whatever they can to block Democratic legislation, and Democrats will do whatever possible to block Republican legislation. No one will ever truly win.