Liz Cheney did not mince words regarding Speaker Mike Johnson after the Republican leader reportedly refused to support supplemental funding for Israel and Ukraine through a vote in the House.

Cheney Claims Johnson Should Understand ‘The Slaughter’

During an interview with CNN, Cheney identified Johnson as the one man that “has the power to get that done” regarding the legislation connected to providing support to Ukraine. She stated that knowing Mike Johnson was the one responsible was one thing that she wanted= “viewers to recognize and understand.”

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She further expressed that Mike Johnson should “search deep in his conscience” to understand “the slaughter that’s happened.”

Johnson Apparently Refused To Bring Legislation To House Floor

The key issue that Cheney has with Mike Johnson currently is that he reportedly decided to not bring the legislation related to Ukraine support to the House floor. It was assumed that the legislation that initially passed with bipartisan support would also pass the lower chamber.

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Johnson reportedly refused to bring the legislation forward after citing the demand from the right-wing members within his caucus regarding border security. The Republications within the Senate were apparently infuriated by that position.

White House Blames Inaction Of Congress For Ukrainian Troop Withdrawal

The White House made it clear this week that it blamed Congress for the withdrawal of the Ukrainian troops from a city in desperate need of its strategic defense. More specifically, the blame was focused on the inaction of Congress related to the legislation refused by Mike Johnson.

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Multiple reports have confirmed that the Ukrainian troops had effectively defended the city in need for several months. Their ultimate goal was to prevent any Russian advances into the protected territory.

Cheney Accused Johnson Of Doing What Trump And Putin Wanted

Cheney also accused Mike Johnson of doing exactly what Putin and Trump wanted him to do. She explained that Mike’s decision showed evidence of taking the “path of cowardice.”

Source: USA Today/Alexey Nikolsky

She stated that history would retroactively observe this moment in time. Liz also expressed the need to understand that the country is at a “turning point” in its history on global scale and not just within the United States.

‘It Is Worth It If He Has To Lose His Speakership’

Jake Tapper with CNN brought up in the interview with Cheney that Johnson could possibly run the risk of experiencing a motion to vacate made by conservative Republicans. That is, of course, if he was to bring the Ukraine bill to the floor.

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However, Cheney responded to Tapper’s comment by stating that “it is worth it if he has to lose his Speakership” to ensure that the “freedom survives.” In her opinion, doing so will allow the U.S. to continue playing its global leadership role.

Cheney Claims Johnson Will Have To Explain Decision To ‘Future Generations’

Cheney shifted the target of the conversation to the future outlook that would likely take place when it comes to discussions and conversations that Mike Johnson will presumably have. For instance, she highlighted that the main question asked would be, “What did Mike Johnson do?”

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She also explained that Mike will have to explain his decision to “future generations” – including his children, and grandchildren. She added that he will have to explain whether or not he did the right thing as a “force for good” who “aided the cause of freedom.”

Details About The Bipartisan Senate Bill Refused By Johnson

The bipartisan Senate bill that passed earlier this month included $14 billion in funds for security assistance to Israel in addition to $60 billion for the aided support of Ukraine. Further details confirm that there was also $9 billion included that would provide $9 billion in humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, the West Bank and Gaza.

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There was even $4.8 billion that was set to prevent Chinese aggression from impacting the Indo-Pacific region. This was why Cheney emphasized her belief that Mike Johnson should take the action needed to assist Ukrainians.

President Biden Promises To Sign Legislation If It Reaches Desk

President Joe Biden has already promised that he will sign this legislation if and when it reaches his executive desk. More recently, the White House has made it clear that they are against the decision made by congressional Republications.

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Biden stated on Friday that the “failure to support Ukraine” during this “critical moment” in U.S. history “will never be forgotten.” He added that “history is watching the House of Representatives.”

Vice President Harris States ‘Political Gamesmanship Has No Role To Play’

Vice President Kamala Harris shared her viewpoint as well, claiming that “political gamesmanship has no role to play” in what is essentially about the importance of standing with an ally during an “unprovoked aggression.” Harris made this comment after a bilateral meeting at the Munich Security Conference held in Germany.

Source: Twitter/Vice President Kamala Harris

Harris further explained that she beliefs the security package and supplemental package “would actually pass” if it was brought to the House floor. Biden felt as if the decision to walk away from Ukraine was “contrary to everything we are as a country.”

Ukrainian President Says They ‘Are Counting On The United States’

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky made it clear that “this package is vital” for his country. He further expressed that the country’s government has not considered any alternatives when it comes to generating support.

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According to Zelensky, Ukraine is “counting on the United States.” He further explained that “enemy artillery does not fall silent due to procedural issues.” In addition to manpower shortages and ammunition deficits, Ukraine has faced even more pressure in its longtime front against Russia. Multiple media outlets have claimed that the decision to remove troops from Avdiivka is a major gain for Moscow.