Marjorie Taylor Greene, the junior Congresswoman out of Georgia and prominent Donald Trump supporter and election denier, has been making splashes in the media for outrageous statements that she’s made in recent weeks and months. She recently supported an initiative that would declare unequivocally that Donald Trump did not engage in an insurrection on January 6, and has been called out by other members of Congress for support of the January 6 defendants.

Robert Garcia Calling Greene Out

Greene recently left a house hearing after Democratic representative Robert Garcia called her out for supporting the January 6 capitol attack, insurrection, and for visiting the prisoners who are currently awaiting trial for their participation in the attack.

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

The comment stemmed from a complaint that Greene made about crime rates in Washington D.C. The District of Columbia does have some of the highest rates of various crimes in the country, alongside cities such as San Francisco and Chicago, and Garcia took the opportunity to point out that Greene was the one who organized a trip to the D.C. jail to sit with the insurrectionists who attacked the capitol.

“It’s Quite a Shame”

Garcia continued, “This is quite ironic that the insurrectionists that tried to overthrow our government in the Capitol City were being coddled…it’s quite a shame that you call them political prisoners or hostages.”

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

This comment from Garcia is in reference to previous comments that Greene has made about the January 6 defendants. She’s called them “political prisoners” and hostages, repeating talking points that both she and other election deniers in Congress have made regarding the defendants of the January 6 attack.

Greene Left the Meeting

Greene tried to protest the statement, but Garcia wasn’t done, and someone pointed out that Greene was not recognized to speak. She stood up to leave the meeting, and Garcia pointed out, “I think it’s quite interesting that my colleague was trying to talk about the safety of D.C. when she literally supported an insurrection.”

Source: Wikimedia/Tyler Merbler

Garcia wasn’t done after Greene left the congressional meeting, though. He then posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating, “Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to complain about D.C. crime rates but walked out of the room when I reminded her that I saw her hugging and coddling the January 6 insurrectionists in jail.”

Not the First Encounter Between Garcia and Green

This encounter between Garcia and Greene was not the first time that the pair had contentious encounters, either. After the recent failed impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, Garcia wrote, “The MTG impeachment stunt against Secretary Mayorkas just went down in defeat!”

Source: Twitter/X/RepRobertGarcia

Garcia has also mocked Greene in the past following her call for decorum in a meeting regarding COVID vaccines. He reminded the committee that Greene had once compared wearing masks to the Holocaust, and called her irresponsible.

Greene in the Headlines

Greene has fallen under fire for multiple missteps in Congress recently, which Garcia was happy to recount on X. He reminded his audience that Greene recently displayed explicit photos of Hunter Biden on the floor of Congress, a move that many question not only for its effectiveness but also its point.

Source: Twitter(X)/RepRobertGarcia

Additionally, he pointed out that many hearings that Greene has been a participant in have been largely pointless. They have had a lot of allegations, with little proof or receipts of the claims that Republicans have been trying to make regarding various charges and points.

Deflecting Like a Pro

Green has tried to deflect her support for the January 6 defendants in the past. She claims that January 6 was called an insurrection, but that the Biden inauguration has far more security and people and that that wasn’t considered an insurrection.

Source: Twitter(X)/Acyn

Garcia responded to these comments, saying that Greene got “big mad” in the hearing when Garcia called her out for her support of the insurrectionists. He then bluntly told her to “stop supporting these traitors,” a comment that many agreed with on his post.

Republicans Contradicting Greene

Greene’s comments drew the attention of many prominent figures, Conservative and Liberal alike, and the former Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) wrote a statement in response to Greene’s comments.

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

He stated that first, the national guard is at every inauguration for the President, and that it is called protection, not insurrection. He then went on to explain that the reason that the guard was increased at Biden’s election was a direct result of the actions of the January 6 defendants, and that Green’s “intelligence is exhausting.”

Liberals, Too

The MeidasTouch Network, a liberal super PAC that was formed in 2020 with the express purpose of stopping the reelection of Donald Trump, also commented on Greene’s accusations. They mocked her use of the term insurrection regarding the presidential inauguration, but not the attack on the capitol.

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

They also pointed out that Greene supports the resolution that would confirm that Trump did not engage in an insurrection, making her point moot. It also stands to be said that Greene sought a pardon from then-President Trump the day after the attack on the capitol, making her ultimate motivations suspect, at best.

Greene Will Continue to Speak

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been controversial since she was first elected to Congress in 2020, and it doesn’t appear that the junior congresswoman is going to stop anytime soon. While there are many who are appalled and horrified by her comments, her seat in the House is probably safe, considering she comes from a deeply conservative district in Georgia.

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Still, her comments shouldn’t be taken lightly. While freedom of speech is a paramount right in this country, that doesn’t mean that falsehoods shouldn’t be called out when they’re spoken, particularly by congressional representatives. Greene might be “big mad,” but that won’t stop the American public, and her fellow congressmen, from criticizing her.