It seems the law has been indirectly dealing with Trump and his allies in the last few months. The most recent on this list of victims is Mike Lindell. He’s the CEO of My Pillow and a very good friend of the former president.

Recently, the court denied Lindell’s request to appeal the Court’s decision. What’s the problem? They seized his phone because it had classified information related to the case where he was accused of tampering with the voting machine in 2020.

Lindell Lost $40 Million Trying to Help Trump Win

Mike Lindell has always been a strong supporter of Trump, especially when he claimed widespread voter fraud cost him the election. During this time, Lindell claimed he invested $40 million to help Trump become president.

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Note that the money wasn’t spent maliciously but in legal procedures. These cases were to help overturn the election results, leaving Trump as president. Sadly his efforts were in vain and he’s left with a massive financial mess.

People Have Stopped Buying From MyPillow

Lindell further revealed that fighting for Trump cost him way more than money. While he lost $40 million, he also lost a lot of his loyal customers. Many retailers stopped buying pillows from his brand and now shop from his competitors.

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The most likely reason is that they didn’t want to be affiliated with Trump. At that time, Trump supporters were considered violent and unpatriotic. An image that is bad for business.

Later, The FBI Showed Up 

Lindell’s woes didn’t just end with financial loss and bad business. Just two years later in September, the FBI came looking for him. They surrounded Lindell at a Hardee’s restaurant and demanded that he turn in his phone.

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He quickly complied, turning his phone in. But his woes still weren’t over. He further explained that the FBI took him in for questions about Tina Peters. 

They Asked Questions About Tina Peters

They questioned him about Tina Peters who is a Colorado clerk that’s being accused of tampering with election voting equipment. Peters has been charged with breaching a voting security system and tampering with election equipment. 

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No doubt, those are some serious charges. Her trial was set for February but was delayed due to unexplained reasons. Sadly, if she’s found guilty, she could face a severe fine and jail time.

Lindell Claims Seizing His Phone Is Unlawful

Can the government swoop in and take your phone or computer? It most likely contains your personal information. So, taking it means they have access to your private data. This was the same argument Lindell made.

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He claimed that seizing his cell phone violated his Constitutional rights. Most importantly, it impedes his right to privacy since all his personal information is on the device. Surprisingly, the court rejected the argument.

Judge Erickson Rejected Lindell’s Claims

After listening to Lindell’s complaints about the seizure, Judge Erickson responded. Basically, he rejected Lindell’s claims, saying that taking his phone didn’t impede on any of his constitutional rights.

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Judge Erickson wrote: “Lindell’s irritation as to where and how the government took possession of his cell phone does not give rise to a constitutional claim, let alone a showing of a callous disregard for his constitutional rights.”

Lindell Appealed The Decision

Some people weren’t satisfied with Judge Erickson’s dismissal, and neither was Lindell. They had access to his personal life, and he wasn’t letting it go without a fight. So, he appealed the Court’s decision.

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His appeal raised questions about how people can weaponize the judicial system in political combat. Lindel also pointed out that the decision serves as confirmation that the United States justice system is merely “…a function of the predilections and prejudices of the judiciary.”

The Supreme Court Doesn’t Explain Its Decision

Lindell wasn’t happy with how Judge Erickson dismissed his appeal. He wanted an explanation but the court gave none. Instead, it releases a list of cases it denied a writ of certiorari, which included Lindell’s.

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But why doesn’t the court explain its reason? The simple answer is Resources. The court handles several cases in a month and doesn’t have the time or resources to give a detailed explanation of its decisions. If it did, the court would be slower and less effective.

Lindell Asks The Court To Review A Separate Case

While he challenges the FBI’s decision to take his phone. Lindell has also taken on another case. He asked the Supreme Court to hear arguments about his concerns about election fraud.

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Essentially, he’s asked the officials to “fast-track” a lawsuit. This case challenges the use of electronic tabulation systems during the election before the upcoming election in November.

‘It’ll Bring Explosive Evidence’

Lindell claims that his case is worthwhile. If the Supreme Court hears the arguments, it would also bring “explosive evidence” about the 2020 election. He believes that the results will shock the world.

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For now, the court hasn’t said anything about Lindell’s lawsuit. There’s a chance it may get dismissed just like his appeal.

Why The FBI Took Lindell’s Phone

The FBI got a legal warrant to seize and search Lindell’s phone, but why? Further investigation shows that he is listed as one of seven people the government thinks tampered with the 2020 election.

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The FBI took Lindell’s phone to see if he committed identity theft or intentional computer damage. He will still be in trouble if they find any indicator that he conspired to steal someone’s identity in order to rig the election.

Lindell Isn’t An Immediate Suspect

It’s worth noting that while Lindell is under interrogation, he isn’t a direct suspect. More precisely, the warrant given to the FBI doesn’t show that he’s directly involved with the election results.

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He’s more associated with the crime than a pure accomplice. So, it’s possible that they’re using him as bait to get to the real criminals. That’s one reason why he’s not facing any criminal charges yet.

Lindel Is Also Fighting A $5 Million Case

Apart from fighting for his phone, Lindell was recently required to pay a $5 million fine. This amount was an arbitration award against MyPillow for a software engineer. The expert challenged Lindell’s claims that China interfered with the US 2020 election.

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Lindell plans to appeal the case, saying: “Of course, we’re going to appeal it. This guy doesn’t have a dime coming.”