Merrick Garland sparked outrage among Trump supporters on Sunday after denouncing efforts related to voter access restrictions. The remarks were reportedly made during a recent address presented in Selma, Alabama.

Garland, Vice President Harris Visited Selma For ‘Bloody Sunday’ Anniversary

Garland visited Selma on Sunday along with Vice President Kamala Harris to commemorate the 59th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.” While speaking to an audience at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Garland reportedly discussed ways that “the right to vote is still under attack.”

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“Bloody Sunday” refers to the historic march that occurred on March 7, 1965 on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Law enforcement officers attacked over 600 unarmed marchers with tear gas sprays and beatings with Billy clubs.

Garland: ‘We Are Challenging Efforts’ To Implement ‘Unnecessary Restrictions’

Garland explained that the U.S. government is currently “challenging efforts by states and jurisdictions to implement discriminator, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot.” According to Garland, this also included mail-in voting access, drop box usage and voter ID guidelines.

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Garland prefaced his comments by indicating that was “why the Justice Department is fighting back.” He added that was also why one of his first actions when he first got into office was doubling “the size of the voting section of the civil rights division.”

Former Fox News Producer Claims, ‘Biden Regime Intends To Cheat’ In 2024 Election

In response to Merrick Garland’s comments, former Fox News producer Kyle Becker posted on X/Twitter that apparently “the Biden regime intends to cheat in the 2024 election.” He referenced Garland’s comments by saying that the “Biden AG” said “election integrity measures” are “discriminatory, burdensome and unnecessary.”

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Becker concluded his post by indicating that “is how cheaters talk.” He added that “the fix is in.”

News Website Owner Labels Garland’s Assumption Is ‘Extremely Racist’

Colin Rugg, one of the owners of the news website known as Trending Politics, referenced the allegedly racist nature of Garland’s comments with his own online post. He explained that Garland expressed his controversial remarks in front of “a group of black people at a Selma church service.”

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Rugg also highlighted that Garland mentioned he was “working hard to halt voter ID laws” since they were “discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary.” According to Rugg, “assuming that black people can’t get an ID is extremely racist.”

League Of Women Voters Claimed Voter ID Laws Offer Disproportionate Impact

According to the League of Women Voters (LWV), voter ID laws “disproportionately impact Black, Native, elderly, and student voters.” In addition, the group claims that they “fail to effectively address any real issues related to election integrity.”

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On the league’s official website, it further indicates that voter photo ID laws focus on preventing the relatively rare occurrence of in-person voter impersonation.

Studies Show Most Americans Would Support Showing Photo ID To Vote

A recent study conducted by Pew Research found that more than 80 percent of Americans would support the requirement of presenting a “government-issued photo identification” to be able to vote. A past poll from October 2022 showed similar results.

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Further reports that 36 states have already enforced some type of voter ID laws. For instance, Alabama residents are able to present photo voter IDs, state IDs, federal IDs, passports, drivers licenses, and other approved forms of identification.

Biden Once Compared Republican Voter ID Laws To Jim Crow Laws

During his speech at the National Constitution Center in 2021, President Biden stated that Republican voter ID laws were just “an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote.” Biden further expressed that those laws were very similar to Jim Crow laws.

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The U.S. President added that the United States is “facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.” He emphasized that his statement was “not hyperbole” and that he was serious about his reference to the Civil War.

Biden Signed Executive Order 14019 To Boost Voter Registration

President Biden reportedly signed Executive Order 14019 to mandate federal departments to use funds from taxpayers to boost voter registration numbers. In addition, he intended for the order to lead to the development of strategic plans designed to explain exactly how various agencies would achieve the president’s goal.

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This was a significant effort that the Biden Administration while turning to the courts and federal agencies alike regarding the control of elections. This also included the “Freedom to Vote Act” proposed by the Democratic party, which would have basically federalized all elections.

Pennsylvania Legislators Sued Biden Administration Over Executive Order

Legislators from Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration and other related parties back in January regarding the Executive Order. The claim was that the move violated Pennsylvania law, which prohibited any “influence of third party entities in elections.”

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The suit claimed that President Biden did not “have the unilateral power to oversee and participate” in making those types of legislative decisions. That included elector registration within the state of Pennsylvania as well.

Garland Claims He’d Resign If Biden Asked Him To Take Action Against Trump

Merrick Garland made waves back in October during an interview that focused on Biden and Trump. Garland was asked how he would respond if President Biden instructed him to take action against Donald Trump, the presidential frontrunner from the Republican Party.

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Garland stated that he was sure that would not happen but made it clear that he “would not do anything in that regard.” During the same interview with 60 Minutes, Garland also explained that he would resign “if necessary.”

Law Professor Predicts Second Term For Garland Is ‘Highly Unlikely’

Anthony Alfieri, a law professor with the University of Miami, went public with his remarks about Garland last month. His remarks were regarding Garland’s controversial decision to appoint Robert Hur as the special counsel investigating Biden’s handling of confidential documents.

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Alfieri indicated that “Garland’s lack of fairness” and “the ensuing political fallout” will likely have a dramatic impact on the future of Garland’s political career. According to Alfieri, those two factors considered make it seem that “a second term of service” is “highly unlikely” for Garland.

Vice President Harris Emphasized That Freedom ‘Is Ours By Right’

During the 59th “Bloody Sunday” anniversary event, Vice President Kamala Harris also took the stage in addition to Garland. Harris used her time to draw parallels between the rights to family starts and bodily autonomy to the Civil Rights Movement.

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Harris told the massive crowd that “freedom is fundamental to the promise of America.” She added that it is “not to be given” or even “bestowed.” According to Harris, freedom “is ours by right.”

Garland Criticized For Reaction, Conclusion To Robert Hur’s Report

Attorney General Garland drew more criticism earlier this year when he reacted to the report filed by Robert Hur regarding the investigation on Joe Biden. According to Alfieri, there was a substantial amount of controversy surrounding Garland’s decision to appoint Hur in the first place as Special Counsel.

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However, according to Alfieri, that decision was “less controversial” than Garland concluding that Hur’s published report was not “inappropriate” or “unwarranted.” The report presented by Hur claimed that President Biden was unable to remember key details of the classified documents that he kept in his possession after leaving his Vice President position in the White House.

Alfieri Highlighted ‘Politically Charged Language Prejudicial To Mr. Biden’ In Hur Report

Alfieri explained that the conclusion drawn by the report was just the beginning. He also criticized Hur for releasing the report to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees without taking the time to add, redact, or modify the document.

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According to Alfieri, that lack of due diligence “both explicitly and implicitly” submits an inadvertent approval of the terminology and language used to label President Biden. Alfieri referred to the wording as “substantively gratuitous, ad hominem, and politically charged language prejudicial to Mr. Biden.”