Liz Cheney responded to Donald Trump’s repeated claims that she allegedly destroyed a lot of the evidence from the House select committee. The committee investigated the events that led to the infamous riot that occurred on January 6, 2021

Trump Insulted, Mocked, And ‘Diagnosed’ Cheney In One Post

Donald Trump started the new year off with an accusatory post targeting Liz Cheney via Truth Social. The former president referred to her as an “American Disaster” that suffered from “TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).”

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He also mocked her by referencing the defeat she experienced when running for Congress. Trump stated that she was defeated by “the largest margin for a sitting Congressman or Congresswoman” in U.S. history.

Trump Claimed That Cheney ‘Illegally Delete’ And Destroyed Evidence

Donald Trump further explained in his rant that Cheney allegedly deleted and destroyed evidence related to the Capitol riot on January 6th. He also referred to the House select committee as the “January 6th Committee of Political Thugs and Misfits.”

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In all caps, Trump continued his rant within the same post by stating that the “act of extreme sabotage” made it impossible for his attorneys to “properly prepare for, and present, a proper defense” for him.

Trump Also Targeted, Mocked Nancy Pelosi And Jack Smith

The 45th U.S. President also targeted Nancy Pelosi and Special Counsel Jack Smith in his online rants. After referring to Pelosi as “Crazy Nancy”, Trump claimed that all the information about her rejecting 10,000 soldiers that Trump offered to guard the Capitol “is gone.”

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Trump also referenced the “ridiculous Deranged Jack Smith case” regarding his claim for presidential immunity. According to Trump, “the most respected legal minds” in the United States stated that he was fully entitled to the immunity. However, Trump highlighted the fact that Jack Smith’s case was “completely compromised and should be thrown out and terminated.”

Cheney Called Trump ‘Hangry’, Highlighted The Need For A Public Trial

Liz Cheney responded to Trump’s remarks initially by stating on X/Twitter that he apparently started off the new year “hangry.” She further explained that Trump and his attorneys had the committee materials in addition to the grand jury information “for months.”

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She highlighted Trump’s decision to use capital letters in his post when she wrote that “lying about the evidence in all caps won’t change the facts.” Cheney concluded her post by saying that “a public trial will show it all.”

Elise Stefanik Backed Trump, Targeted Cheney’s ‘Fake Committee’

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik targeted Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney in her own statement published in late January. She described Nancy Pelosi’s “sham January 6th committee” as “illegitimate and unconstitutional.”

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This statement was made in response to the reports that the committee allegedly deleted more than 100 testimonies and documents related to their investigation. She further accused Cheney’s “fake committee” of illegally deleting records related to their “sham investigation and obstructed justice.”

Stefanik Applauded Loudermilk, Demanded ‘Full Transparency’

Stefanik, who is also a leading contender for the position of Donald Trump’s presidential running mate, applauded Congressman Loudermilk. She praised Loudermilk in her statement for the efforts that he put forth to locate and decrypt “those deleted files.”

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Elise added that she was in support of Loudermilk’s determination to bring forth transparency and accountability. According to Stefanik, “the American people deserve full transparency.”

Cheney Called Stefanik A ‘Total Crackpot’, Referenced Her ‘Rare Moment Of Honesty’

Liz Cheney responded to Elise’s statement by referencing Stefanik’s original statement about the January 6th riots from 2021. In that statement, Stefanik lamented that it was “truly a tragic day for American.” She further condemned the “dangerous violence and destruction”, explaining that the perpetrators “must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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Stefanik apparently had a change of heart regarding the perpetrators. In a recent interview with NBC News, she expressed that she had “concerns about the treatment of January 6 hostages” – meaning the 1,200 people arrested over the riot. According to Cheney, Stefanik will one day need to explain “how and why she morphed into a total crackpot.” The former Republican congresswoman believed that “history” and “our children deserve to know.”

Jamie Raskin Blames Stefanik’s Remarks On Ambition

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin attributed the “hostages” remark from Stefanik to her ambition. Raskin, who worked with Cheney as part of the House January 6 committee, asked, “Does her change of heart have anything to do with wanting to be Trump’s running mate?”

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Raskin also wondered if Stefanik no longer believed that violence is “unacceptable” and should be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Another name that is believed to be at the top of the consideration list for Trump’s running mate is South Carolina Senator Tom Scott.

Cheney Alluded To Judge David Carter’s Orders To John Eastman

In an August 2022 interview with CNN, Cheney brought up Judge David Carter regarding his orders for John Eastman, a right-wing attorney. Carter reportedly ordered Eastman to surrender 101 emails sent around January 6, 2021.

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Judge Carter issued a statement that confirmed he found it “more likely than not” that Donald Trump “corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress” regarding the insurrection. Cheney referenced those remarks from Judge Carter when she told CNN that she believes Trump was guilty of “the most serious dereliction of duty of any president” in the history of the United States.

Cheney Asked Tennessee Republicans To Reject Trump At The Voting Polls

Liz Cheney recently asked Tennessee Republicans to reject Trump when they head to the voting polls this year. Cheney was featured in a conversation with historian John Meacham during a crowded event at Vanderbilt University’s Langford Auditorium.

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Cheney explained that there is “a really clear choice.” She further explained that “you cannot be both for Donald Trump and for the Constitution.” Her remarks during the conversation also included an extensive list of misdeeds made against the American system of government which she claims disqualifies Trump from returning to the Oval Office as Commander in Chief.