The accusations of Biden’s slipping mental health have been increasing in the last days and weeks, particularly in light of the report that was released by Special Counsel Hur regarding the Biden document’s case. It’s been a constant talking point by conservatives seeking to topple Biden’s reelection campaign, and some individuals have gone further to make their point than others.

Biden’s So-Called Cognitive Problems

Mark Levin, a conservative broadcast news analyst who once worked in the administration of former President Ronald Reagan, has made his opinion about Biden clear multiple times on his personal broadcast show, The Mark Levin Show.

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Following the release of Special Counsel Hur’s report, which accused Biden of being a well-meaning, elderly man with memory impairment issues, the national focus has zeroed in even further on Biden’s cognitive abilities. This has sparked a firestorm of controversial takes.

Levin on Twitter

In light of the revelations that were revealed in the special counsel report, Levin took to X, formerly known as Twitter, writing, “Biden is and has been unfit to be president from the moment he entered the Oval Office.

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The report specifically stated that Biden seemed to exhibit troubling signs of forgetfulness and confusion, particularly struggling to recall crucial details. According to the report, at one point Biden even appeared to forget his entire eight year tenure as president.

Republicans Were Thrilled

These lines in the report have not only stoked fire from Republicans who are seeking to topple Biden’s reelection chances, but they have also led to suggestions even from everyday Americans that Biden may not, in fact, be fit for the office of president anymore.

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In the United States, there are several ways that a president can be removed from office. He can retire or pass away, both of which would trigger the succession clause and make the Vice President the new president. He can also be removed by an act of Congress through the 25th amendment.

About the 25th Amendment

The twenty-fifth amendment is the one that states that the Vice President shall become president if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office through impeachment. It also provides an option for the president to be removed from office should he be deemed unfit to continue to serve.

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Section 4 of the 25th Amendment allows for the Vice President, the presidential cabinet, or Congress itself to make a declaration that the president is unfit for office, be that for physical reasons or mental. The Vice President then takes the job of Acting President, though they wouldn’t take the job formally unless one of the other requirements of the 25th amendment are met for the vacancy.

Removing Biden With the 25th

In some circles, the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment in order to remove Joe Biden from the presidency is gaining some steam. There are groups of people who think that he is simply unfit for the presidency, and Mark Levin has outed himself as one of them through his Tweets.

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Using the 25th to remove Biden is a controversial topic, though, particularly in light of another disqualification debate that is currently raging in the United States. Donald Trump is currently facing disqualification to even run for president under section 3 of the 14th Amendment, and there are many who see the two situations as essentially one and the same.

The Democrats As Power Hungry?

The two situations – both of which have strong supporters and strong opponents – have only served to highlight partisan divides, even within the same party. Republicans and Democrats alike have taken to calling the other party power-hungry, seeking any reason to remain in power even if it’s ultimately unconstitutional.

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The argument of power grabbing is what some critics have accused the establishment Democratic Party of. They believe that the Democrats are downplaying Joe Biden’s alleged cognitive decline in order to unilaterally hold onto power, particularly in an election year.

Donald Trump Unfairly Targeted

These same people who state that Democrats are holding onto power claim that Donald Trump has been unfairly targeted by the establishment. Trump is currently facing multiple charges regarding his influence on the January 6 attack of the capitol, which is what many believe that his disqualification under the 14th should be over.

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For Trump supporters, they believe that he has been unfairly targeted because is the only Republican who stands a chance of winning the presidency against Biden in 2024. This directly ignores the fact that Trump lost the presidency to Biden in 2020 by a rather spectacular margin, but die-hard Trump supporters don’t care about that.

Appearances Are Everything

Whether or not Biden is actually losing his senses, the appearance of cognitive decline does not bode well for his reelection chances. While it’s true that, as president, Biden has accomplished a significant number of wins both for the Democratic Party and America as a whole, in politics perception is everything.

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A recent interview on the Mark Levin show with Jim Trusty, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, makes that clear. Trusty repeated many of the frustrations of average Republicans regarding the refusal to prosecute Biden, stating that there is “overwhelming evidence” and that the entire situation is making many question the integrity of the legal system.

An Inevitable Election

While there are those who think that Biden is cognitively unwell, there has been little medical evidence to support that. Presidents are subject to some of the best mental and physical health services that can be provided in America, and until doctors come forth to confirm the suspicions of mental instability, the rumors are just speculation.

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Speculation or not, though, it doesn’t change the fact that there are many who think that Biden should step aside ahead of the election in November. Most people didn’t want to see another Biden/Trump matchup in 2024, and it, unfortunately, looks like that’s exactly where the country is headed come this winter.