With the United States presidential election drawing nearer each candidate is striving to secure the most favorable outcome in this highly anticipated event. While some are vigorously vying for a spot in the presidential race some are suspending and unsuspending campaigns.

From the beginning, this path has been challenging for presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. Her intention to suspend her campaign seemed like a resolution only to surprise us three weeks later when she announced the resumption of her previously suspended campaign.

Who Is Marianne Williamson?

Well, we all know Marianna Williamson to be an American author, a spiritual leader, and a very prominent speaker. Not only has she gained fame from her books on spirituality but she has also been found in the social and political scene.

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Her first attempt to run for president was in 2022 when she represented the Democratic Party Nomination. She competed against people like Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Biden.

Her 2020 Campaign Was All about Love And Spirituality

As an author who has written 14 books mostly on love and spirituality and has also served as Oprah’s spiritual leader, nothing short of this is expected from her. And this has worked in her favor.

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During her 2020 approach, Marianna Williamson became very popular for her spiritual beliefs which her campaign was centered around. Mariana believed that the only way to defeat Trump and his dark energy was by harnessing love

Marianna’s Intention To Run For Office Again

Marianna kicked off her campaign by writing a heartfelt message to the beautiful people of America. She’s only trying to make America great again, and to do that she needs to put herself in a position of power.

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She believes that with the combined efforts of the people of America, she’s likely to run for office again. This time she’s running for President to bring an aberrational chapter of America’s history to a close and also help usher in a new beginning.

She Announced Her Presidential Bid Before Joe Biden

Marianna surprised us with her intention to run for office the second time around March 2023, this was even long before President Joe Biden had publicly declared that he was going to run again. Her declaration made her the first major political figure to challenge Biden.

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One admirable thing about Marianna Williamson’s passion for a better America is the fact that she has consistently polled at the bottom but this hasn’t been a problem for her as she keeps forging ahead.

Marianna Suspends Her Presidential Campaign

With the look of things, Marianna might have had a good reason to suspend her presidential campaign. Her positions at the polls weren’t looking good and she admitted that the situation surrounding her can be likened to her losing the horse race.

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This is now looking like a pattern, this same thing happened when Marianna ran for president in 2020 and left the race just a few weeks before the then-primary election process was set to take off.

She Quit Because Of Her Poor Performance

Just like in the previous election, the hopes of becoming the next president of the United have been dashed once again after losing her polls in the primaries.

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Williamson was able to pull 4% of the Democratic primary votes in Hampshire. And also managed to pull a 2% vote during the primaries in South Carolina. The polls weren’t looking good so she opted to quit.

But She Still Remained On The Michigan Primary Ballot

Even though her intention to quit had spread around America, she still had a slot on the Michigan primary ballot. And all that hope what did it get her? She was able to earn about 3% of the votes.

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Biden won 81% of the votes but the good news is that she was a few votes ahead of her other opponent, the active candidate Dean Phillips who had 2.7% at the time the ballots were being counted.

Marianna Sets To Relaunch Her Campaign

Just when the people of America thought Marianna had once again given up on her political ambitions, she was back with the most shocking news. Marianna announced on Wednesday that she was ready to unsuspend her campaign for the president of the United States.

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She believes that there are a whole lot of issues to be addressed. She also believes that there’s a whole lot at stake and it’s not even about her losing the primaries.

The Fascist Man At The Door

During her speech on Wednesday, Marianna mentioned a few issues that needed urgent attention. She reminded the public that, they’re still not free from Donald Trump who is nothing but a fascist.

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Everyone has one or two to say about former president Donald Trump’s policies. Marianna is concerned that Americans have no active way to stop Trump from winning the elections and she might just have to step in.

Williamson Criticized Democrats For Pushing For Trump

Williamson is not having it. She’s baffled at the thought that there are people who are actively pushing for Trump to come back to office.

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Going all the way to push for an anti-trump campaign won’t be enough to bring him to power. Although Williamson is scared about the elections, she believes it’d be a slap on the people’s face to allow Trump to rule over them once again.

What Is Biden Offering?

Marianne is out to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win the 2024 elections and she’s bothered that nothing has been set in place to stop this from actually happening.

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She believes we need an active plan as a nation to fight this cause, and she hopes we’re not just hoping that Joe Biden is that person who’ll help us defeat the fascists. Her question now is what exactly does Biden have to offer to fight against Trump?

A Delusional Miss Williamson

After her announcement, a lot of people have shared their opinions about it. Many have called Williamson delusional but she thinks they’re getting what delusion means wrong.

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She explains that what is delusional is the fact that every citizen of the United States is just folding hands hoping that Biden and Harrison have enough power to beat the evil Trump. Miss Williamson might just be the country’s savior from the fascist man at the door